Unsurprisingly, people are rather upset about this:

Goaded on by the president, a crowd at a Donald Trump rally on Wednesday night chanted “send her back! send her back!” in reference to Ilhan Omar, a US congresswoman who arrived almost 30 years ago as a child refugee in the United States.

But it’s important to remember this didn’t come out of a clear blue sky.

If someone who looks, dresses, sounds, and acts foreign stands up as an elected member of the US Congress and continuously slanders millions of ordinary Americans as white supremacists, what do people think is going to happen? That they’ll just take this abuse on the chin? There is no population on earth which would put up with such a person for very long, and Omar and her ilk seem determined to see just how far the tolerance of the American public can be pushed. She’s playing a very dangerous game, and she’s at least half-responsible for making “Send ’em all back!” a slogan in American politics, something which would have been unheard of even two years ago. As I’ve said before:

America has been fortunate so far that white nationalists have tended to be grossly incompetent. This is because there’s been no future in subscribing to it, it’s a dead-end losers’ game. But if Somalis in headscarves are going to spend their time denouncing white people from congress, while at the same time you have a tens of millions of disenfranchised right wingers who happen to be white, an avenue of opportunity might open up. And then instead of the bunglers some competent people arrive on the scene who’ve carefully observed how the ruling classes behave, know how to evade their counterattacks, and form a movement which suddenly becomes too big to shut down. And then the fun really begins.

This has gone far beyond Republicans versus Democrats. The American ruling classes need to get a handle on this woman, and fast.


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  1. Why is whites wanting to protect their own nations from an influx of foreign people and cultures automatically terrible and a path for losers, while every other non-white nation is a glorious jewel that should have its culture respected and protected? Who exactly is selling out whites, and why.

  2. “The American ruling classes need to get a handle on this woman.. ”

    A handle, and a set of small retractable wheels, and a destination sticker, so the people at the airport can see what plane to put her on.

  3. This importation of people who hate us seems unique to the west.
    There’s one trouble-making American in Japan called Debito who is always complaining about how horribly racist his hosts are, and all us other gaijin, when talking about him, are pretty much chanting the same thing as Trump’s crowd: Send him home!
    But the Japanese just ignore him and do not import millions more like him.
    The curious can read his work here:
    I cannot think of any large populations of migrants in a non-western country who complain about it so much as this mob does while still refusing to go home – especially not supposed refugees.
    Can anyone else think of such a case?

  4. Trump has gone too far on this one now. The optics are shocking even if his intent is only trolling. It’s gone beyond that. And it is enough to get the likes of me defending the otherwise repugnant Omar.

  5. “So while the President protects the interests of the millionaire manufacturers of guns, he has done nothing to significantly protect our children, or any one else, from gun violence”

    So no comment on the far more worthy millions of lives that Trump has probably saved from guns (and bombs) by not being a war monger. Or the many millions of dead bodies that Kilary would have not protected from gun violence if she got in.

    “We need gun reform to keep innocents safe.”

    I couldn’t agree more, its the first thing I thought of after seeing that recently released footage of the London Bridge terror attack, where you had brave citizens trying to stop tooled up murderous cunts that looked like they had explosives on them. Top performance by the bakers with brooms and trays and the like in trying to stop the fuckers.

    Guns would have stopped them dead, apparently they were dead in seconds after the armed Old Bill arrived. I cannot see any reason at all why a citizen should not have the right to bear arms and use reasonable force, including lethal force, to protect themselves and be expected to just die because some murderous cunt has popped up and is having a go at you and the Old Bill havent showed up yet.

    And don’t get me started on the Bataclan thing, no one came to save them, not even unarmed police.

  6. I’ve spoken to a few Americans recently regarding the Somalian immigrants in their country. The main thing I couldn’t understand was why Somalians, of all people, have been moved en masse to some of the whitest, most culturally-homogeneous parts of the US.

    From what I can gather it started with Lutheran church groups, who arranged immigration in the belief that they were “saving” these people, plus the usual left wing NGOs, followed by the inevitable chain migration.

