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A reader sends me this interesting essay about dating apps and the modern sexual market place:

Dovetailing these concerns is an academic cottage industry on the “increased female unhappiness” of Western women. The theory here is that modern women are less satisfied than their grandmothers because they now delay childbearing to an advanced age while simultaneously holding down demanding jobs in the competitive globalized workplace. Arguably, however, the amount of “happiness” for women has not decreased, but merely been frontloaded to their early 20s when they are having copious sex before settling down for marriage with lesser men. The actual “redistribution of happiness” has been to the alpha males who secure more sexual pleasure in their 20s at the expense of betas who remain lonely until they later make terms with leftover women.

Go read the whole thing.


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  1. I think this is complicated by the lives of media people. Media people disproportionately write about the lives they are involved in and if you believe them, every young person is on Tinder and bed-hopping. Part of this is because of the nature of the media people and who they know and where they live.

    I know a few younger women (like hairdressers and women in the local cafe) out here in the provinces and while it’s less conservative than 40 years ago, they mostly have reasonably long-term, monogamous relationships. Most of them aren’t career women. My hairdresser went from working full-time to doing part-time work after the children arrived (and I had to get another hairdresser, unfortunately).

    I also just don’t know about happiness surveys and things. How much have attitudes about being a f**king whining pansy changed? We’re a far more indulgent society post-Diana than before. You have MEPs talking about how they cried at a speech, like crying at a speech is something to be proud of. People whine about how much tax Amazon pays, but they keep shopping at Amazon.

  2. Apart from finding out that you can’t have it all and that working to build a career is shit, I’ll bet the biggest reason is reading those articles about women having a great time bed hopping and thinking that’s the norm and they are missing out.

  3. A curious essay indeed. Thanks!

    It’s not saying anything that people embroiled in the Gender Wars haven’t heard, but it’s a fairly comprehensive summary of several issues.

    The writer’s stance is difficult to pin down. It’s not neutral or unbiased by any means, but rather biased in all sorts of directions, like it was written by several people.

    For example, it shits on Incels in the notes – labeling them “violent anarchists” – right after explaining the term just means desperate men who cannot get laid. Yet it unironically uses the term “Chad” a couple times, which I’ve only seen in Incel-friendly circles.

    Another example is the fairly consistent focus on the sexual agency of women, but then referring to men looking to hookup as “predatory”.

    All in an entertaining read, but one that I fear will only makes sense to people already knowledgeable about this nonsense.

  4. The Cliff Notes version of that article appears to be that promiscuous females and Alpha males get disproportionate shares of total sexual encounters — and I doubt if that has changed since Rome ruled the world, or even earlier.

    What may have changed in the last few decades is the feminist denigration of motherhood as a valid choice for women. And that is sad, since the species is headed for extinction unless the average woman has 2.1 children.

    The article focuses on former college girls. But even in these fallen times, most young women do not go to college. There is a definite class bias here. Looking at it from a male perspective, most of those former college girls are now carrying lots of debt from their expensive educations — which definitely has to diminish their appeal as anything more than arm’s-length one-night stands.

    For today’s young western male, the cry has to be “Go East, Young Man”. There are so many attractive educated young women in Eastern Europe, Russia, China, South-East Asia — most of them fortunately untainted by the bad parts of modern feminism.

  5. Gavin Longmuir

    “What may have changed in the last few decades is the feminist denigration of motherhood as a valid choice for women.”

    I would say it’s a bit more than that, it’s the idea that women can behave like men without any negative personal, or societal, consequence.

  6. If you go up a level from the linked page, the homepage of the website links to that essay with a subtitle of “A satirical examination of the vexed sexual domain”.
    I didn’t find it to be satirical, however, more like well argued with supporting footnotes. Maybe I’m too far down a rabbit hole…

  7. I suppose if the non-Alphas can’t shag hot women via normal engagement they now have other options: Hookers, Go East, Sexbots etc. This strongly undermines the sexual market value of western women – and is why lefty feminist types are so viscerally anti prostitution and sexbot development (and although they can’t say it are angry and jealous as fuck of hot Ukrainian women).

  8. Worked with a v glam Ukrainian woman who came over in the Nineties and married a successful businessman. She looked half her age, and was constantly bonking an entire stable of boys genuinely half her age, with no shame about it – even publicly let on her preferred “type” (university-aged gym bunnies), when she was meeting them, and that their daughter (an early career civil servant in London) frequently provided her Westminster pad to facilitate such engagements, since she understood “a woman’s needs”. I remain perplexed how open the secret was with her husband apparently not knowing a thing. But no matter how beautiful or sexy the lady involved, I think the eastern strategy requires more than a spot of caution…

  9. The author had looked at some red pill sites and produced his own take. If the subject matter is interesting you would be better off reading the source yourself.

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