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In the comments under my last post, David Thompson remarks:

But apparently, it’s more important to have women “in every role,” at “fifty percent,” because people mustn’t “see policing as primarily a male-dominated job.”

When it comes to gender equality we are rapidly abandoning equality of opportunity in favour of equality of outcomes, the latter of which can only result in a deeply unhappy and dysfunctional society. Here’s another example:

By 2028, Qantas hopes 40 percent of its pilot intakes are female – a move that comes after Virgin Australia exceeded its goal of having at least 50 percent of its pilot cadet intakes female in 2018.

And another (H/T Ken):

Goldman Sachs wants half of the next intake of its junior recruitment programme to be women, and will hold its managers responsible for promoting more minorities to managing director as part of a new diversity push.

If men aren’t taking note of this direction of travel and preparing to do something about it, things aren’t going to turn out well for them – nor anyone else.


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  1. What can they do?

    Plenty. Start asking these companies why they should bother taking part in a rigged game, start asking the question of when and why they switched from equality of opportunity to equality of outcome, and stop sitting there in cowed silence whenever they are being lectured on how they ought to make room for below-par women so that an arbitrary ratio is met.

    But they won’t, because they believe appeasement works and they’re too worried about their next performance appraisal.

  2. What I do is work for myself. Not in the any of the above lines, but in a business which – like all of them – is full of diversity bollocks. Diversity hires = poor hires, poor hires = sh1t doesn’t get done, sh1t doesn’t get done = more work for outside contractors.

  3. What I do is work for myself.

    Indeed, and men should start telling companies directly that they’re being put off working for them because of their discriminatory hiring practices.

  4. I’ve seen the point made numerous times that wammen want “equality” but only for those roles which are well paid, “glamorous” etc.. Airline pilots, but not ground crews or maintenance. Head of a power utility but out in the middle of the night in a howling gale trying to restore power. Well that’s clearly mens work. Fair enough part of me says, but please don’t pretend it’s some crusade for justice.

    I’m surprised that this point hasn’t been made to one of these wammen who seem to be as numerous as nematode worms in the MSM whenever this topic (which is frequently) is “discussed”

    Well no, if course I’m not!

    I think the thing here is that the real world is not the real world. To these people, the real world is television and Hollywood and they appear genuinely, truly unable to grasp that there is a difference.

    Think sex and the city (oft mentioned but I’ve never actually watched it) or law & order, in this context my particular favourite.

    Unfeasably good looking, young and never flustered female lawyers abound. They are never seen in any sort of domestic setting. We know nothing of their lives or back stories, hobbies or interests.

    They are just scripted suits and they are (have to confess, very well done) teaching tools for the wannabe “empowered” woman.

    Particularly instructive is when two of these characters meet post trial in a bar or wherever. They talk shop, never anything else.

    I imagine this is how they imagine rival men talk when they are alone. What would be the reality with two men? Probably the sort of inane shite we talk all the time. Or “you got him off but did your guy really do it?”

    I have encountered professional women in my time, and I have met some very good ones. I’ve also met the obviously bad ones who are there to fill quotas (and I’ve met such men as well).

    But I have once or twice come across women who would be very good had their minds not been filled with this sort of stuff. Women don’t really seem to be able to get their heads round the essential childishness that is a element of even the smartest most professional man.

    Not a problem in the past. But perhaps the most insidious aspect of attempts to feminize men is that we must all become so SERIOUS about everything.

    Is this why there are so few female comedians? “Feminist” humour, well the less said the better.

    It’s this childish streak that is a crucial element of risk taking, of genius. It also manifests itself as detachment and the ability once in a while to say “ah fuck it, I’m going home”. That is very necessary for any sort of professional to be properly effective over time, despite seeming contradictory.

  5. It’s a general trend, of course, not just related to gender. This morning the BBC are reporting Oxford University’s plans to ensure that 25% of it’s intake are from “disadvantaged backgrounds”. Like most organisations, they find it easier to dilute standards than to face down ignorant criticism.

  6. JuliaM
    “What can they do?”

    If the quotas need to be enforced to achieve the required outcome, there must be a competitive advantage in ignoring the quota.

  7. 50% achieved.
    Woke-ishness abounds.
    Get woke, go broke.
    Voluntary redundancies accepted by mostly men.
    Well funded startups proliferate and succeed. (Bloke-ishness)
    Gender imbalance noted.
    Rinse and repeat.

  8. How do your Human Resources classmates react to posts like this? Or do they not know about the blog? This stuff is HR blasphemy.

  9. How do your Human Resources classmates react to posts like this? Or do they not know about the blog? This stuff is HR blasphemy.

    I actively encourage them to read my blog, especially the HR posts, and I make similar points in the lectures. As I’ve written elsewhere, my business school is not a hotbed of SJW activism, far from it. While I think all my professors are in favour of equality of opportunity and we may bicker on what obstacles lie in the path of ambitious women, I think we generally agree that quotas are not the way to go.

  10. Has it occurred to anyone that this quota fetishism is a reaction to the old way of hiring? Getting Bufton-Tufton on the board and Molesworth Minor as junior partner just didn’t work.
    But how to recruit scientifically? Absent any agreed standard, a quota system is the least likely to get you in trouble with the HR police.

