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The BBC: Inventing new oil companies since 2014.

I knew that this BBC article would be bollocks as soon as I saw the headline: Halliburton reports $622m profits. The first thing you see is this picture: With the caption: “Halliburton was one of the contractors involved in the BP Gulf … Continue reading

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The Korean Ferry SInking

In the BBC’s report of the ongoing Korean ferry sinking, this line stood out (in the analysis, off to the side): The speed with which it flipped over and sank is a major concern. This is a well-known problem with … Continue reading

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Kerch Strait Bridge

Well there I was assuming that there was a bridge between Russia and the Crimea all this time, when I discover that there is nothing of the sort!  Although one has been planned for some time, apparently a slow ferry … Continue reading

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France: different from Germany

One of the things which is most infuriating about living in France, and dealing with the French, is the propensity for things which you thought were agreed – either implicitly or formally – to be changed on a whim.  During … Continue reading

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On Russia’s Annexation of Crimea

Russia’s annexation of the Crimea – which is exactly what it is – has taken everybody by surprise, even those who took note of Russia’s actions against Georgia over South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 2008.  Russia has always coveted the … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Sues Russia

This might be a bit optimistic: Greenpeace is taking Russia to court over the arrest of 30 activists in the Arctic and is demanding compensation for their trouble, reports said. Amsterdam-based Greenpeace said on Monday it filed a lawsuit with … Continue reading

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More on the Missing Plane

This whole situation still continues to fascinate me, and by a process of elimination I reckon I’ve figured out what has happened. I think it is safe to assume the plane was hijacked, or deliberately flown off course by one … Continue reading

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Pollution in Paris and the French Working Hours

Apparently there have been record levels of pollution in Paris over the past three days, something I completely failed to notice.  The government has responded by issuing a ban on Monday for any vehicle with an even-numbered license plate, in … Continue reading

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Wrong Approach

From Upstream Online: The European Union has drawn up a list of between 120 and 130 Russians who could be hit with travel bans and asset freezes under potential sanctions over Moscow’s actions in the Ukraine crisis, reports have said. … Continue reading

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This Missing Plane

Has it occurred to anyone else, or is it just me, that the system of tracking aircraft seems to be somewhat archaic?  I remember when the Air France plane came down between Rio de Janeiro and Paris they first knew … Continue reading

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