Enough is enough

It’s not surprising people are turning to violence:

What began as protests over President Macron’s fuel tax has transformed into general anger at high living costs.

Mr Macron says his fuel policies are needed to combat global warming.

So global warming is an existential threat, is it? Okay, but:

France is heavily dependent on nuclear power, which Mr Macron pledged to reduce to 50% of the national energy mix by 2035 by closing 14 of the country’s 58 reactors.

If global warming is really going to kill us all within decades, the problem of nuclear waste disposal and fear of accidents would seem rather small indeed. That politicians are closing nuclear power stations is proof that even they don’t believe global warming is an existential threat, or even a serious one.

That is on top of the closure of all four of France’s remaining coal-fired power plants and investment of billions of euros into renewable energy.

And that’s what this is all about: elites in government making life more expensive for the ordinary citizen so they can virtue-signal to other elites and the wealthy, middle-class idiots who support them. Like I said, no wonder people are turning violent. I’m amazed it’s taken this long.

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31 thoughts on “Enough is enough

  1. Instapundit has this covered by his refrain: I will believe it is a crisis when those who say it is a crisis behave accordingly.

    If* we accept that anthropogenic global warming is real and potentially catastrophic, then it is possible to identify what level of CO2 reduction is required and the least cost means of achieving that reduction.

    Instead in the EU we accelerate the closure of existing nuclear stations (whose CO2 emissions are already sunk), destroy the value of efficient baseload gas generation stations and allow Government to try to pick winners in emerging renewable electricity generation, rather than having market signals via CO2 pricing.

    *If. I don’t have any scientific training to form an objective view on the “science”.

  2. The market thinks there’s a healthy future for nuclear energy. Uranium and miners bottomed a while ago. Those electric cars will need to get charged somehow, and currently a Telsa is simply a coal-fired car, albeit with better trim than Stephenson’s Rocket.

  3. Don’t forget the fuel protests in the UK in 2000 – they really had Tony Blair and crew on the run for while.

  4. Jim

    I remember being at Party Conference at the time. The greens and enviros ran for cover and I don’t think the Blairites or the Brownites ever forgot or ever forgave them – urging on a policy (fuel tax rises) and then running away from the public fall out. I didn’t like or trust Osborne, but notice how often the Tories have NOT escalated fuel tax at Budget time.

  5. When it comes to Global Warming the opinion is settled. 95% of the computer models prove that the actual recorded data is wrong.

    In other words, of the computer predictions, NONE of them have worked out in reality . Take a look at this blog posting and the graph of predictions vs. actual :


    Similarly, I plotted my height and weight for the first 6 months of my life, input the data into a computer model and predicted the results. It’s a computer model so it has to be right, right?

    By now I should be 273 feet tall and weigh in the region of 953 tons. Any minute now …

    IF (and it is a VERY BIG “IF”) climate change/global warming etc. was a problem then you need to ban everything that contributes to it, not tax the bejezus out of it in the same way that you don’t simply tax murder to prevent it. Though nowadays, I’m not so sure about murder …

  6. The first major protests that were terribly inconvenient for Tim’s car trip were good, last weekends riots looked pretty serious and I thought to myself maybe, just maybe, we are witnessing the start or the war against AGW, the uprising continues to gather strength, something is going down.

    Have we reached the point of peak bullshit and this is the people rising and saying no, I hope so but its a bit early to know.

    I always though that nancy boy Maricon had the potential for being a fall guy and that the elite may turn on him and throw him under the bus post election. Remember the scandalous “rumours” that were leaked on his election night but too late to affect the vote, was that the start of a set up or at least a warning to him that one step out of line and its off with your head.

    I am not one for coincidences or random events at the highest political levels and believe that the majority of major events unfold in accordance with scripts that were prepared in advance. Was Maricon’s destiny always to be sacrificed at the altar of the big plan and is he the fall guy that was set up for slaughter, did they know in advance that Trump would ditch the Paris Agreement and are they now orchestrating these protests from behind the scenes.

    I would prefer to think that we have simply reached the point of Peak Bullshit and that the French have stood up and said Non.

  7. “IF (and it is a VERY BIG “IF”) climate change/global warming etc. was a problem then you need to ban everything that contributes to it”

    Have they made the link between nuclear energy and AGW, or is that a Hockey Stick too far?

    The early conspiracies when I were a lad were that AGW was put around in Thatchers era to usher in the nuclear age.

  8. Think of our elites as the Cardinals, arch bishops, bishops, monsignors and ordinary clergy of a church that believes in sumptuary laws for the peasantry.

