The Desert Sun Podcast #003

In this very long podcast I am joined by Mike, a legal expert of sorts who lives and works in Switzerland. We discuss a business takeover gone wrong against the backdrop of Swiss life and culture, and how it compares to other places. You can listen to it on iTunes here, Player FM here, download it here, or listen on the blog by clicking the link below:

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The Desert Sun Podcast #002

I’ve done another podcast, hopefully with improved sound quality. Having listened to it, I probably talk too fast in the last section and haven’t structured the talk as well as I could, but I wasn’t going to re-do the whole thing. As I said, I’m learning as I go and hopefully I’ll get better.

So this time I’m talking about my experiences as a young manager in the oil industry, and how big companies don’t prepare their employees for management roles. You can listen to it on iTunes here (it may take a while to appear), download it here, or listen on the blog by clicking the link below:

Are there any other podcast services people want me to upload it to?


The Desert Sun Podcast #001

A few people have suggested I ought to try doing a podcast, and everyone seems to be doing one these days, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to make a weekly podcast while also writing the blog; right now I have no idea how much effort is involved in this. I’ve bought a good microphone and downloaded some decent editing software so it’s not like I’m just talking into my iPhone, but I’ve got a computer whirring beside me and the room’s a bit echoey, so it might take a few goes to get the sound right. And yeah, the intro music is staying, so don’t bother complaining about that.

So I don’t know what format this podcast will take, in terms of length, content, or regularity. This first one is an experiment, to gauge how my voice sounds and whether anyone would be interested in me talking about other topics. I’ve chosen for my subject a talk I was supposed to give in Washington, DC last year called The Politics of Oil Production: an Engineer’s Perspective.

You can listen and download it below: my intention is to get it into Apple and all the other podcast services in due course. Do have a listen, and let me know what you think.