David Lamin

Take a look at this video of Labour MP David Lammy:

Take away the London accent and you have all the characteristics – body language, tone, vocabulary, hand gestures, sentiment – of a third world demagogue who winds up in The Hague twenty years and a hundred thousand corpses after seizing power. If he were in uniform you’d think he was auditioning for the leading role in an Idi Amin biopic. Remainers are prone to complaining Brexit is making Britain a laughing stock. How do they imagine having MPs like Lammy makes us look?

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11 thoughts on “David Lamin

  1. Now that May is defeated ( I was for her deal) the victors can celebrate with the EU shredding us and Lammy and pals coming down the line rapidly to change the face of Britain for ever. The next lot will make Blair look like Tebbit or Redwood, nice job lads.

  2. Remainers are prone to complaining Brexit is making Britain a laughing stock.

    Yes, and whose fault is that? The Prime Minister is a Remainer, Parliament is about 3/4 Remainers. The reason Parliament’s able to obstruct the PM’s deal is that a bunch of Remainers took the government to court arguing that Parliamentary approval was needed for any deal.

    Managing to convince otherwise-intelligent people that Vote Leave is responsible for the Brexit omnishambles must rank as one of the most spectacular propaganda coups of recent history.

  3. Might have mentioned this here before, but I first came across Lammy at the Alexander Palace count when I was scrutineering in the Referendum Party interest for Wood Green. He was waiting to be elected to Bernie Grant’s baronial fief, next door. He was strolling around the place like he owned it, with a posse of spooks in shiny suits. Truly nasty piece of work.

  4. “The next lot will make Blair look like Tebbit or Redwood, nice job lads”
    And the lot shortly after that will be pushing Trots out helicopters over the Thames estuary & putting the diversity behind barbed wire. What goes around comes around. Look forward to watching the entertainment. On some other country’s TV

  5. Where have you gone, Augusto Pinochet 🎶
    A lonely nation turns its eyes to you 🎶
    Woo woo woo 🎶

  6. Jerry C: Doesn’t scan. “Augy” Pinochet maybe. But your sentiments are spot on. Problem is, whoever comes to fill the role will likely be much, much worse than Augy.

    I’ll be in London on April 25th. Where shall I find the best riot?

  7. Thud–you were wrong. Treason May’s plan is shite that traps us inescapably. No HoTraitors scum jellyfish will break international law to free us. And if we sign the shite no more escape with repeal of 1972 Act. It is a stitch up with the word Brexit in the title. Wake up. Why do you think the scummy bitch is monomaniacal about it.

  8. Nah ecks, I was right, thanks to you we get prime minister for life Corbyn or some other commie shite.

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