So my new job is keeping me fairly busy: I am in the process of writing a scope of work for a metals dissolving plant. I hadn’t the foggiest idea what one of those was until about the time I started writing it, but I’m a quick learner and it turns out it’s something to do with dissolving metal.

Unfortunately, this sudden demand I do some work is having a detrimental impact on my blogging. It’s not that I don’t have time to write posts at home, it’s that I don’t have time to surf the internet all day finding things to write about. Tomorrow I’m going up to Billingham for a couple of days, and Wednesday evening I expect I’ll be in the hotel without a whole lot to do, so maybe I can knock out a post then. The other problem is I have to dedicate a few hours a week to my dissertation. I’ve just spent all weekend working on it, thus missing the Battle of Britain re-enactment at Duxford just a few miles away. I’m managing to watch the important games of the rugby world cup, though.

So, if I’m not posting as regularly as I was, you’ll know why. Sorry about that, but there’s not a whole lot I can do. Apparently organisations outside the oil industry expect their employees to produce something occasionally. Who knew?


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  1. Apparently organisations outside the oil industry France expect their employees to produce something occasionally.

    Fixed it for you.

  2. Fixed it for you.

    I gotta say, the stereotype of the lazy French worker is a myth. Even in my old company people worked hard, just not smart. If they worked smart, they’d realise they’d not have to work at all. The French public sector workers are bone idle though.

    One of my colleagues in Paris went to St. Nazaire for a visit to the shipyards where they build the giant cruise ships. The construction schedule is about 3 years and they have a 2-week contingency before penalty charges kick in. When they need to be, the French are pretty impressive.

  3. If I get my motivation level high enough, I may clean the pool today in between picking stocks.

    I trust that you have now stopped serving yourself up microwaved Soylent Green meals in your room.

  4. I trust that you have now stopped serving yourself up microwaved Soylent Green meals in your room.

    Jeez, I ate one of them the night I arrived and that was it. We have a canteen at work so I don’t need to cook, hence I’m eating sandwiches, pasta, and the occasional Chinese takeaway. Serviced apartments aren’t made for cooking.

  5. I’m not volunteering, but you could publish a guest blogger occasionally. Add a button on your masthead touting for tip-offs. Re-blog. Scour the letters to the editor pages.

  6. I’ve got a metals dissolving plant I can let you have cheap, ready to go, relocatable.
    Does Li, Na Mg Fe, Al no problem.
    Pb, St, Hg, U needs special dispensation but doable.

  7. Not entirely convinced that I want to read about something you knocked out in a hotel room on a Wednesday night in Billingham after surfing the internet.

  8. It’s so inconsiderate – a blogger actually living his own life, instead of wasting it for our amusement!

    Good luck with the new job, Tim.

  9. I’d say Tim has provided us with enough free entertainment for a lifetime, so I’ll certainly not complain about the reduced posting rate.

  10. Sad that there are still Battle of Britain reenactments now that your Better Class of People are keeping your country under the control of a Continental alliance led by, gawd help you, Germany.

    In some ways it’s too bad that the Kaiser didn’t take over in 1914. It would have saved a lot of bloodshed and you’d now be just about where you are anyway.

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