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Snippets and Snapshots

Firstly: The Rivers State police command said a loud blast heard in Port Harcourt earlier today was that of a missile accidentally fired from an airforce jet on routine maintenance at the Airforce mechanic hangar in Port Harcourt. Commissioner of … Continue reading

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Complaint Revised

I present these excerpts from two articles about the burning of a Chevron drilling rig offshore Nigeria without comment. The first: “Crude oil” has reportedly washed ashore and been spotted around a partially submerged rig which suffered a gas explosion … Continue reading

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Troubling Reports

As Nigeria’s General Strike enters its second week, there are reports coming in of troops being deployed on the streets of Lagos.  It appears little progress was made over the weekend (when the strikes were called off and we all … Continue reading

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The Protests in Nigeria: How I am Affected

By being bored to death, that’s how. We are now into our third day of being confined to the residences, or in “lockdown” if we want to dramatise things to folk overseas who may have an influence over next year’s … Continue reading

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British Aid to Nigeria

Following this post immediately below, I decided to find out how much money the UK pisses up the wall on aid to Nigeria: £141m per year, increasing 116% over 5 years to £305m. Put simply, the British government taxes single … Continue reading

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The Salary and Allowances of a Nigerian Senator

Blogger Peter Okali has a post up detailing the salary of a Nigerian Senator.  I’m going to quote most of it, so large hat-tip is due him. (1m Naira is about US$6,100) Basic Salary (BS) – N2,484,245.50 Hardship Allowance @ … Continue reading

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Nigeria Prepares for a General Strike

Other than this report from a few days ago (H/T commenter Hopper), little has been said about the reaction to Nigeria’s removal of the fuel subsidies on New Year’s Day.  Therefore, most of you probably don’t know that a General … Continue reading

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Expect Trouble Over Nigeria’s Removal Of Fuel Subsidies

Fortunately Boko Haram never made good on their threat to bomb Lagos, which had the authorities send hoardes of security personnel onto the streets and our security department sending telling us to stay out of nightclubs on New Year’s Eve. … Continue reading

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Why Some Countries are Poor

“Why do some places prosper and thrive while others just suck?”, asks P.J. O’Rourke at the start of Eat the Rich, “It’s not a matter of brains.  No part of the earth (with the possible exception of Brentwood) is dumber … Continue reading

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The Police Is Your Friend*

Today I got pulled over by a dodgy traffic policeman for the first time since I came to Lagos over a year ago.  I wasn’t driving (I never do: a pale face behind a wheel may just as well be … Continue reading

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