Weakness Exposed

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Kimberly-Clark and asked:

How long do you reckon it has left under its current management?

Let’s ask that question again in light of this story:

Kleenex is scrapping “Mansize” branding from its tissue boxes after 60 years on the shelves as consumers called it out for being sexist.

The company said the tissues would now be called “Extra Large”.

One customer questioned the firm after her four-year-old son asked if “girls, boys and mummies” can use them.

60 years of branding in the bin because of a single Twitter user who was supposedly parroting her four year old. It’s not looking good for them, is it?


11 thoughts on “Weakness Exposed

  1. I’ve written about this sort of thing before on my blog. The “single tweet that changed a company’s policy” that you see so much of these days is bollocks.

    Basically, you get a company that gets infested by activist SJWs who get themselves into positions of power — not necessarily the top positions, but positions where they can wield influence over this sort of thing — and they decide that something sexist or whatever needs to be changed, and they get all their ducks in a row ready for the right moment. They just have to wait for the right tweet to come along, which won’t take long with there being an army of feminist leftist Twitter trolls out there. Or they get someone they know to tweet it (or, write a letter, but that’s rather old-fashioned these days). Most tweets involving something a child supposedly said are made up anyway.

    Then they pounce, and before the ordinary workers at the company can do anything the change has been made, and another woke victory has been achieved, and some tame journalist can be found to write a “single tweet that changed a company’s policy” story.

    But everyone here knows all this already, don’t they?

    Anyway, we all know what Mansize tissues are really used for, don’t we? There’s a reason the name has ‘Man’ in it.

  2. “One customer questioned the firm after her four-year-old son asked if “girls, boys and mummies” can use them.”

    You see these people saying these things happened and you have to wonder why do they think anyone would believe that a 4 year old – WHO CAN’T READ (oh, but of course my child is *special*) – would have read that, made the connection between ‘man’ and ‘not-man’ and asked if ‘boys, girls and mummies’ could use them.

    Its a straight-up lie and it doesn’t have the slightest attempt at disguising it.

  3. In my early youth, Anton Rupert had just invented the King Size cigarette. I remember looking at one and thinking that Kings must be very small people. Coca-Cola called their large bottle Family Size. I utterly failed to see the connection.

    When women need a REAL handkerchief they inevitably steal one from the nearest (dare I say it) man. A man-size handkerchief can absorb more lachrymal and rhinitic (is there such a word) fluids.

  4. See also Waitrose cowering because that fat bird Khan made ‘Nighttime Czar’ critiscused the use of the word ‘Gentleman’ in a sandwich…

  5. @Agammamon. I could read when I was four, my brother could read when he was three. I refuse to believe children have got stupider in the last 60 odd years. Even if in this case the child has been indoctrinated, that’s not really his fault, is it? 😉

    Kleenex should have emulated the Yorkie chocolate bar and advertised man sized tissues as not for girls.

  6. Some of the responses to her tweet were funny.

    “Hi @ManCityCouncil . My 4yo son asked me about this place. Then he asked, why is that place called Manchester? Can girls, boys & mummies live there? I said: I don’t know & yes of course. He suggests you should call the city “Verylargechester”. It is 2018”

    “Why do you all look the same? Everyone of you moaning fuckers wears a cable knit jumper & has a wispy scarecrow bob. Get fingered!”

  7. As a woman, I demand to be treated fairly. The hidden sexism in the implication that women overall have smaller noses (and subsequently smaller nasal passages), heave out fewer boogers that require a small hand towel and blow their nose with less earthshaking ferocity, is truly offensive.

  8. When corporate piss is taken, boycott. I shall hereby forsake tissues man-or-other-size and issuing snot-rockets instead. Be cheaper at least.

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