Appalling Treatment

Trump isn’t being fair to the media:

He eschewed precedent and barred the pool from flying with him on his plane when he went to Washington to meet with President Obama, and left our nation’s capital without alerting the press to his movements.

I can sympathise.  Last time I believed that, as a blogger, I was entitled to join a multi-millionaire on his private plane I got told to fuck off as well.

Something must be done.

(H/T Tim Worstall, who has more.)


7 thoughts on “Appalling Treatment

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever travelled in a private plane, unless you count flips around Blackpool Tower in a biplane.

  2. Reminds me of Corbyn as well. Another “maverick ” who has refused to play the press game.

    Bit of a mixed bag of how well it’s worked for him. For the faithful, as with Trumps, it’s played very well.

    But for the rest of the populace , it’s been a disaster for him.

    The difference being though Trump is a winner and Corbyn is a loser (to most of the electorate). So it might play out better for him at least in the short term

  3. Whatever Trump does will be criticised, so he may as well do just what he wants and allow the craven, Hillary-licking press (sorry, that’s a gross thought) to rant about what they want. But I can appreciate that a journalist being denied a free ride in someone else’s plane at the plane-owner’s expense is worthy of poisonous bile and vitriol of the highest order.

  4. Horror of horrors, the press may have to remember how to do their jobs rather than just transcribe/paraphrase gov’t press statements

  5. @dearieme

    When you do the first thought is for your personal safety, although maybe a billionaires planes are safer.

  6. He could win the heart of the press by giving them a big story to cover. Frinstance, the trial of Hillary Criminal.

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