    I hear now that groups of Somalians have been, and continue to be, imported wholesale across the northern states. It’s hard not to see this as deliberate cultural genocide.

    If these people were any smarter they’d keep heads down, try to assimilate, and not cause problems. As things are, IF THEY’RE LUCKY, I see in their future cattle trucks, followed by a boat back home.

  7. “Who exactly is selling out whites, and why.”

    Its hard to put a start date on it but the end of WWII is a definite milestone of a major ramp up in the sell out, by the globalists. They don’t wont countries, sovereignty, nationhood, culture, ethnicity, religion or family because they are all major blockers in their quest for a one world government. A central world wide command, ruling over serfs that have no sense of belonging, or connection with others, other than the state, serfs that believe the state is necessary in looking after them and protecting them, that is their objective.

  8. Many years ago I read a book “the last European war” by the Hungarisn born American John Lukacs. It covered the period 1939 up to pearl harbour. Very interesting and I would certainly recommend it to anybody with an interest in WW2.

    One of the numerous aspects was Italy vs Britain in the med and the attitudes of the Italian command to the Mediterranean fleet which had been neglected somewhat in the run up to war.

    I always recall the striking phrase he used: “they only saw the rotten teeth and forgot the remnant strength of the jaw”.

    I think this is precisely what the anti-white triumphalists are doing around the west. So arrogant and sure of themselves have they become that – as you mentioned in an earlier post – they think they can take or tear down anything “white” with no consequences to themselves.

    We’ll see.

  9. “I cannot see any reason at all why a citizen should not have the right to bear arms ”

    Except Israel seems to be the only country where large numbers of civilians can legally wander around with their guns and it doesn’t go badly wrong very often. And you will grant there are rather unique circumstances there. The US gun culture results not only in lots of direct gun deaths in the USA, but also to the supply of illegal weapons, and the simple fact that anyone could be armed contributes to the “shot for being black/having wrong cut of jib” phenomenon when pulled over by a trigger-happy cop who always seems to be in fear of his life.

  10. Reagan’s final speech was love letter to immigrants and its being doing the rounds following Trump’s tweet. Its quite moving and I strongly recommend spending 4.5 mins watching it:

    America represents something universal in the human spirit. I received a letter not long ago from a man who said, ‘You can go to Japan to live, but you cannot become Japanese. You can go to France to live and not become a Frenchman. You can go to live in Germany or Turkey, and you won’t become a German or a Turk.’ But then he added, ‘Anybody from any corner of the world can come to America to live and become an American’ …

    This I believe is one of the most important sources of America’s greatness. We lead the world because unique among nations, we draw our people, our strength, from every country and every corner of the world … Thanks to each wave of new arrivals to this land of opportunity, we’re a nation forever young, forever bursting with energy and new ideas, and always on the cutting edge; always leading the world to the next frontier …

    One thing that’s missed by those using it is that Reagan was making the point that being an American is a state of mind, not just, or even, a place of birth.

    A lot of the stuff Omar has been accused of saying about Al Qaeda has been taken out of context, but, as Tim points out, she’s also following the rest of the Woke left in accusing just about every white person who isn’t on the woke left of being at least racists (Joe Biden included) if not out and out white supremacists.

    Trump knows this and whilst I think those tweets are crass, stupid and could be ultimately self-defeating he knows his base, and if the Dems keep on trying to shut down all debate by accusing their opponents of being racists Trump’s base is going to grow. I understand how they feel, I’m getting similar feelings have been called a thick, racist bigot for voting leave and have to fight within myself to try to take the Brexit debate objectively.

    Anyway, funny how the left are suddenly Reagan fans.

    PS If only they and Reps would listen to and heed his most famous speech: A time to choose (1964)

  11. Which country do you hate the most? USA
    Which country would you most like to live in? USA
    Pretty weird results of a world poll. Only Ancient Rome could maybe have matched it.
    Yes, Trump is a polarising politician. That means you have to choose. You can choose the Squad if you want to.

  12. “If these people were any smarter they’d keep heads down, try to assimilate, and not cause problems.”

