Delay, delay, delay

From the BBC:

Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer says her client will not appear on Monday, as senators proposed, but might do so next week on “terms that are fair”.

Ford has been asked to testify on Monday and given the choice of a public or private hearing, either in Washington, DC or California where she lives. She will not have to be in the same room as Kavanaugh. Is this unfair? Hardly.

Yesterday her lawyer – who doubles as a Democrat political activist – said she would not attend the hearing. Now she’s saying she can, but later. At this point, they might as well come out and say she’ll testify only at a time when it will be too late to confirm Kavanaugh before the mid-terms, after which they’ll be no need anyway.

And this raises a good point:

If the Republicans do anything other than hear Kavanaugh’s testimony on Monday and proceed with the task of confirming him, they’ll get wiped out in the mid-terms and deservedly so.

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24 thoughts on “Delay, delay, delay

  1. This is just getting insane. And the worse thing is Twitter lefties going nutzo about it. I, for one, can’t wait for them to go back to not giving a damn about actual, provable sexual assault when it’s one of theirs on the receiving end. See: the tumbleweed regarding Keith Ellison and others.

    Plus, the shiny new feminist take that they don’t care if the odd innocent man has his life destroyed cos it’ll encourager les autres… Chilling, unthinkingly-Trotskyist-reasoning.

    But seriously, what can of worms do they think they’re opening with this nonsense?

  2. Quoted here:

    If Kavanaugh truly has the integrity mentioned by those who support him, then he should be just as courageous as Christine and stop trying to dodge the accusations, admit his actions from so long ago, speak from the heart, and apologize. By doing this, he would be giving the next generation and our kids/teenagers a huge lesson in humility, dignity and humanity…

    My heart goes out to all involved who are now whether they like or not, facing their demons, which are never pretty nor easy to dialogue with, but they are necessary in order for us to accept that we are all flawed and ultimately, human.

    This is hugely chilling – a man should apparently accept blame and express contrition for something he didn’t do, because it’s politically convenient for you*.

    (*does not apply to Bill Clinton and events that actually happened, natch, only to republicans and events that didn’t.)

  3. Apparently, this is the list of (current) demands from Ford’s lawyers (source is Twitter so be careful. Claimed to be from NBC. ):

    -Hearing Thurs. earliest
    -Kavanaugh testifies first
    -Kavanaugh not in room when she is
    -no outside counsel for questioning
    -subpoena Mark Judge
    -no time limit on her opening stmt
    -pool camera only
    -movement plan for security

  4. Abacab–“unthinkingly-Trotskyist-reasoning”

    Unthinkingly–are you joking?

    Also Trump needs to make an example of this woman and ensure she and her handlers do time. Make it the one to break the left’s scam.

  5. The terms are “unfair” because they require her to tell the story under oath, making herself liable to perjury charges.
    She didn’t agree to that, she thought she was hired to tell an unattributable smear wiith no comeback. Fool.

    If she dilutes the story to avoid perjury, there’s nothing less, and the scale of the Democrat deception and illegal manipulation will be clear to all.

    There is now no good outcome for her Democrat sponsors….except…..

    Expect her to be suicided on Sunday night.

  6. The more I read about this, the more I think she was put up to the whole thing right from the start.

    The family feud against Kavanaugh’s judge parent, the crazy leftie professor, her massively Dem supporting lawyers, the involvement of the Clinton’s PR people who pushed the Anita Hill stuff….

    I reckon she was told all she had to do was to write a letter to Feinstein as an anonymous denunciation, and that would be the end of it – the DNC/Media axis would do its work, the Repubs would fold, job jobbed. But it ended up with Team Dem leaking the letter, revealing her identity, and now we’re into testifying under oath territory.

  7. Step 1: Find crazy Dem woman who could conceivably have come into contact with Kavenaugh at high school.
    Step 2: Get said crazy Dem woman to write a denunciation letter.
    Step 3: Profit…

  8. abacab,

    That family feud line has been debunked, but I can’t find the link.

    Anyway, I agree that she’s going to get thrown under a metaphorical bus as just another expendable foot soldier in the left’s causes.

    Whilst I think the Republicans played a good g@me to start with if they don’t quit trying to be gentlemen and playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules they’re going to fuck this up. They’re never going to beat the Twatterati so all they need to do is shrug and say we tried, reasonable people will agree, whether they like them and Kavanaugh or not and move on.

  9. Pure theater. She will agree to testify at the last minute. No idea what she will say, but she will burst into tears at a telegenically appropriate moment.

    Remember, you heard it here first.

  10. Yep, don’t even bother trying to reason with the Twitter crowd, they are completely insane. These are the same people who lockstep marched in support of Serena William’s appalling outburst. They are a different species to normal people.

    A sensible and clever Right would write them off as possible votes, and instead pinball their lunacy on the Democrats. God knows there is more than enough left-wing lunacy on Twitter to damn the Democrats twenty times over.

  11. Grassley’s letter and the utter obviousness of the timing and deliberate vagaries shows that even jelly spined R’s think they have political cover to plow through this nonsense. As Tim said, they see that their voters know this is a complete charade, so as dumb and incompetent as they are the instinct to protect their phoney baloney jobs will kick in.

  12. Delay, delay, delay

    Thought this would be about Brexit


    Whilst I think the Conservatives played an honourable game to start with if they don’t quit trying to be gentlemen and playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules they’re going to fuck this up. They’re never going to beat the Twatterati so all they need to do is shrug and say we tried, reasonable people will agree, whether they like them and Brexit or not and move on.

    FTFY 😉

    Our EU “Friends”

    Macron: Politicians who have been positive about Brexit are “liars” and other nations* should not consider leaving the European Union (EU) because they will suffer like the UK, Emmanuel Macron has said.

    Merkel: UK must suffer over Brexit deal

    Why would anyone want to pay to be in such a vindictive club?

    * Nations for how long? Regions is EU intent.

  13. Latest is that all the named witnesses have denied knowledge of such an incident, including the one who’s a long-term friend of hers.

    It’s looking more and more like she’s made an accusation against a man she’s probably never even met…

  14. The longer that Ford delays testifying and/or leaving her accusations unsubstantiated, the more that is emerging about her past and her behaviour. As a “for example” from the yearbooks that mysteriously were scrubbed from the internet, she bragged of having 54 sexual partners before college:

    For someone who has been cocked more times than Davy Crocketts rifle (or Elmer Fudds shotgun if you prefer) then to portray herself as a shy, innocent that was wickedly and cruelly taken advantage of by Kavanaugh is a bit disingenuous.

    She seems to be in the old crystal ball gazing too as she predicted that something would emerge that would damage kavanaugh:

    But wait! There is more. She is being funded by George Soros, apparently:

    Perhaps she WAS assaulted sometime, somewhere, by someone … a twitter page that said that another man that looked like Kavanaugh (now disappeared) claimed that he was at the party, Kavanaugh wasn’t but is now refusing to repeat the claim …

    As Alice said, Curiouser and curiouser.

    There is this, though :


  15. As I said over at Other Tim’s place, the fresh and even more improbable allegation is now so obviously a setup and a fix, and is getting deeply into satanic-child-abuse-ritual-style territory with recovered memories and all the rest of that.

    This is a complete circus and has no place in public life.

  16. Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley speak out in their first television interview since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford levied accusations that derailed Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. Judge Kavanaugh faces questions on Ford’s allegations and how this has impacted him, his family, and his…

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