Carp Diem

They just can’t help themselves:

Michael McFaul was the American Ambassador to Russia under Obama when US-Russian relations collapsed to new lows. According to Wikipedia:

As ambassador he was often controversial, meeting with Russian pro-democracy activists and commenting frequently on Twitter in English and Russian

It doesn’t surprise me this idiot didn’t know the difference between diplomacy and activism. After all, his boss didn’t know the difference between politicking and governance. Nowadays McFaul spends his entire time carping from the sidelines about Trump, being fawningly retweeted by elitist tossers like Oliver Kamm.

The fact is, the ruling classes can’t bear to see Trump even attempt something they failed at, let alone succeed. The BBC ran a headline yesterday calling him “the biggest loser” from the collapse of the talks. The sneering is obscene. Nobody has managed to make any tangible progress on the North Korean problem since 1953, and everyone has either tried and failed or ignored it altogether (e.g. Obama). Trump is at least trying something new and, as Natalie Solent points out over at Samizdata, walking away from a bad deal is not a sign of weakness, let alone something to be sneered at.

That said, I don’t like this at all:

I suspect – and fervently hope – Trump is using flattery as a negotiating tactic to try to achieve a breakthrough, and doesn’t actually believe this. While this may be worthy of criticism, his overall efforts are not. That they are subject to such scorn and contempt from establishment figures says much more about them than Trump.

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13 thoughts on “Carp Diem

  1. Trump is akin to an enlightened atheist doing stuff in a world of religious fanatics. Every single thing he says and does might serve to burst the bubble of the true faith and self virtue. They need to destroy him personally in case his ‘I don’t give a shit about your religion’ attitude to globalist establishment elitism gets traction. Successful Trumpism represents an existential danger to failed leftyism.

  2. Donald Trump is perhaps not the most nuanced off the cuff speaker of english and American english is different from my British english but “I will take him at his word” suggests that he, Trump, is not going to question Kim’s position further while expressing revulsion at what happened to Ottom Wambier.

    Earlier he accepts that Kim was not aware of or actively involved in giving orders to do whatever it was that was done to Wambier and which resulted in his death. This doesn’t seem unreasonable and he doesn’t either mince words about the camps and really rough places.

    This is a sensible distinction to make between the system or regime on the one hand and the person with whom he has to negotiate on the other.

  3. walking away from a bad deal is not a sign of weakness, let alone something to be sneered at.

    Indeed, and a failure to understand this is, I think, one of the main reasons why the establishment has made such a hash of the Brexit negotiations.

  4. Original X–Naïve at best.

    Remainiac scum and EU agent/stooge Treason May–the Fish Faced Cow–never had, from day one, any other intent but to destroy Brexit using her BRINO sh1te “deal”. Everything has been about that including the continuation of Project Fear (which even the liars spewing it have zero belief in) as an excuse for betrayal and June 2017. Lying pollsters conned the stupid b1tch ( animal cunning but thick) that she would get a 150 majority of chinless BluLabour CCHQ parachutists to ease her turd through the HoC without a hitch.

  5. “Indeed, and a failure to understand this is, I think, one of the main reasons why the establishment has made such a hash of the Brexit negotiations.”

    The establishment aren’t poor negotiators. They just don’t want to leave. You can see the treachery of remainer MPs like Claire Perry and Robert Buckland. Said they supported Brexit but now the WA is off the table and we’re into No Deal territory, they are revealing their true colours. The WA was always just a way to keep us in. Spend years in negotiations.

    What these people really don’t want is to properly leave because they’ll have to do a whole load of heavy lifting to get back in.

  6. What happened to Otto Warmbier was reprehensible, but Trump did the right thing.

    Westerners have little concept of “Face” with Asian cultures. You’re going to call out the guy you want to negotiate with as a liar, publicly?

    Make this personal rather than business over one dude? A dude who should have known better than to be there? It’s not Disneyland, it’s a country still technically at war with us, after all.

    So the man says he didn’t know. Unless you have one of his top dudes that is willing to say otherwise, there’s no benefit to calling the man a liar.


