Begging Questions at the House of Lords

For some reason the House of Lords has decided to include me in the distribution of their media notices, so every few days I get a heads-up on what they’ll be discussing.  The one I received yesterday was entitled:


and the session will be as follows:

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee will continue its short inquiry on environment and climate change policy after Brexit on Wednesday 16 November. The Committee will hear evidence from Ministers Thérèse Coffey MP and Jesse Norman MP.

The session will explore what action the Government intends to take to maintain current levels of environmental protection and climate action. The Committee will also examine what oversight and enforcement mechanisms the Government expects to apply to environmental legislation, and the means by which the Government will engage with the EU on environment and climate change issues in the future.

What made me chuckle  was this:

The Committee is likely to ask:

How does the UK intend to maintain its role as a global leader on climate change?

It’s often you find a sentence begging two questions instead of one, but the House of Lords has managed it.

Firstly, the assumption that the UK is a “global leader” on climate change.  I think that can be explained here.

Secondly, who says the UK intends to maintain any such role?

Can anyone tell me, is this what the House of Lords is supposed to be doing?  Grilling MPs over how they will tackle climate change post-Brexit?  I’m fairly certain this wasn’t in the original job description, was it?

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6 thoughts on “Begging Questions at the House of Lords

  1. Ah yes, global leadership. I remember the Blair telling us as the year 2000 approached that “the world was looking to Britain” for the greatest show of celebrations at this momentous time.

    Really, strange man called Tony, was that true? If so, he must have been called on the number 10 hotline by all the world’s leaders who pleaded: “Hey, make it the best ever. We are counting on you because we haven’t a clue here how fireworks actually work.”

    In other words, I think I am big and important so everyone else will too.

  2. Watcher,

    The thing I’ve never bothered to find out is if all countries do this. I know Australia and Norway – which have two of the most sanctimonious, self-righteous governments ever assembled – do. They are forever bringing in dingbat legislation to “set an example” to the savages or so they will be “taken seriously” among the global “progressives”.

  3. “Can anyone tell me, is this what the House of Lords is supposed to be doing?”

    I read something a few years ago about reforming the House of Lords which mounted a pretty good case for maintaining the status quo, alas I forget what it was. So I will just stick to my off the cuff view of this unaccountable, unelected, hereditary rabble that represent the worst aspects of the pommy political system. Cronyism and nepotism are the foundation of this biased class system. I will say that they will not only put a spanner in Brexit they will aslo cling on to their chronically corrupt and reactionary view on global warming.

    That’s all.

  4. I do wonder if the Chinese leadership will ever admit to sniggering quietly behind closed doors at these Western idiots who think that crippling their businesses so that the Chinese ones can do better is a good idea?

    If a climate change mitigation measure does not reduce the overall output of fossil carbon into the carbon cycle as measured as a drop in world fossil carbon emissions, then it is not a useful climate mitigation measure. Thus utterly buggering business here in Britain so the same manufacturing processes are exported to China, and use less energy-efficient systems over there, is not assisting in climate change, but is in fact worsening the problem.

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