Black, Smart, and Sane

From The Guardian:

More conclusively than it tells us anything about her genetic heritage, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s neatly choreographed release of her own DNA analysis makes one thing abundantly clear: she’s running for the White House in 2020.

The release was a direct rebuke to Donald Trump, who has made a habit of mocking her claims of Native American ancestry by referring to her by the racist moniker “Pocahontas”. Warren’s move is a clear gambit to get out in front of a controversy that has dogged her political career and could be a big stumbling block in the future.

Elizabeth Warren always struck me as being rather dim, and what The Guardian article doesn’t tell us is her stunt has backfired badly:

Warren released the results of her test, which showed her to potentially have 1/1024 Native American DNA dating back six to 10 generations. This sets the lowest bound of Warren’s Indian DNA at .098 percent and the highest at 3 percent.

The average European-American has 0.18 percent Native American DNA, according to a comprehensive study by the Genetic Literacy Project.

In other words, Senator Warren is quite likely to be even whiter than the average North American white bloke. This is also amusing:

According to a report by the Boston Globe, there is no Native American DNA available for genetic testing “because Native American leaders have asked tribal members not to participate in genetic databases.”

Therefore, in order to test for Native American ancestry, genetic researchers have to use samples from other parts of the world.

Carlos D. Bustamante, a Stanford University professor, used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to attempt to calculate how much Native American ancestry is in Warren’s DNA.

Elizabeth Warren was always something of a laughing stock, and Twitter wasted no time laying the boot in. However, it was this tweet from Steve Sailor which got me thinking:

I’m currently going through the back catalogue of Joe Rogan’s podcasts, and caught the one from ages ago with Ben Shapiro. I’ve agreed with critics of Shapiro in the past but there’s no denying he’s a smart guy and wholly correct about certain issues. Shapiro made the point that it wasn’t so much Hillary Clinton’s neglect of Wisconsin which cost her the Electoral College but her failure to mobilise the black vote in Ohio. What made Obama’s victories secure was his ability to get blacks out to vote Democrat, whereas for Hillary (and everyone else) a lot of them stayed at home. Trump (or any other Republican) doesn’t need to win the black vote if they don’t come out and vote Democrat either.

In addition to the above, the ZMan made the point in his latest podcast that the whole Brett Kavanaugh circus was largely about white, middle-class women trying to gain control of the Democrat party. The entire third-wave feminist and MeToo movements are as much about internal Democrat party politics as opposing the Republicans; they want to be the party for deranged, purple-haired women who inhabit coastal California, Brooklyn, and college campuses. However, it doesn’t take much imagination to realise that a lot of blacks, especially men, will have watched them screaming “believe all women” as Kavanaugh denied baseless allegations of gang-rape and been a little concerned about where this was headed. After all, it is black men who stand the most to lose by standards of proof over rape being lowered. Somehow, this never occurred to the Democrats who rely on black votes to get them back into the White House. You’d have thought Kamala Harris or Cory Booker might have twigged, but the former is as thick as mince and the latter thinks he’s auditioning for a part in a political drama series every time he speaks.

One of Barack Obama’s many failings was he made the Presidency all about him, rather than the Democrat party. Then Hillary made the Democratic party all about her. Now both are gone (although Hillary’s still hanging around like a bad smell), the Democrats have no idea what they’re for. Elizabeth Warren running for president in 2020 will only serve Elizabeth Warren, and demonstrate the Democrats’ aren’t a serious party. Certainly, she won’t get the black vote out, and it’s hard to see who will out of the possible white candidates. The Democrats therefore need a candidate who is black, smart, and sane. Who would that be, then?


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  1. Even the Cherokees have denounced her:

    The Cherokee Nation has criticized Warren’s announcement, saying her use of a DNA test is “useless” for determining tribal citizenship and that using a DNA test to determine connection to any tribal nation is “inappropriate and wrong.”

    The real argument is that she claimed to be something like 25% or 12.5% and that her mother and husband had eloped because it was so obvious she was native american and they were racist.

    There is a rising start who is black, smart, and sane but he’s probably a bit young. His name is Coleman Hughes and you can read his stuff at Quillette and listen to him on the Rubin Report and Sam Harris or just Google him.

    He’s got a wicked sense of humour as well, when Rubin asked him about his politics and political ambition he replied that if people can be gender fluid he can be political fluid.

  2. Actually, Deval Patrick is attracting more and more attention. They could do a lot worse.

  3. Democrat, smart and sane? Hmmm…..Is that not a bit like being Marxist, economically sound and pro-markets? Or conservative (US sense), pro transgender bathrooms and trade unions?

  4. …he can be political fluid…

    Love it. Principles be damned. Vote for me. I have principles, and if you don’t like them, well, I have others….

    When the DNC started using Marx as a mentor, I am not sure they should have picked Groucho!

  5. P**s on the party of slavery and the KKK.

    The Party whose black leftists run–and have run for 50+ years– all the biggest, nastiest and most murderous shitholes in the USA. Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington DC and worst of the lot–Baltimore. Who together boost America to–3rd is it?– in world gun violence when the US would be more than 100th in that table without said shithole cities. All of whom are big on gun control to ensure ordinary folk black and white can’t protect themselves.

    Who gives a rat’s backside what new young leftist snot the Bad Old Party are trying to trick up ? All of them will be bad news for the US and any mugs stupid enough to vote for them.

    Hell–sans Trump, the same is true for the GOP. Trump is good because he is outside the frame of scum.

    Where to find another Trump is the issue that should concern sane Americans.

  6. The Democrats therefore need a candidate who is black, smart, and sane. Who would that be, then?

    I’ve long believed that the US – even the south – isn’t nearly as racist as assumed, and as such, the right black man could’ve been president as early as 1980 or even 1976.

