Not the News but the Narrative

It wouldn’t be a day at the BBC without a front page article bashing Trump, would it? Their latest effort is entitled Will Trump’s Russia crisis be bigger than Watergate?

The answer, of course, is no. If you follow the link you find not a story about Trump’s alleged “crisis” but a story about former news anchor Dan Rather speculating with a desperate hopefulness that Flynn’s resignation is similar to Watergate.

Former CBS news anchor Dan Rather has compared the controversy over links between members of President Donald Trump’s team and Russia to the Watergate scandal.

This is what the British Broadcasting Corporation considers front page news.

Rather, who was for decades one of the best known and most trusted figures in US journalism, said in a Facebook post: “Watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now.”

What the BBC doesn’t tell us is that this “most trusted figure” saw his career come to an abrupt end when he was fired by CBS for pushing a false story about George W. Bush’s service record which was based on forged documents.

The post has been shared more than 88,000 times and has generated nearly 200,000 reactions.

Rather also promoted his post on Twitter, generating more than 13,000 retweets and 22,000 likes.

Because volume of shares and likes on Facebook and Twitter is an excellent basis for promoting news to the front page.

This is not a political story at all: it is a non-story regarding the reaction on social media to speculative comments made by a former news anchor with a history of false reporting. But hey, let’s run it anyway because The Narrative.


26 thoughts on “Not the News but the Narrative

  1. It’s mass hysteria.

    The Spanish press, run by unpaid interns it seems, pick up on the story as if it is a given and that Trump has sold his soul to the Russians.

    If it weren’t so overwhelming it would be laughable.

    I can only hope that eventually they aeither run out of steam or truly jump the shark to the point where the few decent lefties in the world say ‘Hold on a minute…’

  2. The BBC is not fit for purpose. It really is time it was shut down and anything valuable or interesting hived off to other outlets. For too long it has chased after feeble non-stories as you say, Mr Tim, purely for the narrative: I have, back in the days when I actually watched its dribbling news output (not any more*) have been amazed at how often for example Obama’s reaction to any world event was often the first ‘reaction’ broadcast by Biased Bullshit Communism. Like we cared what the devious man thought.

    Apparently years ago a BBC newsroom had a poster prominently displayed (which I am told shocked non-BBC visitors) declaring the then US president was ‘Bushitler.’ I expect there was never a ‘Obamahitler’ or even an ObaMao’ poster pasted up but I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a ‘HitlerTrump’ poster in place now. For an organisation that supposedly prides itself on fair-handed, honest and balanced reporting, they are neither fair or honest and definitely not balanced.

    Time to shut it down.

    *I admit I don’t follow Al-Beeb’s poisonous news programmes so I am grateful for all those who grimly plough through them to report the outrages. And that definitely includes the ridiculous Question Time show with its parade of unrepentant low-information lefties both on the panel and in the audience. Not for me, but praise to those who can stomach it all.

    One more point I may have made before, but I like to repeat (bore that I am) is that if you listen to the tone of BBC TV news rather than be seduced by the imagery you can almost detect the sneers for the ‘right’ (aka ordinary people properly worried about their future under socialist hegemony) in the presenters’ voices and the fawning approval for any unworkable and unappealing lefty idiocy.

    Incidentally the Beeb’s tinterwebz pages are as bad. I recall when the useless G. Brown was in charge and he had, again, screwed up the BBC online report never mentioned the crisis/disaster for the UK but instead ran with a picture of the man looking ‘statesmanlike’ under a strange headline along the lines of how the PM has vowed to try harder, or some such nonsense.

    Nicely skirted, Al-Beeb.

  3. If Trump hadn’t been elected they would be bleating even louder than they already are about how Brexit makes all of us in Britain racists. Be careful what you wish for – at least their Trump obsession partially distracts from their post-referendum coverage here.

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  5. I nearly wrote a strongly-worded email to the Sydney Morning Property Advertiser this morning to cancel my subscription as they had failed to achieve their daily KPI of at least 4 anti-Trump stories on the main web page.

    And then I remembered I’ve never knowingly paid anything to Fairfax and never will.

    A dying industry.

  6. I dunno, Charlie Suet, the deranged cries of “Waythisth!” from the chinless children of the Left have proved to be a good recruiting sergeant.

  7. “This is what the British Broadcasting Corporation considers front page news.”

