The men on the slap ’em omnibus

Sometime last week a couple of foreign women on a London night bus encountered a group of young men who somehow worked out they were lesbians and demanded they kiss for their entertainment. When they refused, the youths beat them up. At least, that’s the story we were told. A few days later the youths were arrested, five of them between 15 and 18. We haven’t been given any names or descriptions, perhaps because they’re minors but probably because it might give people the wrong idea about London’s vibrancy. Naturally, progressives took to social media to denounce the attack and declare this is why corporations need to subject its employees and customers to a month of LGBT propaganda.

The story didn’t sit right with me from the beginning. As always, there is a lack of details. How did the encounter start? What was said? Where was the CCTV? What did the driver see? Were there other passengers? Then yesterday I read this:

Melania Geymonat, 28, and her American partner Chris, 29, said they were punched and robbed following an evening in West Hampstead, north west London, in the early hours of May 30.

Ms Geymonat, a doctor from Uruguay and a Ryanair flight attendant, said that the incident was primarily ‘an attack towards women, and then after homosexual women’, revealing that she was told to ‘get the hell out of the country’ by her friends after the incident.

In an interview with Channel 4 News she said the attackers firstly saw them as ‘sexual objects’ who were ‘there to entertain them’. Her partner Chris said that a gang of young men saw they were a couple – as they were holding hands – and demanded they kiss before attacking the pair.

When asked if she still feels safe in public, Chris said: ‘If anything I’m more confident in myself because I know I will stand up for myself.’

Chris also said the reason their attack had caught so much attention was that the picture was ‘very striking’, depicting ‘two white women who were tidily packaged into sympathetic victims’.

When the interviewer brought up that Boris Johnson seemed to be the most likely person to be the next Prime Minister, and referenced comments he had made in 2001 comparing homosexual marriage to ‘bestiality’, Chris said that the Tory frontrunner was not ‘fit to lead anything, much less the United Kingdom’.

A clip from the interview can be seen here; the photos in the Daily Mail show one of the women wearing some sort of anti-fascist t-shirt.

So here’s what I think happened. These two women are political activists, steeped in third-wave feminism and high on the fumes of the extremely dangerous narrative that women can go head-to-head with men and come out on top. They were on this bus when they encountered a bunch of feral thugs of the sort who plague British cities but remain untouchable thanks to the efforts of the same lefty do-gooders who encourage open displays of homosexual affection. These gangs roam the streets and public transport actively seeking trouble and an excuse for violence, and don’t target gay women any more than straight men. Every man who’s grown up in the UK has at least one story of a confrontation with a group of young men itching for a fight, and they learn to avoid these situations like the plague. I went to university in Manchester and students there soon learned when to cross the street, not make eye-contact, get off the bus, or stand near the driver. What you never, ever do is engage with these thugs.

I expect these women, being foreign, didn’t sense the danger. Maybe they believed Sadiq Khan’s tweets about London being a welcoming utopia where diversity is celebrated by all? So when these thugs first noticed them instead of getting up and leaving or moving closer to other passengers, they engaged, perhaps with some sassy feminist boilerplate while thinking feral British youths have some sort of code about smacking women around. Big mistake.

Of course, the blame lies wholly with the thugs and those who defend them, and it is disgraceful that two women should have to move seats or leave a bus because of violence and intimidation. Frankly, these people should be drowned in the Thames. However, some common sense would not have gone amiss. Unfortunately, modern feminism says women should not act sensibly and take basic precautions because bad men ought not to exist. And the fact they’ve been rather silent on exactly who attacked them, and followed it up with a stupid interview where they’ve leveraged their ordeal to make lame political points, shows they’ve not learned their lesson and likely never will. I’m reminded somewhat of this story:

A left-wing German politician who was raped by three migrant men in January in the city of Mannheim has admitted that she lied about their nationalities and falsely claimed they had spoken German because she was afraid of encouraging racism.

Having believed they can legislate their way to utopia, progressives are unable to navigate the world they’ve built for themselves.


20 thoughts on “The men on the slap ’em omnibus

  1. As has been pointed out on Tim Worstall and elsewhere –were these youths white their CCTV images would have plastered the media.

    Under-age is how they are keeping the identity of the child murderer of Bute a secret. Very convenient for TPTB underage is.

    The question puzzled me as to how these women were identified as les. They can’t have been lip locking as that is what the yobs wanted to see. Anti-male or Antifa sucking t-shirts might well have done it.

    The rest is likely as you say Tim. Home grown leftists –for all the Sad D**k Khan sucking rhetoric– would know the real dangers of the UK’s capital and would likely have dressed down unless on some rally. Though with nutters and crims everywhere anyway that isn’t a real defence either.

  2. Ms Geymonat, a doctor from Uruguay and a Ryanair flight attendant

    PhD in Trolley Science?

  3. “However, some common sense would not have gone amiss.”

    You do realise that asking people to exercise common sense is a form of victim blaming? Except, of course, when it comes down to young black men embarking on a life of violent crime dealing class A drugs, when they clearly have no choice in the matter because of capitalism and racism and stuff.

    I’m not sure about the issue of the authorities not releasing CCTV footage. Do they do this when they have arrested suspects as per this case? Would they not keep it under wraps until after the trial so as not to prejudice the outcome? I think we might have to wait until after the trial to catch a glimpse of the perps. I say “glimpse”, because something tells me we are unlikely to be treated to a full media display of hounding a bunch of deplorably white Lahndun geezuhs.

    And isn’t it just shameful that Khan Khan’t keep London safe for sexual minorities? It’s easy to spend taxpayers’ money on festivals and murals and the like, but a bit of civil order is proving beyond his capabilities.

