From whence the anger?

Today somebody actually replied to my question on Twitter as to whether the unpaid work done by men gets counted when declaring that women are suffering under the crippling burden of housework, which I wrote about here. Sadly, it wasn’t from the study’s author but a deranged feminist:

Can you imagine being in a relationship with such a person? I can’t, and I think it would be a safe bet that this woman has never had a stable, functioning relationship in her life. I post this because having spent a year or so exploring modern feminism, or third-wave feminism as it’s often called, I have reached the conclusion that much of it is driven by women whose personalities are too poisonous for them to build a relationship with a man of their choosing. That’s not to say all third-wave feminists are single, but a lot of them seem to despise their partners (e.g. Jessica Valenti) or show signs (e.g. Laurie Penny, and the woman in the tweet above) of being such unpleasant characters that no sane man would want anything to do with them.

Which leaves us with an interesting question. Is their obnoxious personality a result of their failing to find a decent partner, or is their failing to find a decent partner a result of their obnoxious personality? My guess is it starts with the latter, then forms a vicious circle.


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  1. @Tim

    “Women, on the other hand, probably never worried about losing an arm, leg, or life by engaging with their enemies.”

    Men desire power and women desire love, a females role is to complement a male not to do battle or compete with them. This is a perfectly balanced relationship that nature has provided us with. I have mentioned previously that this is why they should not be in combat roles or front line beat policing.


    “Auberon Waugh used to say that feminism was essentially a Trade Union or pressure group for ugly women. ”

    Betty Friedan was a dyed in the wool communist that organised her women’s movement activities in a very efficient and effective manner, she may have also been compensating for her repulsive presence.

  2. When a 30-something, one of my mentors, a senior oil industry engineer, advised me to always include at least one woman on the team. Different perspective aside, they have an uncanny instinct to spot a wrong ’un.

    That was good advice. I’ve worked with female engineers my whole career, and I’d always want to see at least one or two in any team I’m involved with.

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