He giveth, but cannot taketh

Thin-skinned cricket cheat David Warner is back in the news again:

Former Australia vice-captain David Warner walked off the field in protest while batting in a grade cricket match, in what Cricket Australia has described as a “sledging incident”.

The batsman was playing for club side Randwick-Petersham and decided to leave the field when he was unbeaten on 35.

Opponents Western Suburbs allowed him to return and he went on to score 157.

What’s interesting is who the spat was with:

Cricket Australia says it understands the player involved was Jason Hughes, brother of former Australia Test player Phillip Hughes, but has not given any details of the sledging, other that it turned “personal” and “nasty”.

In the immediate aftermath of Hughes’ death, Warner was seen as one of his closest friends and, along with Michael Clarke, architect of what became Australia’s Diana moment. It would be interesting to see whether this latest incident is just some on-field stuff or whether there’s a bit more to it.

Now last time Warner was on the back foot he hid behind his wife, and here she is again taking up the cudgels on his behalf:

Candice Warner would not reveal the nature of the remarks allegedly made by Jason Hughes, the brother of the late Phillip Hughes, but said they had crossed the line from sledging to abuse.

Ah yes, the infamous line, which only Australian players are qualified to see.

Warner is known in the international arena as one of the biggest sledgers in the game but Candice Warner defended her husband’s reaction.

“Everyone has their own opinion but I think there’s a difference between sledging and abuse,” she said.

Yes, the difference being when high-profile Australians do it it’s sledging, for everyone else it’s abuse.

“I’m not going to go into what was said yesterday but yesterday went too far.”

But it’s all part of the game, innit? He should learn to tuffen up, hey?

“It was hurtful, it was very hurtful.

Bless. I hope Jonathan Trott was at the ground.


11 thoughts on “He giveth, but cannot taketh

  1. Cannot *stand* this guy, his wife, or their special pleading. You earn a fortune, just harden up. And don’t open doors you don’t want to walk through..
    Commentators here in Australia state that our refugee/offshore detention policies are making us pariahs to the rest of the world. Pretty sure more reputational damage is done by the flotilla of bitches that is the cricket team.

  2. Okay so he’s a potty-mouthed cheat, but still a legendary batsman. I watch cricket to see skills like his.

  3. Pcar, that’s amazing. Obviously it will get slagged off by the usual subjects.

  4. Um, sledger???

    “Sledging” is the practice of verbally abusing the batsman of an opposing team to try to put him off his game.

  5. Guy I knew was ‘sledged’ at a game when he went in as last batsman, needing to bat out three overs or so to save his team from defeat.

    The opposing players sang ‘Pressure’ by David Bowie and the lad could hardly bat for laughing.

    I can’t recall if he did save the day, but he did enjoy the singing.

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