    Un is a monster. Everyone knows that.
    His goons roughed Wambier up and he died. Everyone knows that.
    Whether he knew or not is immaterial, and the time to go to the mattresses over the matter has long passed.

    As a comparison, Hillary said “I don’t recall”, ” I don’t know” a few hundred times when everyone knows otherwise, and having mountains of evidence saying she did indeed know and called the shots. The lefties not only believed her, but sang her songs of praise.

  7. It’s tough to distinguish between partisan TDS and those who don’t understand negotiations. For the latter, they’re not aware that “no” is the only weapon in a negotiation, and he who wields it best always win.

    I didn’t understand that fully until I worked for a truly skilled negotiator. Coldly saying “no thanks” to $20 million (later getting closer to 40) made my jaw drop. There were many tense days of doubt but that’s the game. Trump is many (bad) things but in this field he’s a goddamn expert.

  8. That tweet from CBS is factually wrong; taking someone at their word is not the same as believing someone. Taking someone at their word is acting as if you believe them, regardless of whether you do.

    Trump’s relationship with Kim is part of an apparent pattern – warm relationship with the leader while criticising the government’s policies. It’s working with Kim. He’s removing the reason for Kim to use to his missiles on the US. We don’t worry that the UK and France have nuclear arms because we know that they won’t bomb the States. If Trump can take away Kim’s reason to use them on the US, he will have made the States safer than if he had got them to de-nuclearise.

  9. Trump is 0 for 3 in important negations. By this point Obama would have paid out hundreds of millions of dollars and received promises the other side had no intention of keeping.

  10. At this point, Trump is like a hostage negotiator dealing with a nutter who has taken his family hostage, and is threatening to kill them. What’s he going to do? Criticize the nutter for shooting at the cops who showed up, and killing a few…?

    Warmbier was an idiot, as is any Westerner (particularly an American) who goes to North Korea. In my book, I’d be telling the family “Look… Your son was a dumbass for going there, and I’m trying to defuse a bigger situation than some dumb kid who played games with known totalitarians… These bastards have nukes, and are threatening not just one feckless frat boy, but the entirety of Northeastern Asia. STFU, and quit jostling my elbow as I try to talk this lunatic down…”.

    I’m sorry, but when you go off on an exotic tour to totalitarian Disneyland, I’m not going to be too empathetic after you come back brain-dead. WTF do you think happened to all those people the Norks kidnapped from around the world…? And, you’re going to literally walk into the lion’s mouth, with the expectation that the US government is going to be pulling your stupid ass out of the fire…? Seriously… WTF?

    I spent two tours in Korea, not too far from the DMZ. I grew up in the Army knowing guys who’d been on-scene when CPT Bonifas and 1LT Barrett were axe-murdered by North Korean troops because they were trying to clear brush at Panmunjon that obscured lines of sight that the North Koreans wanted to remain out of view. I’ve got no illusions about how crazy that entire country is, and if you don’t bother to educate yourself about what the hell you’re dealing with, don’t go there. Warmbier was a complete fool for even getting on an airplane to that country, let alone doing it on an American passport. His parents enabling him to do that? The fact that they got back a vegetable doesn’t particularly surprise me, but that they expected something else? That’s just… Special.


    Thing that irritates me most about this kind of stupidity is that these people are completely oblivious to the kinds of risks American soldiers have been dealing with for literal decades on that peninsula, and they’re like “Oh, North Korea? That’s like going to Thailand…”. WTF? American troops and their Republic of Korea allies have been getting shot at and killed by North Korea on the regular since the so-called “peace talks” ended, and these people blithely conduct themselves as though none of that is at all pertinent to them…? The closest analogy I can come up with is that this is about like smearing yourself with raw hamburger, and then going for a walk through one of those wild game safari preserves where they keep large predators, and then getting outraged at the managers of the place because your stupid ass got mauled and eaten.

    Seriously–If I were the Warmbiers, I’d be embarrassed to even admit that was my kid who was stupid enough to go “on safari” in North Korea. On an American passport, no less… Just what the hell did they think the risks were?

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