Ban Stuff First, Engage Brain Later

In a case of economic idiocy which serves as a useful explanation as to why socialists never get taken seriously and remain forever frustrated that nobody is being persuaded by their arguments in significant numbers, Brownie from Harry’s Place suggests alleviating the UK housing shortage with this stroke of genius:

Ban the purchase of second (and second, and third, etc..) homes outright

Well, let’s consider this for more than the half-second Comrade Brownie has.  If the purchase of a second property is outlawed, who is supposed to provide the nation’s rental accommodation?  Or does each rented property come with a fully fitted landlord with whom you have to share the place?  Bad news for those in a studio, I guess.

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3 Responses to Ban Stuff First, Engage Brain Later

  1. Glah blah lgh sddfdsf says:

    There’s some bug-eyed gibberish in there about “social housing”, and the horrors of having to rent from “the private sector”. So I guess The State will provide the nation’s rental accomodation. And then nothing can go wrong. Because the State knows what’s best. The State, our gray sweet mother, loves you.

    Excuse me while I wash my hands.

    Until the last year or so, I’d never even encountered this trans-pondian misusage of the word “social” to mean “far too shitty for us nomenklatura, but good enough for the proles”. Now every time I see “social” as an adjective, I feel a weird compulsion to tar and feather somebody.

  2. Mark Holland says:

    Sorry about the off topic Tim, but there’s a copyright pinching cheeky bugger in the first comment here.

  3. Tim Newman says:

    Thanks for that Mark. Cheeky bugger! Next he’ll be claiming credit for the superb artwork of the banner…

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