My wife has gone to St. Petersburg for two weeks to renew her passport and see her family and friends, leaving me on my own.

June and July are going to be busy times for all of us on Sakhalin, and a spell of sunshine and a change of scenery is in order, so tomorrow I am going to Singapore for a ten day holiday to see an old buddy of mine.

I might even write a blog post or two when I’m there.


6 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. Hello,
    I am really intrigued about why you called your blog after the film “Beloe Solntse..”, what you think of the film etc…
    I’m working on a radio documentary about the film and it would be great if you could get in touch!
    Best wishes and hoping to hear from you!

  2. So you’re going to Singapore? Last time I was there was 78′. Post some recent photos of “Boogie Street.” Also send us a photo of you drinking a “Singapore Sling” at Raffles Long Bar

  3. Hey Larry!

    I think Singapore might have changed a bit since you graced its streets in your lime-green, bell-bottomed leisure suit. Land reclamation has put the old seafront a mile or so from the water now. I’ll try to find Boogie Street though.

    Problem with Raffles Long Bar is that they don’t make the Singapore Sling there…they mix it ready made and bottle it somewhere abroad, and just have little bottles of it behind the bar which they sell for a fortune. To me, that is crap. If the barman can’t mix me one fresh, I don’t want to drink it.

  4. I’m late to this conversation but there is no boogie street as far as I know considering I’m a British expat living on Singapore island, married to a Singaporean and generally doing what I’m told.

    There is instead a Bugis Street where it is certainly different from ’78. Cor blimey but do not drink anything from the Long Bar. If the peanut shells littered across the floor is not enough to put you off I’m not sure what else will.

    Next time you’re here, head on to Penny Black at boat quay and join up with the liverpoolians. I might be there or not, depending on the wife’s mood.

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