One morning, in church…

Yesterday I attended my kid sister’s first communion in my Dad’s local Catholic church in Wapping.  I’m not into this kind of stuff, and I’m certainly not Catholic, but I went along for the occasion anyway.  One of the friends of the family who was there was a recently retired English teacher, who started teaching in rough-arse London schools sometime in the late 50s or early 60s.  He has obviously seen monumental changes in the education system throughout his career, and he is less than impressed by the current state of affairs.

It was therefore quite amusing to see Ruth Kelly, the former education minister, present in the church to take communion (she lives over the road from my Dad, and her kids go to school with my siblings).  I asked the retired teacher if he could think of anything to say to an education minister in the Labour government, and he said that he could think of many things, all of which would get him thrown out of church.

Made me laugh, that did.

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  1. secretdubai says:

    I’ve never understood the rationale behind depriving less advantaged children of the one meritocratic chance they had – grammar schools. I can only imagine it’s some weird inferiority complex on the part of a lot of teachers. After all, while I do have some incredibly bright friends who went into teaching, I know that as a rule a lot of teachers are B-grade people. I have met some really really dumb people who teach – people I can barely imagine scraping 5 C grades at GCSE. So I put it down to fear of pupils who are brighter than them, and no small amount of jealousy.

    It’s been proved time and time again that mixed ability classes don’t work out – they don’t average out, the average drags down. I was lucky – I went private – most of my teachers were Oxbridge and really, really clever. What it must be like for a bright little kiddy being taught by some absolute dumb fuck in a sinkhole school in a class of 90% statemented kids is just horrific.

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