  11. 50% on the job? Great, there’s all sorts of jobs going begging on the bin lorries, sewage works, steel mills etc. What, sorry, Oh, you didn’t mean the icky mens jobs, just the nice ones.

  12. Problem with many women is they’re too weak to admit they’re wrong eg “[Not]Strong and [Un]Stable” May (Feminazi?)

    Worth watching again:

    May trundles onto stage and software error…

    Theresa May today launched the Tory EU election campaign in a near-empty room by blasting Nigel Farage before she appeared to fluff her lines when promising to leave the EU.

    In an extraordinary moment Mrs May began to say the Conservatives ‘will’ deliver Brexit – but stumbled and stopped herself – and then said ‘can’ instead – as her despairing MEP candidates watched on…. – after “speech” gaggle of ugly land whales waddle off stage; NHS/PHE employees?

    Looks like donors refusing to donate is true and having an impact, yet The Maybot trundles on obliviously

    Where is our Margaret Mk II?

  13. The Establishment LIED To You!

    Vote: NW – Tommy, GB – Brexit; NI – DUP on Thursday 23 May

  14. Why it’s as if the ability to do the job is one of the least relevant factors used in determining who should do the job. Curious if anyone understands why the job exists in the first place. Perhaps in the “new economy” jobs themselves are unnecessary.

  15. A while ago, a pair of photographs circulated on the internet — on one side was a group of relatively young women, giggling as if they were heading off to a Chippendales performance; on the other side was a fearsome-looking fighting-fit middle-aged man. The women were Ministers of Defense for various European countries; the man was their Russian opposite number.

    We have to be honest with ourselves — no-one can save the West from its own terminal stupidity. But that does not mean curtains for the human race. Russia, China, probably some other countries still put competence ahead of gender and sexual preference — and those countries are naturally going to come out ahead.

    The optimum path for young western men these days is fairly obvious: get practical skills through part-time work while in high school; maybe do a stint in the military to get experience and college funding; get a STEM degree along with a minor in Russian or Chinese; and then move. Remember, the women are prettier in those parts of world, and they don’t have big chips on their shoulders.

  16. Men will survive, its what we do. Umpteen millennia of conditioning doesn’t disappear in a few decades. And oddly enough the concept of a ‘brotherhood’ of men is actually far more real than the much heralded (but entirely nonexistent) ‘sisterhood’ of women. Stick a whole load of men in adversity and there may be some fights over who is the boss initially but eventually an order will be installed and the situation overcome. Put women in the same situation and it will descend into chaos and catastrophe pretty sharpish.

    Its women who need to worry the most about the way society is going. They imagine that the protections they have in Western societies are intrinsically part of human existence, rather than the result of the blood sweat and tears of men. Take the men away, and the protections will slowly melt away too. Men can protect themselves, as a gender. Woman cannot.

  17. Where are the calls for equality where men are underrepresented? Nursing, education, HR etc. Many if these roles are well paid and skew heavily female.

  18. Well, my attitude is that you can’t educate pork. The wimminz have had control for, as a minimum, the last 50 years and despite repeated warnings and objections from “The Patriarchal Oppressors” are reaching a critical stage where the men are saying “Soddit” and are going their own way (see the decline in marriage and the wails of “Where are all the good men?”).

    So if wimminz are determined to overturn the protections that western society has allowed (as Jim points out above) and want to ignore the warnings which will lead to a collapse of the structures they have built on shifting sands and castles in the air then men should hasten this desired (by wimminz) situation.

    If a company insists on 50% wimminz, then resign, stop paying tax and let them crash the company. Less tax = less money for the Government to spend on welfare and single mothers who are effectively married to the state.

    If equality of outcome is desirable, then let there be an equal number of men and wimminz admitted to ALL courses and an equal number of them graduate. As a “for example” the engineering course I was on (electrical/electronic) had a common first year with the mechanical engineers and of the total of 120 students on both courses, five were female. Surely only 5 men should have been allowed to join the two courses? Of those five wimminz, ONE graduated (the other four had a fantastic first year). Surely the men should have been deliberately failed so as to match numbers and only one man be allowed to graduate? Before anyone points out that the world needs engineers, that is my point. Let the systems crash but cackle like a demented duck and point out that wimminz wanted this. Once the toilets, plumbing and hot water, washing machines for clean clothes and central heating fail, then the wailing and lamentation will commence and the collapse of easy transportation won’t be far behind. You wanted it, ladies, live with it.

    Of course we must enter Red Queen territory at this point (where the Red Queen believed three impossible things before breakfast) and parrot that wimminz can do anything a man can do. But when they wail that maths are hard and much harder for wimminz, men presumably having a natural talent for the subject, and that wimminz need special treatment on engineering courses, then have at it. You can’t have it both ways.

    No, let it crash and burn. You can’t fix stupid and unless the wimminz have their noses firmly and repeatedly rubbed in it to make them realise that they have brought the situation about, then they won’t learn. They, of course will expect men to salvage the situation. Let them form a collective and talk their way out of it on their own.

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