    Why should they? They’ve established a closed community of tens of thousands about six miles from me. They control the local police there. They are surrounded by the most kiss-ass liberal community in the USA outside of Manhattan, which throws money at them, and which will bend over backwards to absolve their gang-banger kids of all of their many crimes, wail in anguish at how these poor poor people’s Somali home environment has forced them to be insular and distrustful and corrupt – it must be our fault, we evil white Americans who have ruined the world – and who elected Ms. Omar – 80%+ of the vote – with the full, almost monolithic support of the rather large local Jewish community and who will likely re-elect her in the next election. Idiots all.

    I always used to be proud of where I lived. Now I’m embarrassed.

  13. “That means you have to choose. You can choose the Squad if you want to.”

    If the choice is between a politician who wants to hound citizens out of their country and anyone else then the choice is anyone else.

    Trump’s actions here are worthy of a middle-eastern despot.

  14. “If the choice is between a politician who wants to hound citizens out of their country and anyone else then the choice is anyone else.”

    No one is being hounded out of the country. Trump wasn’t referring to some poor powerless wretch – he was speaking of one of our elected federal Congressional Representatives. She’s not going anywhere.

    She hates Jews. She hates Christians. She hates whites. My neighbors elected her out of pathetic white American guilt feelings. She has seemingly committed immigration fraud and tax fraud since she got here.

    She should go back.

  15. “There is no population on earth which would put up with such a person for very long…”

    Apart from the craven British, apparently.


  16. Tim, Does know what it is but one of the links on your sites links to something that shows a W`10 Virus warning with a click here to fix button. I only get it when I go to your site and it isn’t k=just the once. Been going on for a few weeks now as well. Worth a look.

  17. The very same liberals (and their conservatard lickspittles) who’ve spent decades de-valuing the very idea of citizenship are suddenly crying about the sacredness of citizenship. lol

  18. The US gun culture results not only in […]

    No, it doesn’t. The US doesn’t have a gun problem, the US has a gang problem. Exclude gang-related shootings from the stats and the US is on par with the rest of the world. It’s the creation of large welfare-dependent urban enclaves and a collapse of the traditional family that’s done that, not guns. We have the exact same problem with native reservations in Canada, and we have gun control that would make a European hoplophobe drool.

  19. Are we starting to witness the next subtle language change from the progressives? Global Warming became Climate Change when its impact on the public started to dwindle. Now the ridiculous over-use of the word racist is causing a loss of impact everyone who was previously accused of being racist now seems to be a ‘white supremacist’ instead.

    It’s time to get ahead of the curve on this and start predicting the next one, my money is on any detention facility becoming a ‘concentration camp’. For example, I let my dog escape and it got picked up by the local enforcement officer and now it’s in a concentration camp (probably being forced to drink out of the toilet).

  20. “Bloke in Germany on July 18, 2019 at 12:57 pm said:
    Trump has gone too far on this one now. The optics are shocking even if his intent is only trolling. It’s gone beyond that. And it is enough to get the likes of me defending the otherwise repugnant Omar.”

    The “optics”? Hmmm…

    This woman came from the poorest, most misogynistic country in the world. She has equated the United States with Nazi Germany and continues to suit upon it in other ways at every opportunity. The only people worried about the “optics” of the President are those who are inordinately clueless about what’s going on in the West.

  21. Some people (not pointing any fingers) would rather watch whites face hardship in the future than see non-whites upset in the present. They’re the reason we’re in this mess to begin with.

  22. I always chuckle at the ‘America is a state of mind’ canard. I suppose someone living in, say, Poland who knows the US constitution inside out and really wants to be American is more American than someone whose ancestors fought in the revolutionary war, but who is presently dissatisfied with America.

    Actually, I’ve heard arguments similar to this from people trying to push the magic dirt theory. The same types are attempting the same trickery in Britain with ‘British values’. Be wise, don’t fall for it.

  23. Omar has despicable politics and views, and may also have a shady past, which is why personal attacks are dumb. They strengthen her and serve only to weaken the assailant. There is more than enough in her publicly stated attitudes towards the west, America, Jews, etc, to attack on its merits. She should be an open goal for the republicans.

