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Thoughts on Spectre

On Sunday I went to see Spectre, the most recent James Bond and the fourth starring Daniel Craig.  I didn’t expect much, not after having been rather disappointed with Skyfall, and sure enough I thought it was pretty ordinary. My … Continue reading

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Power cuts in Crimea

I’m surprised this didn’t happen earlier: Three-quarters of Crimea’s population remain without power after four electricity pylons were blown up. Gas-powered generators have been providing power to major cities. A state of emergency has been declared. The pylons brought electricity … Continue reading

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Paris Attacks Round 2

I am in Exeter this weekend visiting a friend, so fortunately I wasn’t anywhere near Paris when those fuckers were on the rampage last night. I think it’s high time we saw some leadership and governance from Western leaders. Not … Continue reading

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Russia gets in The Game

There’s a scene in an episode of Season 1 of HBO’s The Wire where Wendell “Orlando” Blocker, a “clean” front man for the Barksdale gangsters’ club, is sitting in jail on drugs charges.  Orlando was on the books of the club precisely … Continue reading

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Monica’s Ghost

Some jokes never get old: ExxonMobil boss Rex Tillerson led the charge of oilmen on Forbes magazine’s latest list of the most powerful people in the world. … Former US president Bill Clinton almost outdid wife Hillary, but at number … Continue reading

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What next for England rugby?

A year or two ago it occurred to me that England’s winning the Rugby World Cup in 2003 might condemn them to never winning it again in the same manner that the football side’s win in 1966 appears to have … Continue reading

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I flew 12 hours and suddenly I’m interesting.

This weekend an article appeared on the BBC website about property scams in Phuket.  Given I’ve owned an apartment in Phuket for the last 5 years, I was interested to see how these scams worked. British expat Ian Rance and Irishman … Continue reading

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Les Marchés

There’s an idea which is fashionable in the UK, especially among lefties who, if they are not cash-rich are certainly time-wealthy, that supermarkets are bad and farmers’ markets are good.  Among this crowd there seems to persist the idea that … Continue reading

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Speaking Foreign

A few months ago, somebody in the comments at Tim Worstall’s blog made the observation that one of the strong points of the English language is that people who speak it very badly can still be understood.  I don’t know … Continue reading

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Ashes 2015: Fifth Test Comments Thread

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