Help a Liberal Today!

Remember this?

I live in a Muslim neighborhood and it’s making me sick thinking about how terrified everyone must be. I’m going to talk to a Muslim coworker today about who to approach and how, and exactly what I can do.

Time for all those grateful Muslims to repay the kindness:

I’m sure Muslims and Jews just love being accosted at work for their views on the Middle East because some white liberal is “scared”, almost as much as they love random idiots coming up trying to “help” them.


10 thoughts on “Help a Liberal Today!

  1. Katherine Locke? Jewish? With a name like that, a face like that and a penchant for equestrian sports? No fucking way.

    Also, who appointed her to speak for Jews or Muslims?

    Fuck off, snowflake.

  2. Red Sea pedestrian. A small ball of rage and salt on two feet.

    That parting of the waters thing was not unalloyed good news then!

  3. What are all the Muslims supposed to be terrified about? Is it the fact that they are dealing with someone who understands game theory far better than they do?

  4. Virtue-signalling – Twitter’s main function (with a few honourable exceptions).

  5. If any random snowflake liberal came up to me and asked me what my position was on Trump’s recent Middle East policies such as moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, then this particular right wing Jew would give them an answer that they may not expect and most likely would not like.

  6. I’m looking for a big “next year in Jerusalem” bumper sticker for my truck.

    “WTC Towers destroyed: Peaceful Muslims hardest hit!” just gets old.

  7. I’m not that old but most of this Islamism has been around in some form or another sice I was a kid. Once the secular Arab nationalists like Nasser and Sadat had pegged it and the Iranian revoloution happened we have had non stop fundamentalist terror ( the novel thing is that since the mid-90s this has been Sunni as well as Shi’ite terror). I become increasingly depressed that jounalists and politicians who should know better think that radicalisation and anti-semitism is a new thing.

    In 6th Form 35 years ago one of the Pakistani lads was chatting to some of the other Asian boys in our common room. What he said chilled me at the time and I still remember it with a shudder

    “The Imam said something interesting on Friday, he said that we should try to remember that not all Jews are evil, only the Zionists.”

  8. ottokring, I had a similar experience. I was around 14 or 15 years old in high school so would have been 1975 or thereabouts. We had a chap called John Gilchrist come to our school to address the morning assembly. He had been a Christian missionary to India and Pakistan on some bible distribution program.

    One thing he said has stuck with me ever since bearing in mind this was at the time of the height of the Cold War. He told us that the biggest threat to world peace was not communism as it would collapse from within, the biggest threat to world peace is Islam.

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