    Trivial example, I am not a Trump fan but have retained an open mind, and been able to see the positives too, until this incident. Crowds being whipped up at a rally to chant “Send her home” is just too reminiscent of the not too distant past in Europe to ignore – I don’t care who the current target is because a crowd like that can easily turn its ire on you or me. Behaviour like that strengthens the hand of the enemies of freedom on both “left” and “right”.

  24. BIG, Trump has not gone far enough, Ilhan and her fellow travellers are a danger to us all, I hope her career is destroyed as her deceit and corruption of the welcoming American system is uncovered.

  25. Trivial example, I am not a Trump fan but have retained an open mind, and been able to see the positives too, until this incident.

    It’s interesting you think Trump is responsible for the sentiment in the crowd rather than Omar’s attitude towards them. Incidentally, Trump has disavowed the chant.

  26. Alex K posted a good comment on a previous thread, but it was a rather late addition so might have been missed. Worth checking out.

    Optics are a funny thing, different people perceive the same event quite differently. If you’re really “good” at it you can ensure different types of supporters or potential supporters get different take-home messages, so they might somehow disagree with each other yet all believe they agree with your basic point. In this case, knuckle-heads dreaming of mass deportations of minorities and “free tickets back home” to whichever groups of US citizens they have a dislike of, might think there’s someone who finally “gets it” and is laying down the political foundations for what they’ve wanted forever. On the other hand, moderately aggrieved folk who wonder at “why all these people are coming to America and changing it so much, if they don’t even like the idea of America”, yet whose love of the US constitutional rights and values would leave them horrified at calls for en bloc citizenship-stripping and deportation, may also feel like someone is “getting them”. But more middle-of-the-road types, the kind you need in your electoral coalition if you’re going to reach the winning post, are looking on in horror because they can see the bad places this can go, and don’t think the knuckle-heads need more red meat fed to them.

    There are sections of the electorate who are moderately socially liberal but not economically left-wing, perhaps recent immigrants themselves or with minority friends, who genuinely might have voted Republican and for whom this is a toxifying event. Toxifying among people who would never have voted for you is nothing to fear, but this has gone far beyond that. Particularly bad for long-term prospects if you’re harming the brand among younger voters, proportionately more likely to possess aforementioned attributes, for a relatively short-term gain among more socially conservative older voters (who would likely have voted Republican anyway) – having said that, people have been predicting demographic doom for the Republicans a long time now and it hasn’t quite happened.

    The long-term risk to the Republicans is that their current electoral need to achieve a clear majority among white Americans, and hence the requirement to boost turn-out among more conservative whites in particular, makes it increasingly tempting to play identity politics in favour of a group that’s relatively on the decline. It helps block the transition they clearly require at some point, to become a more thoroughly multi-racial party with a substantive offer to the whole patchwork of social/racial groups. That doesn’t necessarily imply a retreat from conservative values – for example, declaring war on identity politics and focusing on the unity of American identity would tick that box. The current race row tends to accentuate division between groups, and the rhetoric of “going back to your own countries” to visible minorities (many of whom have longer roots in the USA than Trump himself!) is not just illogical but pernicious. It suggests US citizenship is, or should be, two-tiered – that non-whites are only here provisionally, so long as they are tolerated, and that their “real” home is elsewhere. Of course, you can say “he doesn’t really think or mean that”, and to be fair he probably doesn’t, but I’m sure he knowns it suits some of his supporters to believe that, and many moderate and minority voters clearly see it in the worst possible light. I don’t know whether, nett, this all helps or hinders Trump’s next electoral bid, but in terms of laying foundations for the Republican candidate 4 or 8 or 16 years later, I can’t see how this puts them in a better position.

  27. It’s interesting you think Trump is responsible for the sentiment in the crowd rather than Omar’s attitude towards them. Incidentally, Trump has disavowed the chant.