    The fact that it didn’t happen until 2008 wasn’t because of widespread racism that had dissipated sufficiently by then; it was because of the paucity of candidates who are “black, smart, and sane”.

    I’m reminded of something from the famous John Derbyshire article that got him fired from National Review:

    In that pool of forty million, there are nonetheless many intelligent and well-socialized blacks. (I’ll use IWSB as an ad hoc abbreviation.)


    Unfortunately the demand is greater than the supply, so IWSBs are something of a luxury good, like antique furniture or corporate jets…

    A black man smart and sane enough to win the presidency is even rarer than that.

  7. Elizabeth Warren always struck me as being rather dim, and what The Guardian article doesn’t tell us is her stunt has backfired badly.

    In over her head – typical affirmative action hire

  8. @Jim: yeah it’s been rolling around on /r/the_donald for a few days (weeks?) now. It is absolutely brilliant and working incredibly well judging by the reactions of the Left to it. Chateau Heartiste gave the best explanation as to why it is so effective. I would even go as far as saying it is the best meme the Right has ever delivered in the culture wars.

  9. “Elizabeth Warren always struck me as being rather dim”

    Put her with the rest of the Left then. How can you get your DNA results and think ‘Hey I’m at BEST 1/64th native American, possibly as far out as 1/1000th [which is just noise], lets release this lot to the press and show that Drumpf who’s boss!’ without being supremely dim?

    I’m hoping that Trump gets one of these tests done and comes out more Indian than she is……..Lyndsey Graham has already said he’s going to get his done:

  10. The ideal candidate doesn’t need to be black. What he needs is 10,000 cumulative hours paying attention to a wide mix of ordinary people of all colours and jobs- but not counting politicians, teachers or pundits and not counting people in his social circle. Also demonstrated competence in some field where organising ability is required and he has skin in the game. A demonstrable ability to connect with a crowd is also needed.
    Such people are rare. Even if you accept my traditional use of he to include she.

  11. For family reasons I tend to take more notice of American politics than the Brexit bollocks here. Zman,sailer and one or two others do a fantastic job reporting on events and more importantly moving on the formation of ideas and tactics to counter the leftward drift of everything around us.You do a pretty good job but we need more blogs here that move the process of combating the progressives forward and not merely report or moan.

  12. BTW the chances of getting a suitable black candidate will be vastly improved a couple of decades after public schools are either improved or replaced by charter schools. That and ending affirmative action.

  13. One thing that the recent Dem shenanigans have brought out is that just because you were a favoured group doesn’t mean that you will remain one if they find a “better” kind of victim that can replace you. So #believeallwomen trumps (as it were) #blacklivesmatter and then #transrights trumps #believeallwomen

    People aren’t stupid, they can figure this out after a couple of go arounds to prove that it wasn’t just happenstance or coincidence. The result is that groups that the Dems thought they could rely on are not as solid because they can see themselves being shoved under the bus if it seems convenient.

    So even if the Dems can find a person (ideally of the female persuasion) who is Black (or possibly Latino), Smart, and Sane it may not do them much good because they are running out of gullible suckers. Not that these groups will necessarily vote republican but they may just decide to stay home and not vote at all, and that is likely enough in most cases for a republican to squeak through

  14. Kamala Harris slept her way to the top of California Democratic Party hierarchy. Her married boyfriend Willie Brown was the kingmaker while he’s alive. Too bad for her he is no longer with us, and you’re seeing the result without that guiding hand.

  15. Candace Owens is of course the wrong sort of black person – one who has stepped off plantation and is therefore no longer ‘really’ black (see how they’ve behaved towards Kanye West since his love in with the Donald).

  16. Black, Smart, & Sane is in the same place as White, Smart, & sane.

    Working a real job, making money, taking care of their families and communities, staying far away from the braying jackasses in politics.

  17. Having a black president or other key politicians doesn’t empower blacks, if anything its the opposite:

    Its only 6 minutes and tears apart most SJW thinking on getting blacks in to power.

  18. Jim: like it! Perhaps NPC is a bit close for comfort hence the furious reaction. They probably wear SJW as something of a badge of honour, but NPC can’t be rendered like that.

  19. EW has also been variously described as Chief Spreading Bull, leader of the Slapaho Nation and the #MeSioux movement.

  20. Obama did get the black church ladies to turn out, but a lot of black politicians are capable of doing that. What made him a winner was his ability to goose black turnout while appealing to the educated white liberals who fund and operate the Democratic Party apparatus. Obama was just black enough, but not too black.

    Do the Dems have a candidate like that for 2020? Harris certainly comes to mind, but the fact that she is married to a white guy may limit her appeal to the black community. I don’t see Cory Booker as any kind of contender, he’s just too much of a goofball. Maybe someone else will emerge. No one was thinking of Obama as a serious candidate at this point in the 2008 election cycle.

  21. Well , at least we got one more thing to troll NPCs.

    How the Cherokee nation is determined by genes but English German Swede can be everybody who claims that he is ?

  22. “…they are running out of gullible suckers.”

    Nonsense, there’s one born every minute

    “Grey Beaver” – bravo, if I was drinking something I’d have spat it all over the computer

  23. Pcar – the metoo movement was pre-destroyed for exactly that reason. It’s only due to astounding hypocrisy that it got off the ground, so Hillary’s remarks won’t knock it down.

    Bear in mind that pre-Lewinsky the line was that all relationships between bosses and subordinates were de-facto illegitimate due to the power imbalance.

    Crivens, the Democrats are the one who’ve been using phony rape accusations these last few years. Imagine the chutzpah!

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