Mixed Martial Arts

I’ve written before about how some modern women, probably empowered by sassy, go-gurrrrrll feminism and watching too many films, seem to think physically assaulting men is a good idea. Here’s another example:

Note that everyone only got outraged when he picked her up and dumped her on the floor. Until then, it was all a bit of a lark. However, you slap a man in the face like that and he’s likely to lose control in some way; this young lad is actually pretty restrained, and did just enough to neutralise his crazy classmate. You can see for a brief second where instinct takes over and he draws his fist back ready to knock her head clean off her shoulders, before he understands the consequences and relaxes. She was fortunate. A man in this state – especially a young, fit one – is a dangerous beast which is why it’s best not to provoke them like this. Men know this. Women used to know it instinctively, but modern society appears to have absolved them of simple common sense. They now seem to think they can go around physically attacking men with no consequences. Whether it’s feminists to blame for this mindset or someone else, there will be some women who pay a real and permanent price for it.

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25 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts

  1. I love the look of shocked outrage on her face when she picks herself up. “I just can’t believe you would do that to a woman, you brute!”

    I take the point of this post, and agree entirely, but there’s a real nobility present when a man gets hit by a woman and decides to do nothing. I’ve seen it happen, and I think that’s what my dad’s generation (he was born in 1913) would have considered the right thing.

  2. Julia M:

    Yes, I saw that – the video is even better than the stills. I wasn’t sure whether this was an unfortunate lapse, or just one of the quaint customs they have there – a bit like toasting the happy couple, or having a chimney sweep in attendance.

    “You may now hit the bride!”

    He does look like a lot of young men who we see on the streets of our major cities. Still, their dads run exotic-looking cafes and their brothers wash your car for twenty quid, so let’s keep focusing on the up-side, eh?

  3. This has to be faked.

    Everyone knows that a 100lb woman can kick any 200lb man’s arse, because the v in p=mv stands for vagina.

  4. Sam Vara, the comments accompanying the video are a joy. Completely ignoring the herd of pachyderms in the room.

  5. Or replacing them with men from cultures for which this was never ‘a thing’:

    I saw that, knew immediately it was either Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan.

  6. What too many women don’t realise these days is that even a man of below average strength will be able to overpower most women. It absolutely is the result of movies depicting petite women beating up burly men with ease. When I was at school in the 90s, this didn’t happen. Girls knew to just give a kick to the groin if they wanted to harm a boy. The second part of the problem is that women would want to get physical to begin with.

  7. Recently while at the cinema and a captive audience member they had a 10-minute “behind the scenes” commercial for some stupid new TV show. The premise is basically Bourne Identity but with an extremely petite girl playing the confused super spy.

    The lead actress says, with a straight face, that the reason she’s able to best burly men in hand-to-hand combat is because she knows the proper fighting techniques. Hilariously juxtaposed with this commentary is a scene in which she pushes an army-type guy against a wall before delivering the killing blow.

    You’re right about men knowing this is bullshit. I’m not a big guy though I keep fit and there are men like that army-dude who I can push with all my might without budging. That’s why I arm myself – I don’t want to fight and “win” much less fight and lose. I don’t want a fight, period.

    If you think I’m exagerating that TV producers would seriously push a kick ass teenager skip to 1:40 on the trailer:


  8. Now here’s some gender equality that I heartily approve of:


    11 years nowhere near long enough, but – as Dr. Johnson once said – “Sir, a woman being banged up for cutting a little girl is like a dog’s walking on his hinder legs. It’s not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”

  9. @ Sam Vara:

    I take the point of this post, and agree entirely, but there’s a real nobility present when a man gets hit by a woman and decides to do nothing. I’ve seen it happen, and I think that’s what my dad’s generation (he was born in 1913) would have considered the right thing.

    Yes, but your dad’s generation respected men for protecting and supporting women. What society’s been doing for the last fifty years is expecting men to shoulder all the burdens of traditional masculinity without any of the traditional respect or rewards that came from shouldering these burdens (or alternatively, expecting them to shoulder the burdens whilst punishing them for doing so). Expecting people to shoulder burdens whilst refusing them any recognition isn’t noble, it’s exploitative.

