Nothing to see here, Australian edition

Well, it turns out I was completely wrong when I said yesterday’s incident in Melbourne would be forgotten by Christmas: it’s largely been forgotten already, disappearing from the front page of the BBC to be replaced by a story about kids dying in Yemen. At least it’s not the Rohingyas, anyway.

As BiG pointed out in the comments, before the ink was dry on my post the Australian authorities had declared it the work of a lone nutter and hence was not terrorist-related. The fact that the guy was an Afghan refugee, complained about worldwide “mistreatment of Muslims”, and was filmed in action by one of his co-religionists who was carrying a sack of knives doesn’t mean a damned thing, it seems. Because, as Streetwise Professor put it, lone lunatics are always accompanied by knife-wielding cameramen.

The authorities are taking the piss, secure in the knowledge the Australian population – like so many others – will just lie down and take it, with a good percentage actually siding with the men with the beards. But they’re not outright lying, it’s more of a lie by omission. I am quite sure the guys who carry out these vehicular attacks are mentally ill and are quite possibly loners. All societies have them, and Australia’s approach to nutters is to not to care for them or make them seek treatment (because that would be judgmental), but instead to clap them on the back and encourage them to roam the streets panhandling and yelling at passers-by. The irony is that most of Melbourne’s head cases congregate around Flinder’s Street Station where the attack took place, so there is an outside chance our Afghan friend has spotted a mate from way back in the funny-farm and just wanted to say hello.

The problem is, mentally-ill Muslims don’t just hang around stations yelling at people; instead they can tap into a large and well-funded network brimming with anti-western sentiment which will welcome them with open arms. There are supposedly moderate mosques and preachers all over the world who will happily embrace lone nutters and, instead of helping them, turn them into jihadists carrying out amateurish but deadly attacks on western targets safe in the knowledge they have no links to an actual terrorist network and the authorities will play along. By refusing to acknowledge the obvious and dangerous link between mentally-ill Muslim men and organised Islamic terror, western governments have entered into a quite astonishing collaborative agreement with terrorist organisations. Then again, given both see the ordinary native populations as representing the greatest threat to their ambitions, this is perhaps less surprising that you’d think.

But their culpability doesn’t stop there. One day I fervently hope that western politicians and their lackeys are held accountable for their considerable role in perpetuating among Muslims this perception they are being mistreated everywhere, and that westerners are to blame. From the hand-wringing over non-existent Islamophobia to the gleeful reporting of the Muslim world’s reaction to Trump moving an embassy, the western media and many, many governments are as much to blame for filling this idiot’s head full of angry feelings of victimhood as any radical preacher. Once again, it is a collaborative effort.

The good news is that I think fewer and fewer people are buying this crap, and compared to five years ago, more of the population are openly mocking the pathetic, craven, and self-serving response of the authorities to Islamic terror attacks. This is a small but important step along the road to doing something about it. When that time comes, I hope little distinction is found between the terrorists and those in power who currently help them.

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4 thoughts on “Nothing to see here, Australian edition

  1. This inference that he was a crazed up dude on crystal meth is a new dynamic of cuntishness as far as I can see. Coincidentally, there is a lot of discussion about the scourge of ice going on at the moment, Adelaide was named as the biggest consumer based on sewer testing recently and we all see evidence of it everywhere. Do you think that the prophet would approve of the Kamikaze now being drugged up. The only saving grace here is that he is alive, Peter Dutton is now on his case he is a genuine hard cunt, and is no apologist, he refused to attend Rudd’s sorry speech, I wouldn’t want him on my case, hopefully he will get to the bottom of it. And that cunt will get his inside, mark my words.

    One other coincidence is that Robert Doyle the mayor of Melbourne returned recently from a counter terrorism visit to the UK and was recommending that Melbourne adopt the UK’s Run, Hide and Tell approach, seriously he was. Then he stood down unexpectedly last week due to serious sexual misconduct allegations, this all occurred and was in the local papers when I was down there last week, staying in the Rialto one block away from that incident. Fucking weird alright.

  2. Tim your point about the central role of mental illness is very well made.

    And you are right about the rapidly diminishing tolerance of western populations to the manifest bollocks they are fed.

    It is a process akin to shifting the overton window, and it is squeaking and creaking in the right direction.

    There will almost certainly be an over-reaction and the towel heads and their sympathising idiots will likely come to regret it deeply.

  3. What really concerns me is the way that the police forces – or at least the senior officers and press spokespersons – around the world are on board with the whole denial thing. This is a really bad thing.

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