    Think that’s unnecessarily binary. If he found that crowd sentiment as utterly abhorrent as BiG and I do, then Trump wouldn’t have deliberately stoked it. He was playing with fire and must have known it. Yes, sure, this is a case of provocateuse meets provocateur. Yes, if we wanted to apportion the underlying responsibility for the crowd reaction then we could all get into a debate about the correct egg-count (starting point might be six of one, half a dozen of the other, but I’m sure we would all apportion them slightly differently) but if you really want to dig into the factors behind it, then you need to chuck several centuries of contentious political and demographic history into the mixer too.

    To me that is missing what I take as the crux of BiG’s point, though. You want BiG to grant Trump the benefit of the doubt. Grant that Trump fundamentally disagreed with the crowd sentiments, wouldn’t have wanted anyone to think he thought that way, or encouraged it at all, no sirree. But people who feel threatened by this kind of event, whether that’s because they’re conscious of their skin marking them as minority or they have nightmares about the great-aunt who didn’t get out of Warsaw in time, enter into a kind of defensive shell. They’re not in the mood for open-minded re-appraisal or the granting of benefit of the doubt. Benefit of the doubt is earned, and what you’ve got to do to earn it after your supporters you stoked up are chanting to send a visible minority “back home” is a lot more than merely disavowing it and blaming someone else.

    The retort to “the optics are awful” really can’t be “yeah, but the people who are taking it the wrong way are just being dumb or closed-minded and need to think about things from my perspective, where I pick out the part of the larger picture I think they should be focusing on”. Optics would obviously be way easier if people always took things the way you wanted that particular person to take things, but if they don’t then that’s politically a failure of the message and/or the messenger. To whatever extent that it’s a failure on the part of the message’s recipient, is in an important way irrelevant – those recipients who took it the “wrong” way still get to vote. And amongst them will be regular or occasional Republican voters who might have been able to get on board with some aspects of the Trump programme, but whose red lines have been breached by this latest row.

  28. Trump’s speech “If you don’t like USA, you can leave” and tweet “If you [Ilhan Omar] don’t like USA, go home and fix your own country then come back when you’ve done it” is not racist, it’s pointing out “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

    Not reported by BBC/MSM:

    AOC and the Socialist Squad Refuse to Condemn Antifa Terrorism
    “Sara Gonzales calls out AOC and the rest of the Socialist Squad after AOC and Ilhan Omar refuse to condemn Antifa terrorism after they were asked about it. Their response should tell every American EXACTLY where they stand on political violence! ”

    Sara’s News source:
    Keean Bexte Vids


    I wish Conservatives would take same approach instead of pandering & surrendering to the Woken SS

    @BiG – because you’re believing MSM, try eg The Spectator & Spiked for some counter balance

    Trump is not “hounding citizens out” of USA, he’s reminding all it’s a free country you can leave if you don’t like.

    Immigrants/asylum seekers whining “I don’t like it here”? OK, you can leave any time you want – we’re not changing. Meanwhile millions of central/south Americans want in – go figure

  29. “This has gone far beyond Republicans versus Democrats. ”

    I actually think this is what Trump is doing with his Tweets. He has pivoted the Democrats into a recognizably American Democrats vs the unrecognizable Unamerican Democrats.

  30. MyBurningEars’ comment…


  31. Bloke in Germany
    “Omar has despicable politics and views, and may also have a shady past, which is why personal attacks are dumb. They strengthen her and serve only to weaken the assailant.”

    Yes, he has strengthened Omar, but he is not weakened. What he has done is put Omar at the top of the Democrat party. That is simply getting the focus exactly where he wants it. It’s really been quite a move.

  32. Like or loathe Trump’s original remarks, or the chants of his audience, they are both the predictable, predicted and inevitable eventual reactions to a citizenry whose faces, irrespective of their wishes, have for decades been ground in vibrancy and diversity.

  33. There is nothing to be gained from surrendering any ground, agreeing on any issues or trying to ‘reach across the aisle’ to these people. They are an enemy that doesn’t forgive and never forgets. The alliance of communism and Islamism is still on its long march to destroy us all and as such must be fought relentlessly on all fronts, DJ Trump is just helping people pick their sides and prepare the ground on which we must fight and for that he has my thanks.

