Nigerian Male Scam

Well, it seems the two white supremacist who tried to lynch Jussie Smollett have been caught:

The two Nigerian brothers arrested over the Jussie Smollett attack are actors Abimbola ‘Abel’ and Olabinjo ‘Ola’ Osundairo, can exclusively reveal.

The pair were picked up by police at Chicago O’Hare Airport on Wednesday as they arrived back in America after visiting family in Nigeria to be questioned over the January 29 attack involving the star.

Here’s the pic of them that’s doing the rounds.

I suppose it’s taken the police two weeks to capture them because they first had to rule out all the white white supremacists on their books before sifting through the black white supremacists. Of course, Smollett could have saved police a lot of time by telling them he not only knew the two brothers, but paid them to fill him in:

Jussie Smollett paid two brothers to stage an attack against him, directed them to buy items used in the alleged assault and actually rehearsed it with them, sources say.

Sources say at least one of the brothers bought the rope used in the incident at Smollett’s request. The sources also say the “Empire” actor paid for the rope, which was purchased at the Crafty Beaver Hardware Store in the Ravenswood neighborhood the weekend of Jan. 25.

The crafty what?

Sources said one of the brothers held the rope and poured bleach while the other wore a plain red hat and yelled slurs at Smollett.

The sources say the red hat was bought at an Uptown beauty supply store and that the attack was supposed to happen before Jan. 29.

So pervasive is MAGA culture the conspirators couldn’t find a single MAGA hat in the whole of Chicago.

Smollett claims two men attacked him in Streeterville early Jan. 29 as he was heading to his apartment. He said they yelled racial and homophobic slurs at him, poured a chemical on him and put a rope around his neck.

American police might be many things, but they’re probably not stupid. They will see real crimes 24/7 and hear so many witness statements they probably know how a story ends before it’s even begun. My guess is if you go in with a cock-and-bull story they’ll spot it immediately. I expect they investigated it as normal even if they knew where it was heading.

Rather than this incident being indicative of escalating racism in Trump’s America, I see it more a confirmation of how spectacularly dumb actors are. Why did he need to hire two Nigerians, stage an attack, and go to the police? The lefty media will believe anything, he could just as easily have headbutted a door frame and gone wailing to CNN about Nazis without tangling himself up with the Chicago PD. This is the chap who many high-profile Democrats thought was a role model. Which I suppose he is, if you vote Democrat.


16 thoughts on “Nigerian Male Scam

  1. I think if Jussie Smollett had listened more carefully he would have heard his attackers saying ‘Transfer the money to Prince Obalakya’s account now like you promised’, and ‘Untold riches shall be yours if you can just make your account available to the Prince for a few days’.

  2. Maybe Smollett wasn’t lying, but we just misunderstood what he meant. “I beat off my attackers”. “I wanted a foot-long”.

  3. “couldn’t find a single MAGA hat in the whole of Chicago”

    Uptown is actually a neighborhood in Chicago, so the perps did find a MAGA hat in the city. However, it is quite far from the scene of crime. It is also next to Ravenswood, home of the Crafty Beaver where they bought the rope. So I’m guessing the Nigerians were living or staying somewhere around there.

    I’m also guessing the “beauty supply store” is some kind of novelty or pawn shop, since nothing says “beauty supplies” quite like a MAGA hat.

  4. Forget holidays in Spain or the Balearic islands. If two white supremacists can go to Nigeria for a fortnight and come back with sun tans like those two are sporting then that’s got to be much better value, eh?

    Or am I missing something? >};o)

  5. Uptown is actually a neighborhood in Chicago, so the perps did find a MAGA hat in the city.

    Read it carefully: they didn’t buy a MAGA hat, they bought a plain red one. Although yeah, what sort of beauty store that is I don’t know.

  6. Jussie Smollett gives first interview about bizarre “hate crime” in Chicago

    Now confirmed as #FakeCrimeAgain #WastingPoliceTime #ProsecuteSmollett

    How long can left MSM continue this crying wolf before they’re ignored? Surely there’s a limit on audience gullibility?

  7. “American police might be many things, but they’re probably not stupid. “

    The efforts of 70s TV shows to advise us of their incompetence notwithstanding…

  8. Yeah, the key these scams is: Do not go to the police. That was what Jackie Coakley knew when she pulled her UVa gang rape hoax. She lied to her friends, lied to her sexual assault support group, lied to university officials, lied to the Rolling Stone journo. But she knew better than to lie to the cops.

  9. Perhaps Smollett had just been watching Dirty Harry and thought “if it worked for Scorpio…”

  10. America is seriously fooked up, they just can’t stop with this crap.

    Disagree. As someone said, America is so wonderful that people have to purchase their oppression.

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