I’d rather watch Neighbours

The cringeworthiness of this recruitment video pushed out by the Australian Department of Finance is surpassed only by the hilarity of this blog post ripping it apart. My favourite line:

“I wouldn’t miss it. The last one was great,” she informs him with a level of sincerity usually reserved for hostage videos.

Whoever signed off on the original video needs to be taken outside and shot.

(H/T Adam)


8 thoughts on “I’d rather watch Neighbours

  1. Having had the misfortune of experiencing Australia’s public service here is how I think the ad should have run

    ” Quit the acting academy because you have figured out you have no personality or acting talent? Graduated instead at the Australian National University where you studied Accounting? Keen to attend interminable meetings on equal opportunity, gender neutrality or work health and safety? Want a career that involves commencing a myriad of ill-conceived projects that never go anywhere but instead just peter out after wasting millions without ever being held accountable? Then you are perfectly qualified. Have we got the career for YOU! Contact us at GodwhathaveIdonewithmylife.gov.au”

  2. Putting aside the obvious point about the type of personality which is attracted to such a godawful career as accounting, what on earth do these people think they will be doing in a decade’s time?

    SAP and Oracle, along with a myriad of smaller software companies, are rapidly automating swathes of the accountant’s tasks. What’s left can be done at a third of the cost by an equally-qualified accountant in India or The Philippines.

    How many actual accountants will an organisation need in ten year’s time? Maybe the CFO and half a dozen direct reports?

    Of course, government accountants are relatively safe due to the massive inefficiency of public sector spending and the fact that politicians who try to move “Aussie jobs” offshore are commuting career suicide.

  3. I have already posted my thoughts so forgive me for coming back for “seconds”.

    But does it not strike others (as it strikes me) that it speaks volumes about just how bad the Australian Public Sector must be, given that this advertisement was approved for release. Presumably the approval was on the basis that it is both a good and accurate representation of life as a Public Servant as well as an exciting enticement that will attract other people to join. If the culture in the PS is that this advert passes muster as something exciting that would be expected to create floods of people “enlisting” then it really explains without further explanation being required, why they are having to chase people to join.

    I imagine most people would agree upon watching the advert, that it confirms their worst fears and create a flood of people – running away from the Department.

  4. Govt vids down there seem to attract the worst elements. And you can’t switch them off. Try watching a football replay – they make you sit through 30 seconds of govt propaganda.

  5. Two points:

    1) The acting was so wooden that I was looking for the strings – but nowadays they don’t do puppetry like that so …

    2) If brand new graduates with zero experience of life, industry or work can revolutionise the way that a department works, then the existing denizens of the department must be brain dead, incompetent waste of a pair of underpants. But there again, it IS a government department …

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