  34. What Thud said.

    Politics has become a fight to the death on various fronts, whether Remain/Leave, or Islam/Everyone else or Diversity/white people. All of which battles interleave to a fairly great extent, most of the combatants being the same on each side, with just a few crossovers. History shows that the Left generally do not ‘do’ compromise, they do utter defeat of their enemies, usually involving mass deaths, so I’m afraid that the likes of MBE and BiG are going to have to decide whether they want to fight and (hopefully) live or try and compromise, and die. Maybe not in literal personal terms, but in terms of their culture and future generations.

  35. Just to throw another shrimp on, though I guess no one’s reading this thread anymore: I just remembered that the Philippines actually has a law about this. If a foreigner publishes something disrespectful of the country or people they can and do get kicked out for a certain period of time, six months to a year depending on various things. Some bloggers have copped this. If you apologize they can let you off or reduce the penalty.
    Seems fair enough. Free speech for citizens is one thing but whinging foreigners who don’t even have to be there is another. Mind you, these are not foreign-born, naturalized citizens we are talking about. It is pretty much impossible to become a Philippine citizen unless you have ancestry from there. Which is a related topic I guess.
    More about it here:

  36. Jim,

    I won’t get to pick sides. The white people won’t have me ;-).

    The likes of you and the squad deserve each other. Completely.

  37. @thud

    Agree there is no point from the Republican perspective “reaching across the aisle” to folk on the radical left of the Democratic Party. But there’s also political risk in giving swing-voters the impression you think it’s OK to pick on people based on their ethnic background and family migration history, and that you aren’t alarmed and disgusted you have supporters baying to “send them back”. There’s more than one way to attack your opponents. It’s fair comment to ask why this way and what the consequences, intended or not, might be.


    You see what you see, other people see what they see, and they don’t all feel it’s a polite reminder about it being a free country. Optics is in the eye of the beholder. Centre-ground, moderate voters aren’t likely to be reading the Speccie or Spiked – doesn’t mean the analysis of those publications is invalid or incorrect, just that their worldview and interpretation isn’t reaching people in other segments.

    Though there have been ultra-conservative movements that believe fiercely in stasis – diehard monarchism petered out in France only surprisingly recently, bearing in mind how long ago their Revolution was – most strands of conservatism have a focus on managing the rate of change and preserving what they see as “best” about what has gone before. These movements have generally been most “successful” in the sense that they’ve faced reality checks and, by adapting to changes, have often been able to reharness them.

    If you can’t put a genie back in the bottle, make it your own genie. France will never accept rule by a king again, but there are other aspects of French identity and history that the French Right has found to rally around. The UK will never reintroduce property or wealth qualifications for the right to vote in general elections, but rather than lower-income voters guaranteeing wave after wave of Labour governments, the Conservative Party tapped into what was at times a genuinely popular “working-class Toryism”.

    Yes, you could see both of these things as backsliding compromises which take the country further away from its historic position. Clearly French and British culture and society are in many ways unrecognisable from the centuries before those changes, and if you could ask someone from back then – particularly from the higher social ranks – what they thought their descendants had wrought, they might rate these transformations as incomprehensible and unsettling. But it isn’t the same as cultural death – change is going to happen, and if you work through the possible future branches, some changes are more palatable than others.

    A wealthy Victorian factory-owner or landowner might find himself pleasantly surprised with how well extending the vote worked, after seeing what happened to their kin in Russia. A French aristocrat might be glad to see France still going strong a few hundred years later and that its social clashes didn’t result in the country falling apart or its territory shared out by its neighbours, but might in retrospect rather have seen some British style compromises on constitutional monarchy if it saved his estates from confiscation and his family from the guillotine.

    @Edward Lud

    Yes, and it also true that many left-wing politicians explicitly welcome (and use policy to promote) demographic change partly because they know it puts right-wingers in a political bind. I think the “rub their noses in diversity” brigade were playing with some very dangerous fire – and they got burned by it in the Brexit referendum. Moreover, it’s a very cynical way of using people as political pawns, and there is actually something patronising, even racist, about their assumption that someone will or “should” vote for them en bloc by virtue of their skin colour or heritage.

