The Desert Sun Podcast #011

This week I’m joined by another Mike, this one in Taiwan. We talk about life on that island, teaching English as a foreign language (again!), the importance of professional translations, Taiwanese politics, and – most importantly – reservoirs.

You can listen to it on iTunes here, Player FM here, download it here, or listen on the blog by clicking the link below:

The video of the landslide we talk about can be found here (pay attention to the top centre of the screen for the first few seconds).

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4 thoughts on “The Desert Sun Podcast #011

  1. I’ve been to Taiwan several times, taught there (how to do my job, not specifically English), going back this year to do the same. Oh, and I used to be a professional translator. This should be up my street.

    But I don’t have 2.5 hours to spare.

    Oh the student life…

  2. But I don’t have 2.5 hours to spare.

    I listen in the gym, while cooking, or on my daily 2.5 hour commute.

    Oh the student life…

    I’m actually very time poor these days, but the blog is too valuable to give up.

  3. Good choice getting Mike Fagan in your podcast, one of the few good voices able to give perspective on what is happening in Taiwan.
    Taiwan and Hong Kong are the two main canaries in the coalmine of a zone where US and other democracies (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea) are trying to counter an aggressive and expansionist communist China. While Hong Kong is, i am afraid, a lost hope, Taiwan has still a lot of potential in containing the communists, providing they get the support they deserve rather than be treated as the bastard sons of China.

  4. As I’ve applied for a couple of jobs there I’ll definitely have to find time to listen to this one!

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