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Weird French Rule #12,763

The weather has been warm in Paris of late, and so last Saturday my wife and I decided to go to the local swimming pool on the Île de Puteaux, which features deckchairs, an outdoor and indoor pool, and a kiddy pool. … Continue reading

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La Rochelle and the Côte Atlantique

For the third of the 4-day weekends in May, my wife and I took a trip by car to the town of La Rochelle on the French Atlantic coast, going via Tours and returning via Nantes. I have already written … Continue reading

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Another World Cup, Another English Defeat

I did not watch all but the last 10 minutes of England’s inevitable defeat at the hands of Uruguay last night, which effectively ends their world cup campaign after only 5 days.  Instead I found myself at a bar with … Continue reading

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Two Road Systems Contrasted

For the second of the 4-day weekends in May I decided to go to London to visit a couple of mates who were in town.  Such trips are possible from Paris, but weren’t from Lagos and Sakhalin.  I decided to drive, … Continue reading

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A Trip to Barcelona

I haven’t been posting much on here of late, for the simple reason that I have been enjoying myself in the real world too much.  The month of May saw no less than 3 public holidays falling on a Thursday, … Continue reading

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The Coup in Thailand

Everyone, including the UN, appears to be getting their knickers in a twist over this coup in Thailand. Me, I’m not so worried (I have an apartment in Phuket, so I have an interest of sorts).  This is not like … Continue reading

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Here we go again

Isn’t this always the case, though? Preparations for the 2016 Rio Olympics are the “worst” ever seen, according to International Olympic Committee vice-president John Coates. … The news comes as Brazil faces a race to be ready in time for … Continue reading

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Où est la Thatcher française?

This article speaks volumes about the French government’s understanding of global business practices: French President Francois Hollande has met the boss of General Electric’s (GE) to discuss his firm’s interest in buying part of engineering firm Alstom. It follows reports … Continue reading

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Crimea’s Water

Assuming the BBC hasn’t made a hash of it by making its usual basic factual errors, this is a fairly interesting article: Russian officials say a water shortage in Crimea is threatening to become acute as Ukraine has reduced the … Continue reading

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The BBC: Inventing new oil companies since 2014.

I knew that this BBC article would be bollocks as soon as I saw the headline: Halliburton reports $622m profits. The first thing you see is this picture: With the caption: “Halliburton was one of the contractors involved in the BP Gulf … Continue reading

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