    They don’t believe one damn word of their supposed religion, but they do love lording it over said peasantry.

  9. @Bardon

    Thankfully Mrs Thatcher had the strength to say “I was wrong and hoodwikned” on Global Warming same as she earlier did with her previous support of EU/EEC.

    Today’s politicians lack strength and honesty.

    Brexit Turncoat News

    Fox roasted on Sky News yesterday for betraying Leave voters

    Penny Mordaunt Backs May, Slams ‘Unhelpful’ Mogg

    Michael Gove Support Theresa May’s deal

    Remoaner Wollaston: “Leave lied, we must share our fish.” – No, you lie, May has effectively given them away for nothing, CAP Rules too most likely – UK not allowed to compete.

    May has also agreed EU will dictate UK Foreign policy – UN Security Seat too?

    Free movement – no it’s not stopped, simply reclassified similar to UN Global Migrant Compact: Illegal Immigrant Irregular Migrant.

  10. Phil B,

    “IF (and it is a VERY BIG “IF”) climate change/global warming etc. was a problem then you need to ban everything that contributes to it, not tax the bejezus out of it in the same way that you don’t simply tax murder to prevent it. Though nowadays, I’m not so sure about murder …”

    Bjorn Lomborg has crunched the numbers (and the greenies hate him but they don’t dispute his figures) on how much difference these various accords make and he reckons that what should happen on 1st Jan 2100 will happen a few hours later.

    The one big thing that’s flexible is transport. We could cut that down. But that’s only one chunk of the problem and the other parts are hard to change, that is heating, cooking and washing. Yeah, yeah, energy efficiency, but that’s tinkering at the edges.

    If climate change is real, the first thing is that you’d have to drastically change the child benefit system to discourage breeding. That’s the only serious way to address it – far less families have more than 2 children. Over a number of generations, you reduce the population.

  11. “change the child benefit system to discourage breeding”

    Brendan O’Neill from the UK Spikedonline made a guest appearance on today’s weekly Outsider show down under for the prime discussions on the death of our education system. His visit to Australia is timely given the motion in parliament that is to be shortly heard by our lawmakers making heterosexual anything in schools tantamount to hate speech.

    Anyhow as a distinguished guest he got to pick this week’s Hyperbowl Award and promised to take this award system back to the UK, the four nominees were:

    Young schoolgirl leader just about to board the climate action (steam) train from Castlemaine to Melbourne to attend the schools for climate action agitation that is currently going on down here. She said that we need to so something “because we have only 10 or 12 years left”, Piers Akerman quite rightly pointed out that if that was the case then they may as well skip school head down the beach and party!

    Then the vociferous school children against the new Adani Coal Mine protest (low grade brown coal from the middle of nowhere to be exclusively supplied to Adani for Indian power generation) that was eventually and after much hue and cry announced as on last week, crying we would rather die now than have electricity in the future. Not sure it the average child in a Bombay slum would agree with that mind you.

    The suicide and public disembowelment of the Liberal Party with Kelly O’Brien their female Federal Member claiming that her party were a bunch of misogynistic, homophobic, climate change deniers!

    Last up was this tweet from the Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens about what was nothing less than the current Minsters murderous decision on the new Adani Coal Mine:

    “As Australia’s climate breaks down before our eyes, driven by the pollution from fossil fuels and threatening lives, LNP Minister applauds a new coal mega-mine from a multinational he calls a ‘little Aussie battler’.

    Matt Canavan, you are a danger to human life.”


    Brendan chose the Greens tweet for this weeks Hyperbowl Award.

  12. Correction should have said Kelly O’Dwyer above and not O’Brien.

    Kelly Megan O’Dwyer is an Australian politician and Cabinet Minister. She is the Minister for Jobs and Industrial Relations and the Minister for Women.

  13. “change the child benefit system to discourage breeding”

    Isn’t it time those who won’t breed and don’t breed be forced to shut up about the future of the earth, given their mottled and poxed genes won’t be there?

    Indeed, why can’t there be an always open hunting season on those who want the human race to die off?

  14. “Isn’t it time those who won’t breed and don’t breed be forced to shut up about the future of the earth, given their mottled and poxed genes won’t be there?”

    You mean like the current leaders of Germany, France and The UK?

    What’s even more annoying is when people like Prince William give speeches lecturing us that we should have fewer children, while he’s sired 3 already. Revealed vs expressed preferences again….

  15. “You mean like the current leaders of Germany, France and The UK?”

