The lowest house

As many people have said over the past couple of years, all the Democrats need to do to win back the presidency in 2020 is to not be insane. It appears to be proving easier said than done:

A US House of Representatives panel has voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for not releasing an unredacted copy of the report on Russian election meddling.

The judiciary committee took the rare step as tensions rose over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings.

Meanwhile, the Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr, one of Mr Trump’s sons, to legally force him to testify. It is the first known legal summons issued to a member of the president’s family in connection with the investigation.

The Democrats placed a large bet on the ridiculous notion that Trump was an agent of Vladimir Putin, and it’s failed to come off. In fact, they probably knew it wasn’t true and the whole Mueller investigation was just the tool with which they hoped something would be dug up which could be used to impeach Trump, but despite his very best efforts, the special counsel came up with nothing of substance. Trump didn’t collude with the Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election, and the instances of obstruction of justice contained in the report consist of Trump shooting his mouth off like he normally does (while not following through) in the absence of any underlying crime.

What the Democrats should have done is put this catastrophe behind them and quickly move on. A large number of ordinary Americans were already weary of the Mueller probe and its hampering effect on Trump’s presidency, and in the wake of the report it’s hard to imagine anyone outside a tiny minority of anti-Trump fanatics have the stomach for another year of this pantomime. Unfortunately, rather a lot of Democrat politicians make up that minority, as do their media mouthpieces, and are determined to flog this dead horse right up until the 2020 election. For them, getting rid of Trump has become such an obsession they’ve forgotten the best way to do it is to not come across as fanatical, vindictive lunatics in the 18 months before an election. I suspect most Americans are severely unimpressed by what they’re seeing here.

The other problem the Democrats have is the likes of terrorist-supporting Ilhan Omar and Palestinian activist Rashida Tlaib are laying into Israel with little attempt to distinguish their criticism from bog-standard, anti-Jew hatred while the party leadership utters not a whisper of condemnation. That you or I may disagree over whether their remarks constitute antisemitism or legitimate criticism doesn’t matter when an awful lot of Democrat-voting American Jews are listening in horror, first at the comments themselves and then at the silence that follows. It is unlikely that these people will switch their allegiance to Republican but it might cause a lot of Jews to stay at home, unable to bring themselves to vote for a party which not only includes antisemites but actively promotes them. The 2020 election is likely to be a close-run thing, and both sides need every vote they can get.

Two and a half years into the Trump administration the Democrats should have a very strong hand, but they’ve dealt themselves a weak one. They’ve now decided to play it very badly.

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19 thoughts on “The lowest house

  1. Dems have a weak hand anyway. The economy is doing well enough. Only another of those 5 sigma events will kibosh it.

  2. You forgot Tim, the Demos attempt to line up 3 way Marxist/eco-freak and RoP tyranny amongst all their other fun filled pastimes like the mass import of Mex-voters without a care about if they are importing MS13 or not. And their brazen hatred of white folks and promotion of general anti-white racist tyranny and welfarism. And plans to wipe their arse with the Constitution and the rule of law generally.

    Now it may be that with the illegals and imports it might be close-run –but there is no reason for any white American who is not Marxist shite to vote against Trump.

  3. Jews aren’t numerous enough for their votes to be very important. It’s their money as donations that can make a difference, as well as the ability to sway opinion through the media.
    I think that Jewish hostility towards heritage America will keep them supporting the Democrats, despite the presence of anti-Zionist figures in the party. Their historical antipathy towards the White majority always seems to trump their genuine interests.

  4. Their historical antipathy towards the White majority always seems to trump their genuine interests.

    That’s what’s getting severely tested right now.

  5. “…….all the Democrats need to do to win back the presidency in 2020 is to not be insane.”

    Au contraire, old fruit, Trump’s re-election was baked in on 8 November 2016.

    He’s the incumbent, which, barring incompetence – looking at you Carter – or a strong Third party candidate – Ross Perot & Bush Snr – virtually guarantees it.

    The economy is storming, contrary to all predictions.

    His foibles, weaknesses and faults are already known and discounted.

    His base is still wound up.

