Refusal Accepted

It appears Jeremy Corbyn has refused to attend a banquet with Donald Trump when he visits the UK in June, leading to a lot of tweets like this one:

This is the wrong approach. As I’ve written recently, there is no point in trying to shame the utterly shameless or point to the hypocrisy of people with no principles whatsoever. Nobody who currently supports Corbyn would care if he was caught stealing jewelry from the museum cases at Auschwitz, and they’d bend over backwards to excuse him.

The better response would be to say:

“Why do you assume Trump has any interest in meeting you? Does he even know who you are?”

If we had a Tory party that wasn’t gelded, someone would say this in parliament.


10 thoughts on “Refusal Accepted

  1. Corbyn is not a hypocrite. He sincerely believes that Capitalism and Imperialism is the root of all evil, and finds its roots in the US/UK/Israel hegemony. The enemy of his enemy is his friend and all that.

    Hence Hamas & China = good, Trump = bad.

    That might make him a moron, but not a hypocrite.

  2. I like the way President Xi is leaning back away from Corbyn. “Ah, so this is an anti-semite! To be honest, they all look the same to me…”

  3. If we had a Tory party that wasn’t gelded, someone would say this in parliament.

    The Tory party isn’t gelded; it is just that most of its MPs are closer politically to Corbyn than Trump.

  4. Given the chance I’m sure Trump won’t hesitate to make that response, unless he has a better one.
    On a practical level a leader who won’t share a room with people he dislikes, Chucka or Trump, is unlikely to achieve much.
    Given what he wants to achieve that is a little comforting.

  5. Why would any Head of State want to spend the time to ‘meet’ with him?

    He’s ‘leader of the opposition’ – while I’m not up on the intricacies of parliamentarian politicking, that sounds suspiciously like a position that is only important *internally*. Like the US Speaker of the House getting huffy because Queen Elizabeth didn’t want to meet with her.

  6. ‘If we had a Tory party that wasn’t gelded…’

    I hope you don’t mind if I make a slight change to your statement: ‘If we had a Tory party’.

  7. No UKIP here. 2 Con, 2 Lab, 2 Ind & a Green (for 2 seats), so I’ve spoiled my vote in red pen. No alternative if I don’t want to stay away.

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