Pucked Over

Via Steve in Calgary in the comments, this story:

Last month, a video uploaded to Snapchat showed a boy from the Fort McMurray Midget “A” Junior Oil Barons banging a hockey stick against the lid of a garbage can like a drum. As music from the Indigenous electronic group A Tribe Called Red plays, two other players can be seen dancing while the rest of the team shouts and laughs.

As I’m fond of saying, religion has not so much died in the west as been replaced by a weird sort of superficial earth-worship. Part of this entails slavish deference to anyone and anything remotely considered indigenous or native, presumably in the belief their ancestors were humble stewards of nature rather than savages of scarcely imaginable cruelty. As such, these children have committed heresy:

The social media backlash that followed saw commenters accusing the boys of mocking Indigenous culture. Many comments included hopes the boys would die in a traffic accident, specifically mentioning the Humboldt Broncos’ team bus crash.

Unlike traditional religions, this newfangled version offers no path to redemption. It’s simply death to all heretics, period.

As it turned out, the boys involved were Indigenous, with at least one player a member of the Fort McKay Métis.

As if that matters. We’ve seen elsewhere that being a member of a protected class doesn’t count for much if you deviate from the narrative set by middle class political campaigners. SJWs might despise white men but they reserve a special hatred for minorities who wander off the, erm, reservation.

“We could not guarantee the safety of our players, the families and the teams that we were going to play against because of the threats that were made against the team,” said Shane Kearney, a parent of one of the players on the team.

Threatening to cause physical harm to children for being insufficiently woke is becoming a thing in the west. These are societies which pat themselves on the back for being all liberal and progressive in contrast to those nasty Russians and Chinese.

Following the release of the video, the [Fort McMurray Minor Hockey] association released a statement saying the behaviour was “wrong and will not be tolerated.”

“We are sick to know how many people this hurts and offends and for that we sincerely apologize on their behalf,” the association’s statement read.

Two days later, a statement from lawyer Dwayne Roth, who is also the CEO of the McKay Métis Group, said the teens were Indigenous and called the dance was intended to be motivational.

The apology was later pulled from the association’s website and social media accounts.

Half the problem here is those who end up running modern organisations – companies, government departments, associations – have been selected due to their slavish adherence to hierarchical diktat, not because they are competent, courageous, or particularly bright. As such, like a priest who’s been caught watching pr0n by a passing bishop, they’re prone to blurting out the first thing that comes into their heads according to their indoctrination. If they were capable of rational thinking, measured language, and reasonableness they’d never have got the job in the first place.

The statement from the parents blames the response of the association for mismanaging the incident. The group says leadership of the association never met the parents or team staff members before posting an apology, which they say gave the video further exposure online.

This is because their priority is their careers, not the reputation of the association nor the welfare of the boys.

“They are out there to protect all the kids that are in minor hockey . . . we don’t feel that they protected these 17 kids with what went on,” said Kearney.

Faced with the choice of a potential black mark on their performance appraisal or putting children in physical peril, they chose the latter.

“We feel that the people that were in place, the executives, need to take responsibility for what they did and own up to it and make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

If they were capable of taking responsibility, this situation would never have arisen. What they need to do is be fired and replaced with people who aren’t so obviously self-serving.

Roxanne Janes, another parent of a player on the team, said the parents have reached out to the association on two separate occasions with no response.

Well, yes. Why should they talk to you? They’re the ones in charge.

“Unfortunately what ends up happening is a lot of these kids end up quit playing the game that they love because of the decision of adults that are put in place to protect these kids,” said Kearney.

A small price to pay for the elimination of racism in our society.

While this may only concern a minor league hockey association in a remote Canadian mining town that even old hands think is a dump, the incident has all the hallmarks of what you see playing out on a much larger scale across the western world. Those running the association are the exact same sort of people who now make up our ruling classes. They’re also running every company and organisation you can think of. Fun times, eh?


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  1. The death threats are mentioned as if they are a natural phenomenon, annoying but inevitable. Any society which relegates death threats as less important than a video of kids dancing around is truly depraved.