    The Democrats still don’t know who they are or what they represent. And won’t for another electoral cycle.

  6. Nancy Pelosi used to be coherent. She now slurs (alcohol?)and delivers non sequiturs. Something is coming and it seems to have terrified the Democrats into this irrational display. I don’t think we’ll have to wait for November 2020 just the untangling of the beneficiaries of spying on political opposition.

  7. I see the only way for Democrats to win 2020 – assuming they put forward the best candidate – is through either vote rigging in swing states or successfully changing how the electoral college votes get apportioned in the key states.

    I can imagine they are going to get very dirty in Florida – just look at Broward County during the mid-terms for an idea of the fun to be expected.

    Now which Dem candidate is the one likely to get most votes outside of CA and NY?

  8. Honestly the issue for Trump is that it is now more than 10 years since the last recession so one is very much due (given they seem to appear, at various sizes, once every 8-10 years). There is nothing he can do to avoid it and it wouldn’t be his fault but there goes the strong economy that maintains his support and suddenly democrats have a huge stick to beat him with.

    It is also another issue for Brexit, that any recession will be blamed on Brexit when one would have happened however the referendum played out. Brexit has many more problems before we hit that issue though…

  9. A sorrowful Democrat once remarked — “This used to be the Party of the Hand-Up; now it is the Party of the Hand-Out”.

    What used to be the Party of the working man is now an uneasy coalition of unmarried women dependent on government hand-outs, assorted Greenie fanatics, media ignoramuses, and government workers — all being manipulated by a small number of very rich individuals in business & law who are profiting mightily from government actions. Like other uneasy coalitions, such as the UK Labour Party, it is an unstable structure which will at some point collapse.

    The unfortunate situation in the US is that Democrat hatred for the President has largely been matched by distaste for him from the NeverTrumper Republican Establishment — which has been very advantageous to the small group of people running the Democrat Party.

  10. Even when democrats do not win the next presidential then demography is still the destiny. Trump won most states less than 5%. The old whites are dead or sick or demoralized to show up. So Ilhan Omar and AOC keep rising.

    So, happy V day to glorious nation multiculted itself to death by one Jewish myth.

  11. Gavin — Consider a comment I posted over at Quillette in response to someone who pointed out that, in the 2018 mid-terms, the 20 wealthiest congressional districts all went to the Democratic candidates:

    Back in the old days, the dividing lines between the Democratic and Republican parties were much clearer (Dems were for the “working class,” the “little guy,” while the GOP was the party of “big business” (read, the wealthy)). Now, neither party truly seems to care too terribly much about who Peter Shrag, writing for Harper’s magazine in 1969, called “the forgotten American” (,%20Forgotten_American.htm) (RTWT, how so little has changed in 50 years, eh), President Nixon’s “silent majority.” Both parties are in the thrall of the “globalists,” the corporatists, because that’s where the mega-dollar donors are.

    The Republicans of late at least have been making better noises (and that’s about all) about the things that broad swath of people, regardless of race or ethnicity, care about, which is mainly and almost exclusively their personal finances and defending their country. But the Democrats, since in my estimation the end of the Clinton Administration almost 20 years ago, have basically turned their backs on their former base of support, the people Madame Clinton referred to as “deplorables” — y’know, those “hateful, bigoted rubes in their ‘wife-beaters’ (‘vests’ or ‘singlets’ to my English friends) and pick-up trucks in flyover country.”

    Democrats now are firmly on the side of grand (dare I say “global”), esoteric and utopian ideas, like hyper-environmentalism or “social justice,” which would, if implemented as the Democrats envision, keep their boot on the necks of those awful middle- and working-class people they used to champion. Thus we can easily see why the 20 wealthiest congressional districts would all vote for Democrats. It allows those affluent voters to conspicuously show off their positional good known as “virtue” (“See how wonderful I am, because I care just so-o-o much”), all the while secure that their very affluence will shield them from results of the Democrats’ policy prescriptions. “Unchecked illegal immigration or open borders? No problem (for me) because they’d never be able to afford to live near me anyway (but could still come do my yard).” “The doubling of prices on power because of some ill-considered ‘clean-energy’ plan? I could afford to pay that (even though the middle classes wouldn’t, and it might put hundreds of thousands out of work, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make).”