    But no matter how much a conservative might dislike the process that got to this point, or question its democratic mandate, that doesn’t absolve them of responsibility for facing up to where we are now and coming up with a reply to it. Diversity is here, it is the reality, it isn’t going away, so how will/should the Right deal with it?

    A genie that’s out of the bottle in the US is that white people will eventually be a minority, albeit the largest one. That doesn’t have to mean the country shedding all values that conservatives admire or that conservatives won’t be able to hold or even dominate high political office, but that would likely require a more all-embracing brand of conservative politics. While I can see the case for Trump’s latest attacks being good tactics (surely doesn’t hurt him for “the squad” to be the public faces of his opponents, at least until the Dems pick their presidential candidate), in the long run racial polarisation is not good strategy.

  38. “I won’t get to pick sides. The white people won’t have me ;-).”

    Yes they will, if you share their values, and are prepared to stand up to those who wish to see white people wiped off the face of the planet, like most of those currently in charge of the West. If you want to give succour to like likes of Ilhan Omar who want white people removed from America (and everywhere else) then no we don’t want you.

    White western nations have been more accommodating to outsiders than any other race or culture on the planet over the last 70 years, and probably at any place or time in history, yet the incomers do nothing but abuse us and call us racists and demand we abase ourselves at their feet, all the while paying for them to live at our expense. Well the time is coming when we won’t any more. The reaction to Trumps tweets has shown that you can abuse a person (or nations) hospitality only so far, eventually behaving like a c*nt will provoke a reaction. Simple as that. Nobody likes the Roma either, they’re not black, they just behave like c*nts. So no surprise people don’t like them.

  39. “in the long run racial polarisation is not good strategy.”

    Doesn’t seem to be doing the Left any harm.

  40. “Diversity is here, it is the reality, it isn’t going away, so how will/should the Right deal with it?”

    Simple – stop pandering to the identity politics Left. Impose equality, real equality under the law. Remove ‘hate crimes’ from the statute book – a person is no more dead if they are murdered for the colour of their skin than the contents of their wallet. Remove all pandering to foreign cultures – English is the official language of the UK, all official documents to be in English, no foreign translations. Stop imposing blasphemy laws by the back door of ‘racial discrimination’. Religions are not races, they are ideas, and there should be no special treatment for any religion just because 99% of its adherents are brown There are a myriad of things the Right could do to create a truly equal society that is colour blind, but instead they are all in thrall to the identitarian politics of the Left, because they are afraid of the sh*tstorm the Left will bring down on them if they try to divert the nation from its (the Left’s) chosen path.

    Well at some point you either have to face that sh*tstorm, or realise that the Left have won, and face the music that entails, living in a country where you are defined by the colour of your skin, and if its white you’re at the bottom of the pile. Your choice.

  41. @Jim – “Impose equality, real equality under the law.”

    Whilst your overall principle of equality under law is right, there is a problem with your choice of words to “impose” it.

    Undoubtedly, the communist manual instructs its comrades to label its opponents as “Fascist”, “Nazi”, “Anti-semitic”, “Racist”, “Homophobic”, “White Supremacist” or insert “current flavour of the month minority need” as an attack strategy on true equality and the natural born rights of every individual. So yes, it is wrong for the state to say to one man that they are equal to another man, or else, which is a legal falsehood.

    True social cohesion and brotherhood between men can only be achieved through the voluntarily action of individuals, leading by example and persuasion than by coercion or imposition under law.

    Given that it is only individuals that have rights that cannot be granted nor denied by the state, then it follows that the state has no rights and cannot do anything beyond what an individual’s rights are. Otherwise the state which is an artificial construct that has no rights, becomes all powerful and masterful over the individual, as opposed to being the servant and protector of the individual and his rights.

