From Russia with div

This morning I listened to the Joe Rogan podcast with Edward Snowden, the former NSA technician who blew the whistle on illegal US government mass surveillance programs.

According to Snowden, Barrack Obama really only wanted to do what’s best for the country but the Deep State convinced him to maintain these programs in the interests of national security. Trump, meanwhile, has harnessed the intelligence community to go after groups he doesn’t like, and as such is much more dangerous than anyone.

My guess is his lengthy exile in Russia has made him a little fond of the bathtub vodka. What other explanation is there for issuing dark warnings of the unaccountable power of rogue intelligence agencies but think they’ve been working on behalf of Trump? The man’s an idiot; I expect he was hoping Hillary would win, and then pardon him. She’d be more likely to pull the switch while he’s strapped in the chair.


5 thoughts on “From Russia with div

  1. I heard an entertaining conspiracy theory that alleged that Snowdon was working for the CIA, sent to infiltrate and discredit the patriotic NSA, who were threatening to uncover CIA drug running or some such.

  2. It’s remarkable just how twisted his view of the world is.

    He did the US a good service outing the antics at the NSA, yet then ascribes good motivations to Obama despite all evidence that Obama would happily hung him. Then believes Trump actually runs the CIA when all the evidence is that they are actively fighting him.

    You would think that the bile that Brennan and Clapper attack Trump with would give Snowden a moments pause as to who’s who, but he’s clearly not that aware.

    I always believed Manning got a pardon simply because he was just a mental health case who didn’t actually harm anyone important, only field people. Snowden did actual damage to agendas of powerful people, so was never going to be allow to prosper.

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