  10. Expecting people to shoulder burdens whilst refusing them any recognition isn’t noble, it’s exploitative.

    All true, though something else has also happened in the past 30-40 years. My generation was taught that people are equal, and you know what? We believed it! So a huge chunk of men grew up thinking those were the rules and were happy to play by them, only to find out that some are more equal than others.

    Ditto race relations, where “people are the same under the skin” was drilled into us, and we were happy to abide by that doctrine. Only the great POC utopia never came, so now colorblindness is racism, affirmative action is not discrimination, blacks can’t be racist, and you are a bad person regardless of the content of your character and the company you keep…if you’re white.

    Call all men violent misogynists and they will notice gender differences (and any statistical inferiority of women) if only to defend themselves, whereas before they really didn’t care. Call all whites racial supremacist oppressors and they will notice racial differences (and any statistical inferiority of non-whites) if only to defend themselves, whereas before they really didn’t care.

  11. @ Sam. There you have it regarding all the invented outrage. To which I would add; if someone keeps calling other’s names, they should not expect them to be their friend when real trouble comes calling.

    I thought the young man in the video very restrained.

  12. I’d be interested to know what the follow on story is to this. Your man, there, is very likely awaiting trial for assault. And on the evidence of the video, he’s going to be convicted.
    I know the situation in Spain & it’s not much different in most other countries now, I hear. Assaulting a women is definitive, irrespective of the provocation or circumstances. Experience of such here.
    Girl out of her box on alcohol & coke flips. Starts throwing bottles. That’s about a hundred full wine & champagne (OK cava 🙁 ) bottles. Then works her way through a couple hundred assorted glasses, several mirrors & other glassware. Most of it in the direction of the guy she’s pissed with. He calls police. Police arrive. He’s bleeding from several deep cuts. She’s a bruised cheek – probably from one of her own rebounds & her feet are cut to ribbons from stamping around on broken glass in beach sandals. The police arrest him. She’s taken to hospital for medical treatment, a statement taken & returned to the house. His house. She just happened to be in it. He’s detained for two days.
    The police are actually quite apologetic about all this. She had a pop at one of them at the hospital. But they’ve had no options. Rule is – in the case of a violence incident involving a male & a female the male is arrested & removed from the scene.

  13. I worked as a doorman in Liverpool and Manchester for 30 years, in that time I was involved directly or indirectly with some very violent and abusive females who forgot how to restrain themselves and proceeded to assault me or a co worker. It was standard policy that if they stopped acting like a woman then we treated them accordingly as quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Not ‘manly’ in a traditional sense I know but we had jobs to do and trouble escalates quickly if not instantly quashed, rather large and capable doorgirls in later years helped immensely.

  14. Expecting people to shoulder burdens whilst refusing them any recognition isn’t noble, it’s exploitative.

    How socialism works in a nutshell. The state takes the wealth from the people who created it and gets the credit for redistributing (part of) it. The people whose work actually funds the racket can just STFU.

    See also, guy sleeps with the wrong girl at college, he gets expelled. Girl sleeps with the wrong guy at college, he gets expelled.

  15. Sam Vera–I understand that the convicted female isn’t even a member of the RoP but an African Animist of some sort.

    They had to have an FGM conviction to point to but are so obvious in their bias and or cowardice it could not be one of their new best friends.

  16. Why nobody asking the obvious question that will determine how this matter ultimately gets settled? What did he say to make her so mad?

  17. Anyone remember this story out of Australia eight years or so ago? Boy gets bullied by another boy and finally gets the nerve to fight back. Bully cries and victim gets suspended.


    Gotta be worse for this young man.

  18. WTP: I expect he said “Hello”, or perhaps “Good morning” or even the deeply offensive, sexist and equivalent to actual rape phrase “You look nice today”.

  19. Fred, wouldn’t surprise me if he was simply breathing while male. Won’t matter. Girlfriend can just make stuff up and #BelieveAllWomen. Thus witnesses don’t need to be called.

    But as I reference the Oz kid, nothing really matters except that the path of least resistance for the administrators at the school should be followed. The boy/girl aspect of this is really just a symptom.

  20. It would be kinda ironic after the fuss about violent video games if it turned out that the antics of Black Widow on screen actually did ancourage women to take on men twice their size.

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