    When we look at all the main political systems of recent times, Communism, Democracy and Fascism all of them are actually based on forced collectivism. If we look at the US political landscape in this light it becomes obvious that the differences between the two political parties are cosmetic at best and they both are very much pillars of the collectivist system, with different types of seasoning and side dishes. Given this democratic system that we are all governed by, the illusion of individual rights and our power over the state, which is prevalent across the west, it does not surprise me to see that the war on the individual that is being waged by the collective has progressed to this precarious stage.

    “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” – John Adams

    “The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them. – Anthony Sutton

  42. If it’s an “us and them”, then those who self identify as “the right” need the backing of enough like me, and others very unlike me, essentially all of those who have no place in the black-and-white left-right fake dichotomy that is now rapidly emerging towards two extreme and similarly bleak, inhuman and inhumane, positions.

    Because he has now put self-preservation at the top of the list of priorities for almost all of those people (non black-and-white thinkers), Trump just lost the culture war for you, you “right-minded” people. Forever.

    Believe me, I am not celebrating that spectacular own-goal.

  43. I’m interested in self-preservation and I believe this entails running the likes of Ilhan Omar out of town on a rail.

  44. Usually, you would be right. But now we have two threats to weigh up, and given the black-and-white thinking of most of the morons out there, apparently now have to pick one side or the other.

    I can only conclude from the demonstrably anti-free-trade, anti-capitalism pro-big-government Trump whipping up a racist*, fascist*, xenophobic*, white-supremacist*, intolerant*, illiberal*, anti-human-rights*, National Socialist*, crowd, that I would now be slightly more likely to evade Omar’s gas chambers than Trump’s.

    While I don’t blame you for the side you have picked (it’s logical for you, but not for me, for reasons beyond the control of either of us), that’s self-preservation for ya, and why Trump has just scored a massive own-goal.

    *: not words I use lightly but this is now blatantly obvious for what it is. There’s some footage of 1930s Germany on youtube for comparison, if you are interested in history.

  45. Well, that escalated quickly. No one’s getting deported, let alone getting sent to the gas chambers.

    However, the matter of Ihlan Omar will be revisited later in the campaign. Ads are being crafted right now, featuring some of Ms. Omar’s more interesting pronouncements interspliced with various Dem luminaries praising her.

  46. Everybody now knows, without a shadow of a doubt, what “diversity” actually means and what it has always meant; the political, cultural, social and economic erasure of white people and their eventual relegation to the status of despised minorities in their own (former) homelands.

    It is a hum-drum genocide conducted and executed by both conservatives and progressives as they compete with each other in declarations of relish and enthusiasm to complete this doleful and terrible crime.

    Someone above said that diversity is not going away and that is true. However, a not-insignificant number of white people have realised the terrible truth and that not-insignificant number grows larger with every passing day. They’re not going away either.

    So something has to give.

    I think that everyone on this thread, of whatever political stripe, knows exactly where this is all headed.

  47. So, to recap, there’s a group of young firebrand Democrats who have said a few things about white people that had a Republican said them about black people all right thinking people would be up in arms. They are very popular in a small number of areas and would play badly across most of the country.

    The group were in the process of being reined in by the Dem establishment when Trump put his oar in forcing the establishment to back the firebrands to the hilt.

    In my view, Trump’s attack was implicitly racist but not so explicitly racist that anyone will be forced to change their mind about him. His faults are well known and already priced in. However out in the rural areas, where life is crap and votes are worth more, the Dems will be seen to support people who view the voters as the shit on their shoe. So they’ll hold their noses and vote for him again.

    I don’t think Trump is Adenoid Hynkel or even just a common or garden racist. I think he’s just a manipulative arsehole and fucking good at politics. I find myself in the odd position of being impressed by the trade craft whilst being repelled by it.

  48. “The group were in the process of being reined in by the Dem establishment ”

    The evidence for this being that the Democratic candidates to take on Trump in 2020 are such moderates, all of them aiming to reach out to the centre, trying to appeal to those who voted for Trump last time…….oh, sorry, no they’re all playing to the Ilhan/AOC fan base (ie the hard Left) in spades……exactly what evidence do you have that the Democratic leadership were ‘in the process of reining in’ AOC et al?

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