Canoeing on the River Wye

I am currently staying with a friend in Hereford in the heart of the English countryside, and the weather could not be better.  Even at 9:00am the sun is noticeably warm and it stays like that until late evening, with it finally going dark around 10pm.  We have spent more than a few hours outside drinking wine and eating barbecue.

Yesterday we decided to go for a canoe trip along the river Wye.

River Wye

It was excellent fun.  There were two couples in a canoe each, plus a chap on his own in a kayak.  Occasionally the canoes would ground and the male of each canoe would chivalrously clamber out and push the damsel in distress to deeper waters.  On the first occasion I did this, I ended up in water up to my armpits, wearing clothes which were not exactly made for swimming (the decision to go canoeing was made after leaving the house). It was supposed to be a lesuirely paddle downriver, but we had only an hour and a half to cover the 5 miles to the end point, marked by a pub, and catch the England v Portugal match.  After much frantic paddling and a several amusing drenchings, we made it to the pub some fifteen minutes into the game and stood dripping all over the floor to watch it.  Having done so, I wish I’d taken the river more slowly.

We are travelling back to London this afternoon, and then tomorrow we will be leaving for St. Petersburg.  If all goes to plan, my next post should be from Russia.


3 thoughts on “Canoeing on the River Wye

  1. Canoes? I thought a man of your style would prefer a punt.

    Enjoy Russia.

  2. \o/\o/\o/

    Is this the website where I sign up for Ch4’s Big Brother?
    Why were you ‘eating barbecue’? Dont the hot coals burn your tongue or is this a new technique taught to you by the Russians?

    Do I win a prize?

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