  2. The death threats are mentioned as if they are a natural phenomenon, annoying but inevitable

    These days, they are. Flinging around death threats is just a form of hyperbole.

  3. These days, they are. Flinging around death threats is just a form of hyperbole.

    Hyperbole they may be, and are often thrown around carelessly as such.

    In the jurisdiction of Queensland, where I live & work, death threats are a criminal offence.

    This is well known by the coppers, but not by many others.
    Thus when some scrote is kicking off, the coppers have developed a very deceptive manner of deference, complete with notebooks open to write down the screamed counter-complaint, which encourages the language to be ramped up. All sorts of things get said as the blood pressure rises and there are no sign of consequences: “Far-Q, ah-sole, can’t,” & so on.

    …….eventually will come “I’ll far king well kill you!”

    .. the utterance of which is followed a split-second later by the police notebooks snapping shut like mousetraps, & the cuffs being whacked on before the member-of-public realises they’ve just been upgraded to “the accused” & are now in H.M. custody.

    Beautiful to watch.

  4. Attitudes to indigenous people do swing like a pendulum. Currently we regard them as icons. In another generation we will try them for historical war crimes.

    In reality North Americans were a sorry lot with a limited cultural tool box, who would have been wiped out even faster without the European gift of the rifle and the horse. (This is a straightforward observation, not a moral judgement.)

    They were indeed savages, as you mention, Tim. What is puzzling is the degree of savagery. This was far beyond even Babylonian levels of cruelty.

    To gain a strategic and Darwinian advantage you should try to win with least casualties. Yet if the enemy knows his fate if captured is slow torture and death anyway then he is motivated to fight to the death, with the victor risking a wound which turns septic and kills him.
    Perhaps the torture was carried out by women? The warriors, if they thought about it, would regard ransom and even castration as a better bet. So would evolution.

  5. You do wonder if the various snowflakes and millennials really believe that North America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Australasia were somehow peopled by vast developed civilisations, rather than squabbling tribes desperately clinging to the edge of survival with only the most basic tools that hadn’t changed in thousands of years. No wheels, mostly no written langauges so we have at best oral tradition for what happened more than a few decades ago, no or only crude projectile weapons, no surplus productivity to spend on even the simplest form of empirical development.

    There is literally no way such a culture could ever have survived an encounter with civilisation, whether through genocide, disease, or simply people choosing to leave it for the better life offered by the immigrants. Once whitey set foot on the shores of New England (and we can’t very well say they had no right to do that, can we) it was already all over for the native culture.

    Which is presumably why we leave the Andaman and Nicobar islanders, and a few isolated groups deep in the Amazon to themselves. Their world would never be the same again. Much better in every objective respect of course, but never the same.

  6. How many of the SJW soyboys complaining about this sort of thing ever played sports at school? If they had, they’d appreciate this normal pre-match behaviour. Fundamentally, these man-child twitterati are just jealous of the popular boys.

    Sailer’s law of female journalism needs a male equivalent: that the most heartfelt articles by male journalists are demands for how society must be re-engineered such that, come the Revolution, the writer himself will be a popular boy at last.

  7. While this may only concern a minor league hockey association in a remote Canadian mining town that even old hands think is a dump

    I would argue that the fact that this toxic behaviour has reached this far is an indication of how much the field has been lost.

  8. What gets me is that, in cases like this, people seem to be able to make death threats with impunity, as others have already commented. But were the people doing the threatening neo-Nazi types, I do not doubt for an instant that the authorities would hunt them down with vigour and ensure they received truly exemplary punishments.

  9. I think if we could actually see these death threats, we’d find that many of them were no such thing.

  10. Daniel Ream on February 18, 2019 at 7:31 pm said:

    While this may only concern a minor league hockey association in a remote Canadian mining town that even old hands think is a dump

    I would argue that the fact that this toxic behaviour has reached this far is an indication of how much the field has been lost.

    Spot on!

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