Minds Not Made Up

Sometime Russia appears destined never to change from the bureaucratic chaos of the Soviet times.

Towards the end of 2006, we learned this:

The Sakhalin Unit of the Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that new border zone regulations will be implemented in Sakhalin as of January 1.

According to the new rules, all visitors and residents of the Sakhalin Region will be required to carry identification documents with them at all times. Russian citizens with registration in the Sakhalin Region are allowed to travel freely across the island. Foreigners and Russian citizens without registration in Sakhalin will have to apply for permits to enter areas outside Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Five months later, we learn this:

On May 25 the Sakhalin Frontier Guard Acting Head Mikhail Shevchenko held a press-conference to tell about changes in frontier area on Sakhalin.


There is no frontier zone on Sakhalin: it means that any Russian or foreign citizen (having corresponding documents) is allowed to move here without hindrance.

Russians like to change the rules willy-nilly.  It keeps anybody from knowing what the rules actually are on any given day. 


3 thoughts on “Minds Not Made Up

  1. You’ve been living abroad for a while now, Tim, otherwise you’d not suppose that such behaviour distinguished Russia from Ukia.

  2. What a true description! You put it so correctly. I live currently in Spb and it’s a nightmare to keep track with all the immigration law changes every week. I also got the impression that this way , they can always come up with an excuse either to kick you out or to MAKE YOU PAY MONEY! What surprises me is that the more I hear about making Visa regulations simpler for foreigners, the more complicated and mysterious they become!! : )
    With all these talks and Ads now about the Sochi Winter Games in Russia, I think Russian authorities should pay attention to their Visa regulations and foreigners’ registration more than anything else.

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