  4. Who the fuck travels on the top deck of a nightbus unless they are tooled up and looking for a ruck?

    I was half expecting this story to become a Smollet over time, but I suppose the most likely assumption was stupidity meeting thuggery, regardless of ethnic backgrounds or sexuality.

  5. The most obvious culprits are vibrants of some sort. I can’t stand Khan, but I find it pointless to blame him for all of the crime occurring in London – crime which pre-dates his becoming mayor and would exist without him.
    People who blame him tend to be those civnats who haven’t yet come to terms with the demographic causes of these crimes. They’re the flip side of the leftists who blame ‘Tory cuts’.

  6. One aspect’s worth comment. The latina chica’s S.American. Uruguay’s not the favella’s of Rio or the barios of Medallin but Latin American women are streetwise in a way US or European women rarely are. They learn or they don’t survive. They’re well up to speed on where getting confrontational with gang of youths in a public space can go to. The gringa sounds the complete opposite. All-American liberal college girl with a sense of entitlement a mile wide. Would discover homophobia in the ingredients list on a packet of cornflakes. Situation like that, each is going to handle it completely differently. Be giving off conflicting signals. Combination like that could escalate a situation from a bit of casual banter from a bunch of lads into something entirely different.

  7. How come a fifteen year old boy is let out so late during term time that he needs to take a night bus?

  8. On Manchester, I’ve always thought about advising Germans who rub me up the wrong way that the sights of Moss Side and Wythenshawe are unmissable, must go and see at the earliest opportunity. Veritable UNECSO world heritage sites. And don’t forget to give the locals the local friendly greeting, which just happens to be identical with The German Stare. Can’t go wrong – you’ll make lots of friends in no time.

  9. James harries, in what century are you living? Our vibrancy can have 2 kids and 50 convictions by 15…..I’m hoping I just didn’t get the joke.

  10. I hope everything went well during Exam Hell Week, Tim. Fingers crossed!

  11. To be fair I can imagine how those girls may not have realized the danger.
    I travel frequently by bus and train at night. Generally I’ve had no issues except one instance on an express train. There were a pack of horrible things, possibly about 4, but it is hazy. There was no one else on the carriage sans a middle aged woman facing the front. Being a train there is no way of getting the attn of the driver who is in a separate compartment on a different carriage. Being express meant it could be ten minutes till the next stop which is a long time by the time you know your in trouble. These guys started heckling me, while I pretended not to hear them with earphones, so I had an excuse not to react. This approach, which has always worked for me before, served only to piss them off and they got more aggressive and sat around me, hemming me in, accusing me of being a stuck up cunt among other things. I was pretty scared by this point and I had a feeling I recognized one of them as an inmate from working at the remand centre. They started to get grabby and one tried to put his tongue in my ear and I honestly had no idea what to do that wouldn’t escalate things. I knew I couldn’t fight back against the four, there was no one to ask for help as I was worried about dragging the older female passenger into this. The only thing I could think of was to hit the emergency stop button. But it’s funny because there was a real sense of unreality and I couldn’t quite believe the danger I was in, convinced I had misinterpreted the situation, and if I hit the emergency stop button I would get in trouble or look panicked and stupid. Which is strange as I genuinely feared for myself.
    Luckily the express part of the trip was over and the train was about to stop. I waited until the train was almost at a stop then pushed past the one sitting next to me really suddenly to get to the door. Thankfully they didn’t follow me, just continued shouting after me while I continued to pretend not to hear.
    My point is not to recount a sobstory, but just to illustrate that its not a given that by the application of common sense one can avoid. It’s not always possible to leave or not immediately obvious how to avoid escalating things. There can also be a tendency towards disbelief and unreality that the situation you are in is as risky as you percieve. Consequently I am willing to give these women the benefit of the doubt..

  12. I had little sympathy for these two when I first read about them. Like Tim said, there is something fishy about the whole story.

    Now that they keep popping up in leftist media, ponificating the usual SJW crap, my sympathy meter is holding steady at zero.

  13. “The story didn’t sit right with me from the beginning.”

    Yes, it smelled well off didn’t it.

    Mr Ecks
    “As has been pointed out on Tim Worstall and elsewhere –were these youths white their CCTV images would have plastered the media.”

    Yeap, the lack of this sent a clear message. As did the article in the Guardian that started with this;

    “The two women left needing hospital treatment after they were attacked on a bus in a homophobic assault have blamed a rise in rightwing populism for growing hate crime and called on people to stand up for each other”

    That, to me, was an absolute misdirection intended to seed a lie. As Tim points out, it’s the outcome of the various protected classes coming into conflict, they simply lie to try and keep the cognitive dissonance from hitting them in the face.

  14. This story does reeks of vibrancy.

    Stills with faces blurred are frequently used to hide child identities when it suits.

    Also the most strongly homophobic are usually vibrant as are the group’s most pro hitting women. White working class “right wing extremists” are usually (not always) anti fighting women by way of upbringing…..

    Most violence in London at the moment has little or nothing to do with whitey.

    More SJW whiteblaming hoax words it appears.

  15. Re the lack of CCTV footage, the Met put out a call for witnesses straight away, before the arrests were made, and it did not include a description of the attackers.

    I was happy to take the women’s story at face value, but the SJW narrative imposed on this one makes it seem suspicious.

    @BiS – I think it was the Yank who initially got involved with the rumble, which backs up your point.

  16. Also re the ethnicity of the men of no appearance, the mere demographics of London’s urban yoot means they are statistically more likely to be vibrants.

  17. “Having believed they can legislate their way to utopia, progressives are unable to navigate the world they’ve built for themselves.”

    What a great line. Mind if I borrow it for a few future conversations?

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