    I know that feeling. Yesterday I opened the ‘Indy’ website and wondered if I’d been transported to SepticLand in my sleep…

  8. “Sydney Morning Property Advertiser”

    How you going TNA, you getting out on the boat much, just got back from a few days in old Sydney Towne. The joint is pumping alright, settled a big project on M5 for a final price that was 50% higher than our original award price this afternoon. This cycle is the big one and it has a good ten years to run, flying out this evening, two hours in traffic to airport, then electrical storm, stuck on Tarmac for 45mins, far too congested for my liking.

    Do you remember me telling you that Sydney rising was something to see?

    Hope you are playing the market with your super.

  9. “How you going TNA?”

    Busy, hence not blogging or twittering. Back in the finance industry, spreading my special brand of joy around there. All a bit 1990s in their maturity levels though, which actually makes my task even easier.

    How’s my Super doing? Kind of you to ask. All boats rise on a flood tide, eh?

    Sailed down the coast a few weeks ago, dodging whales. Fun!

  10. I think Scott Adams is spot on with this one, the media believe they are smart and in-tune with the world, and Trump is a moron and a monster who could never be President. The fact he won the election, in their minds, means he must have had help from the Russians. Any other answer challenges their self-belief in their intelligence and view of themselves.

    The result is a mental meltdown;

  11. Just checked; 4 anti-Trump articles on the SMH website today. KPI achieved.

    All’s well with the world. Settle down folks.

  12. @bardon

    A friend’s son in London has just bought and moved a peniche from the south of France to the Thames. Apparently, just by relocating it, the value has increased by 30%.

    There’s definitely a business opportunity to move boats between markets depending on the arbitrage between economies. Florida to Sydney, for example, or Greece to Poole.

  13. Yes maximising benefit through location value is something that I have participated in most of my adult life.

    I can see a year out with no taxable income in your horoscope.

  14. “I can see a year out with no taxable income in your horoscope”.

    2010 was the practice run; 7 months aboard. At the point we had been travelling for long enough to not be classed as residents for tax purposes in any country we drew the final dividends from our Ltd company. Keen students of taxation will know that the UK doesn’t (or didn’t, not sure if it’s changed) charge tax on dividends for non-UK residents. We may have lived off savings all the previous year too, just to maximise the benefit.

  15. Good for you I know that you don’t neglect the tax planning aspects of your lifestyle.

    You could also massively exploit the location arbitrage further if you done the boat from Florida to Sydney transaction. Take cocaine a commodity that it is relatively cheap in Florida compared with Australia where it fetches the highest price on earth. So just say you get about 10kg hermetically sealed and moulded to fit between the hull and frame.

    Outlay $170,000 US max and you would at least get $3mil at wholesale this end. I wouldn’t recommend selling it a retail.

  16. @bardon,

    Better still; sailing drones.

    $5,000 for a sailing dinghy (an ‘Optimist’, perhaps), motorise the sail adjustments linked to an old Android phone programmed appropriately, car battery and solar panel.

    Fill it with Bolivian Nose Talc, launch from a beach in South America with coordinates for an empty stretch of coast in Australia and wait a couple of months in hope.

  17. Interesting innovation there.

    For me personally I would kind of like to have the package on board and under my watch. Letting it out of site would not sit well with me but you being a master seaman well that does add another dynamic and maybe that is a better option for you.

  18. Yes, but the risk vs reward equation is better, don’t you think?

    There’s a chance the cargo and dinghy could be lost but that’s relatively cheap compared to your time spent crossing the ocean or eating Porridge at Her Maj’s pleasure.

    Anyway, meet me at Whale Beach in a couple of weeks’ time and we’ll see if the theory works or not.

  19. It may well be as the risk is very low.

    I was more working with the original concept and compounding the return on the for all intents and purposes typical boat arbitrage deal.

    Anyhow I was talking to some guy today at the Miami Boat Show and he says that they have a pretty good packaging service as well down there but it was best to talk to him about my specific needs when I get there.

    Anyhow I put an offer on this one and am heading out there for a boat inspection trip over the weekend.–2958699/Miami/FL/United-States#.WKq4EPl942w

  20. Easily offset with an increase in the payload, plus given her aluminum hull there is plenty more scope for concealment opportunity.

    Plus I was thinking that this is quite fitting for Captain TNA, Charlie and the rest of the crew and that you all deserve something like this with five cabins. It also looks good for customs when they see you homeschooling the kids on board during their random incoming check on return to Australian waters.

    Just think of the looks you would get parking it up in Botany.

  21. I’d love to see the Panama Canal bill for bringing that through!

    Take it ’round the Horn!

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