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Studying in Geneva I have occasion to cross paths with the sort of people who work in the supranational bodies headquartered here, including the various branches of the UN. They display a lofty air as they casually discuss their proposals on reshaping global society, dismissing the concerns of ordinary people as a simple matter of “lack of education”. Perhaps if the British had explained themselves more clearly they might still have an Empire? I blame the impenetrable provincial accents and a refusal on the part of uppity natives to learn from their masters.

Anyway, something I’ve come to realise is the more self-righteous and sure of their virtues a person is, the more likely they are to hold moral values ranging from questionable to despicable. I was therefore unsurprised to see this:

You can be sure the people who approved a flattering picture of Che Guevara for display in the United Nations building in Geneva make all the right noises in polite company regarding Donald Trump, Brexit, and gender equality. I have an opportunity to visit this place soon: I think I’ll pass.


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  1. There are so many t-shirts with che. I am still trying to find one with the picture of him executing people though.

  2. If anybody at the UN raises objections to this image it will be because he is smoking rather than the old killing people inconvenience.

  3. This looks like a temporary exhibition of photography/art, rather than a gallery of distinguished role models for the organisation.

    Still, does anyone have a well-composed black and white shot of Anders Breivik relaxing off-duty?

  4. Perhaps being murdered by a commie doesn’t hurt as much as by a fascist…. so its more acceptable,I dunno!

  5. A very Trumpian question: What do we have the UN for anyway? I know why it was founded and its original aims, but what does it achieve itself now? I know it has birthed some useful offshoots (e.g. the ITU which administers international dialling codes), but the UN itself? Would love to hear the bull case…

  6. @Mr Ecks


    UN: ~40 civilised countries outvoted by ~150 despot controlled sh1tholes

  7. @Gary

    What do we have the UN for anyway?

    For the West politicians to virtue signal by giving £/$ billions of taxpayers money to corrupt sh1tholes

  8. So was it Guevara’s views on race relations or LGBT rights that most attracted the UN to him? Or was it perhaps his generous application firing-squad based solutions to the difficulties of political disagreement?

  9. What I’ve always wondered is why so many UN bodies were based in Geneva, when Switzerland wasn’t a member of the UN until 2002. Weird.

  10. AlexM
    It’s quite OK for Che to have smoked cigars. They were Havanas, and it’s a well known fact that only tobacco grown in capitalist countries give you cancer.

  11. The previous League of Nations had been in Geneva. They had buildings ready to go. In a country not bombed.

    Also the neutrality and safety is a real bonus.

  12. “The previous League of Nations had been in Geneva. They had buildings ready to go. In a country not bombed.
    Also the neutrality and safety is a real bonus.”

    And the Swiss know there is big money to be made hosting global shin digs.

  13. Once went to an arty-farty gallery in a run-down ex-factory. Among the usual wretched paintings of graffiti-like stuff were two portraits, clearly done by someone who could actually paint. One was of Mao, the other of the mass-murderer Che. Both pictured of course in approved propaganda-like and almost saintly inspirational poses.

    I did remark to my wife that of all the actual paint-on-canvas art on show, it had to be two mass murderers who had the time and effort devoted to their glorification, prompting me to ask the inevitable question: what is it about lefties that always yearns to celebrate (or invoke) the cause of death to ordinary people?

  14. The problem with narrative is that if one is going to collapse, it will collapse completely. Myth about good communism keeps up myth about good war. And myth about good war keeps up entire western society.

    All liberal societies come down this way. When Gorbachev announced his famous glasnost, he probably did not understood how this will end up. When we already admit that one of our heroes is boogeyman, then the next boogeyman will burn very soon.

    This how you screw the Trump supporters and Brexit supporters.

    I am not murderous slaving lynching raping woman beating pure evil. We won the Nazis.
    Well, I was not born when the Nazis did their things. So I must thrust the media and when media tells about you the very same things they tell about Nazis then is 2 possibilities. You are as bad as Nazis or media is lying and we have serious problem with history.

    When you are not evil lynching slavering bigot then could you kindly provide the time and date when exactly media started lying ?

    Because of that Che must remain good. When Che is not good anymore , then very soon brave western soldiers and pilots may be also not good anymore, then entire narrative collapses and then what will happen last 100 years history and with western society ?

    When absolutely everything becomes wrong ??????????

  15. When absolutely everything becomes wrong ??????????

    I remember distinctly. As is usual with these things, it was a Thursday. My neighbor was blasting that Chumbawumba crap for what turned out to be his very last time…

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