McStork Happy Meal and SIM Card Combo

This story is amusing, and so very African:

A Polish charity has received a huge phone bill after it lost a GPS tracker that it had placed on the back of a stork, it’s reported.

According to official broadcaster Radio Poland , the environmental EcoLogic Group placed a tracker on the back of a white stork last year to track the bird’s migratory habits.

It travelled some 3,700 miles (6,000kms), and was traced to the Blue Nile Valley in eastern Sudan before the charity lost contact.

EcoLogic told the Super Express newspaper that somebody found the tracker in Sudan, removed the sim card and put it in their own phone, where they then racked up 20 hours’ worth of phone calls.

Radio Poland says that the organisation has received a phone bill of over 10,000 Polish zloty ($2,700; £2,064), which it will have to pay.

I strongly suspect the stork was cooked and eaten, too.

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3 thoughts on “McStork Happy Meal and SIM Card Combo

  1. The location of the BBQ is known to a few square yards. Go ask around.

  2. There really is one born a minute.
    A GPS tracker would use (most probably) the SMS service, to send periodic locations. Maybe it uses PS data (GPRS etc) but no real need, SMS would do, and with better roaming coverage.
    What a GPS tracker doesn’t use is Voice Telephony.
    So why didn’t the Polish team set a voice call bar on the phone subscription? Password protected, RTFM.
    Even the most superficial risk analysis would have prompted that. The user can do this, and the mobile operator supplying the SIM may have additional bars available also, relevant in such cases.
    In the UK, there are a great many smoke/fire alarms that can do SMS, and only SMS.
    It might also have been sensible to have bought a pre-pay SIM where the total outlay is fixed.
    An expensive lesson for them, but really, you have to laugh.

  3. What’s the betting that everyone in that part of Africa is now out hunting storks?

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