    It’s easy for the wealthy to vote Democratic. It’s cheap grace — all of the virtue points with none of the hardship.

  12. Recusant on May 9, 2019 at 1:50 pm said:

    The economy is storming, contrary to all predictions.


    Economic experts don’t get much more expert than Paul Krugman.

    The current ‘Distinguished Professor of Economics at City University of New York’ is so eminent in his field that he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2008.

    So it’s probably fair to surmise, as many do, that Mr Krugman might be the smartest economist in the world.

    That’s why people were so desperate to know his immediate reaction to Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.

    He was unequivocal: this was a catastrophe of almost Biblical proportions.

    ‘It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump,’ Krugman wrote in a blog for the NYT posted at 12.42am, ‘and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? Frankly, I find it hard to care much, even though this is my speciality. The disaster for America and the world has so many aspects that the economic ramifications are way down my list of things to fear. Still, I guess people want an answer: If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.’…”

    Poor Krugman, whose sneering loathing for Trump knows no bounds, was almost inconsolable as he predicted financial Armageddon:

  13. USA Dems are same as UK Con/Lab/Lib and EU in vehemently rejecting voters’ decision and doing all they can to ignore and annul it.

    Part 35

  14. The Democrats don’t have to worry about how Jewish people vote. They know they will still get plenty of votes from Forest Lawn, Tijuana, rental cars at the airport, and broom closets, giving them precincts with voter turnout as high as 140%.

  15. ” It’s their money as donations that can make a difference, as well as the ability to sway opinion through the media.”

    Indeed and I don’t expect those donations to dry up any time soon. They will accommodate any number of political jihadis waging war on Israel in order to keep their coalition together. That’s what really matters. Regardless of how fragile and fractious they may be, coalitions can and will hang together for as long as they have a common enemy still on the field, i.e. white heritage America.

    Trump is what unites them. Not because of anything he has said or done (and as far as I can see, he has actually done very little) but because of who and what he represents: forgotten white America. That’s the real object of loathing and fear.

  16. “Even when democrats do not win the next presidential then demography is still the destiny. “

    It’s not all bad.

    The (non-whacko, non-criminal) Mexicans coming in and becoming Americans come from a rather religious, conservative society. Once they get past the point of the free stuff that all new immigrants get, and start working careers and businesses and families, they’ve already shown a nice trend of turning conservative.

    Similarly, many of the incoming Muslims are rather horrified at the unbridled licentiousness and . . . well . . . gender-blender qualities of today’s Democrat party. It’s a very uneasy alliance holding Muslims in the Democrat column.

    So, given that these two groups make up a large portion of our current immigrants, I’d agree that demography is destiny, but I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    (ETA: I’d also add that the Dems’ immigration infatuation is beginning to cost them the other large minority group – the blacks. Blacks have held the bottom of the job pool, and the Dems now appear hellbent on replacing them with immigrants.)

  17. “””….get past the point of the free stuff ….””

    No they don`t. Gibsmedat or a race war. When they want to do hard work and live in conservative society they could do this by building up their own country.

    Africans lived in the US for centuries and where is the conservative black block voting for Trump by 90% ?

    US is doomed and race war and disintegration is the only future. The entire world understand that and this is the reason, why we have now mess all over the planet.

  18. “US is doomed and race war and disintegration is the only future.”

    Good thing I hedge my bets, then. I teach rifle-building as a sideline.

  19. My guess is that most Americans pay little attention to the pantomimes in DC. They may figure that Trump had something to do with the Russians because it’s been bruited about so much, but it’s not at the top of their agenda. Jews won’t desert the Dems with either their votes or their dollars. They’ve got too much invested in destroying heritage American to jump ship now. Who may be jumping ship are the few tens of thousands of white Americans in PA, OH, MI, and WI who came out to vote for Trump, after voting twice for Obama or not voting at all, because Trump told them that he was going to do something to stop mass immigration. Having done nothing about immigration, they may see no point in making the effort to go to the polls in 2020.

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