    Or if it’s European leaders then include Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

  16. Oddly enough, in a far distant life, I worked for the Department of Stealth and Social Insecurity in the UK and learned about Child Benefit (or Family Allowance as it was then).

    It was introduced in France after World War 1 because they had lost so many men that they needed to encourage people to have kids to become more cannon fodder for the next war. They were willing to subsidise this.

    The UK followed suit and introduced Family Allowance but only for the 2nd and subsequent children. I love the idiots that demand that the Government should increase the allowance and pay for people (nowadays, any female of breeding age – and some past breeding age too) to pop out the next batch of cannon fodder. Surely 100 years after the end of WW1, the numbers have been made up?

    It still has a baleful legacy in that if the Government pay you for a child, that child belongs to the Government. Clearly they haven’t heard that there is no such thing as free lunch.

    However, it would be political suicide for any Party to withdraw this “entitlement” and stop all payments to single mothers who have never married, who use the children as a source of income and a stick to beat the Government with … think of the children!!! Shock!!! Horror!!!

    Short of full blown economic collapse (like the 1930’s America) I can’t see anyone tackling the benefits culture and financial dependency.

  17. @Bloke

    “If climate change is real, the first thing is that you’d have to drastically change the child benefit system to discourage breeding. That’s the only serious way to address it – far less families have more than 2 children. Over a number of generations, you reduce the population.”

    That’s only going to work if you enforce it in Somalia and Gabon as effectively as in Aberdeen and Cardiff. Otherwise you’ll just get uncontrolled immigration – which is what, in fact, we are seeing now.

  18. The stupid thing is that even by their own figures, what they’re positing everyone should do at massive cost… won’t do what they say it will but will reduce living standards and keep poor people poorer.

    The only logical conclusion from their own figures is to spend money on adaptation and in making the 3rd world prosperous rather than throwing it at futile projects that will suspiciously provide cushy sinecures and rosy glows for People Like Them, but that’s not the conclusion they’ve drawn.

    Which draws us back to the religious aspect and the cushy sinecures…

  19. “won’t do what they say it will”

    A cursory look at energy demand and annual growth in energy demand shows that anyone who says that we need to reduce carbon dioxide emission by replacing the with renewable energy cannot do basic math. You cannot replace annual growth alone with renewables, never mind the whole fucking lot of it, unless you turned the whole world’s surface into solar and wind farms.

    So when Maricon turns around and says that he also wants to get rid of nuclear energy (tiny CO2 emission) as well in the quest towards 100% renewables he is either certifiably insane or up to no good.

    There is be no credible forecast that can show how renewables could replace hydrocarbons and it gets worse if you take nuclear power generation out of the supply side as well. That is why they are building so many coal fired power stations around the place.

  20. I don’t think we’ve yet reached peak BS but we’re getting there. Our self styled betters concentrate on signalling their supposed virtue to each other and damn the practicalities.
    This is starting to be challenged.

  21. Normally I consider the French an unruly lot that kick off at the drop of a hat BUT just for once I wish we were more like them. We seem to take unlimited amounts of B*****t from our Governments and do next to nothing about it. In regards to Political correctness, Post Modernist insanity, Climate Change skulduggery, mass immigration and all that goes with it and Brexit we meekly grumble but never threaten the bar stewards/Globalists that are destroying our country by turning it into a Cultural Marxists dream. The sad thing is we could bring them down at the ballot box, the only real threat they fear, but the electorate are too timid.

  22. To give Emmanuel some credit, his approval ratings are in poo territory at least partly because of attempts to rein in the extravagant French social security safety net.

    GW, with or without the C and the A, could very well turn out to be a problem in future. Right now Earth appears to be in a Goldilocks Zone and maximum temperatures are tolerable. If the planet warms another 1.5°C that will happen as 0.5°C at the equator (no big deal) and 2.5°C at the poles (could be a very big deal). You don’t have to be a scientist or mathematician to know that the General Circulation Models are a crock. However their potential usefulness lies in that to create all the fancy dials and switches on the outside of the box (two puns there) like a 1970’s stereo amplifier, they had to learn quite a lot about climatology. Thus they have indeed made a contribution to climate science, even if those models are completely wrong. (Remember that SOME models are useful, not ALL).

    The good part of the latest scam is that a schism has appeared between good alarmists and bad alarmists. The most recent IPCC Assessment Report, AR5, toned down the hysteria and predicted warming pretty much in line with what sceptics forecast. This is a sign that the good scientists in the IPCC are winning. The American National Climate Assessment is the bad scientists who have doubled down on the bet. They say we’re all going to roast like chickens, if we don’t all drown in rising seas first. This is explicitly against all the forecast scenarios from AR5. We climate sceptics are patiently waiting for the MSM to reveal that NCA2018 is heretical i.e. contradicts the IPCC Bible, but nobody can hold their breath that long. The upshot is that the GW movement, with or without the C and the A, have revealed themselves to be reality-free, operating on Drew Carey principles where everything’s made up and the facts don’t matter.

  23. @Colin – “The sad thing is we could bring them down at the ballot box, the only real threat they fear”

    I fear that you are wrong and think that they love the illusion that we think that democracy as a political systems works fro us and not them.

  24. As Nick Drew likes to say over at C@W – civilisation is energy intensive. Make it more expensive and people notice almost immediately. See also “fuel poverty” demonstrations.

    I also think that the general population are starting to realise that the climate change debate has been captured by malign actors, who used to be known as watermelons, for their own ends. There’s an excellent BBC Analysis* programme from 2010 when they interview a woman who’d organised a conference on AGW. She told the audience that she had a magic wand and if she waved it the laws of physics would be suspended and CO2 would no longer cause climate warming and that people could continue as they were buying bigger cars etc. She then asked how many thought she should wave it and only 2/200 put their hand up. Her conclusion was that the rest were using the debate for political ends to change people and she was angry.

    (it starts at 2 minutes if you want to listen)

  25. @ Bardon I was just quoting something Lord Pearson said which was you can sign petitions or protest march all you like but the only thing they (that mob in the HoC) fear is being voted out of office.

  26. Since the climate has been changing continually for four and a half billion years, I’d be more concerned if it stopped changing.

  27. Tim,

    A rich seam for comments.

    I’ve never believed that the elites have my interest – or anyone else’s – at heart and I now increasingly view them as malevolent. I suspect they want to impoverish the masses – and denying them access to cheap, reliable energy is an excellent way of achieving that. Their motives are twofold. Firstly, Fred Z is onto something with his talk of sumptuary laws: what’s the point of the elites having something, when the plebs have it too? Secondly – and perhaps more crucially – nowadays poor people tend to look first and foremost to the state for assistance. Some of the world’s poorest and most blighted cities have been left-wind feifdoms for decades, despite the left having utterly failed to do anything to alleviate the poverty of those people.

  28. @Bloke on M4 on December 2, 2018 at 12:55 am

    If climate change Man-Made Global Warming is real, the first thing is that you’d have to drastically change the child benefit system to discourage breeding.

    FTFY – don’t bow to word police, AGW ≠ climate change

    Faster and better solution:

    Plastic bag over head of everyone who believes human caused CO2 emissions will kill the world.

  29. I barely made it home last night through the new deep snow. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 15 degrees F.

    Where I live, we’re all praying for global warming.

  30. @bobby b – You’ve heard of “Warm Globally, Freeze Locally”? Just because you are freezing to death doesn’t mean that in 5 minutes time you’ll bake to death because … reasons. >};o)

  31. A fairly good summary of what is going on down under with the anti-coal brigade and their recent effort to stop the Adani mine. They basically stopped anyone financing it, including Australian banks, now Adani will self fund a massively reduced project.

    A very accurate account of the Great Barrier Reef as well, for those interested.


    In defence of coal

    Australia’s green zealots are making life harder for the world’s poor.

    …..”Law-fare and corporate activism became their chosen methods. With a campaign strategy that would make Coca-Cola envious and the help of international single-issue campaigners like Avaaz, they turned the fight to stop the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland into a global crusade.

    ‘They’re trying to put a toxic coal complex in the heart of the magical Great Barrier Reef — it’s a crazy plan, but we’ve got a chance to stop it’, read an email that spread across the world.

    ‘This is a do-or-die moment for the reef-wrecking coal mine… Let’s stop the reef-killing deal.’

    For the record, the Adani mine is 260 miles inland and the reef, at its closest, is 10 miles offshore. To claim it is ‘in the heart of the magical Great Barrier Reef’ is like saying Oxford is at the heart of Lake Windermere.

    Yet the campaign has been ruthlessly successful. Adani’s plans to use the blessed reserves of central Queensland to fuel prosperity in India have been delayed, and might never go ahead.

    History is unlikely to be kind to the decarbonisation movement. Coercive attempts to stop the use of fossil fuels are delivering the same perverse economic consequences as the attempts to close down American saloon bars in the 1920s.”……………..


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