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I do like Joe Rogan’s podcasts, mainly because he is able to get the best out of the many interesting guests he has on. I reckon he’s able to do this because he’s a genuinely nice, friendly bloke, but also because his guests are usually a lot smarter than him (Bari Weiss being an obvious exception). This means he asks a lot of questions but doesn’t get into lengthy arguments.

However, I’ve noticed his opinions tend to drift between shows, aligning with those of his guest, and he is infuriatingly unable to connect dots. He frequently lambasts Trump’s comments about Mexico and his proposed wall, and appears to be in favour of large scale immigration. Two weeks back he had on a chap called Ioan Grillo, a journalist who has spent years in Mexico reporting on the drug war, cartels, and accompanying savagery. Rogan once again mentioned Trump and the wall in a negative context, before Grillo told a few stories about the cartels which sounded like something out of Game of Thrones. Rogan then said words to the effect of:

“Isn’t it strange this is all happening just over the border from Texas, which is as safe as can be? It’s as if there’s an imaginary line in the sand across which everything just changes.”

Well yes, it’s almost as if Mexico is an altogether different country than the US populated by people with a very different history and culture. Taking this radical idea a little further, one might argue that it might be a good idea if this separation was maintained by a robust border – maybe a wall? – which would keep the populations apart and stop Texas and the wider US becoming more like its southern neighbour.

He’s also fond of asking why the US government doesn’t declare war on decrepit housing projects and miseducation in the ghettos (meaning, sort out African American problems) by spending millions of dollars in a targeted campaign. None of his guests has yet pointed out that billions have been spent trying to do just that for decades, to absolutely no avail. He genuinely thinks it’s never been tried.

Like I said, his podcasts are great but he can be infuriating at times.


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  1. Kinda reminds me of the time everybody freaked out when Trump called Latin America a sh*thole.

    You know, that same Latin America which is apparently so violent and poor that millions of people there have no choice but to flee to the US for safety.

  2. The money spent on American vibrancy since LBJ is now in the multi trillions so whats a few billion more between friends? ha!

  3. Indeed.. he’s like a laminated tabula rasa, and his guests only leave an impression on him via the medium of dry-wipe marker.

    Suffice to say I only listen to JRE when he has a guest I’m already interested in. Usually scientists, or Doug Stanhope/Bill Burr types.

    I didn’t watch Jack Dorsey, but I did see Tim Pool tearing JR a new one for not challenging Dorsey.

    I had a quiet chuckle when Vox Day had a pop at him.

  4. I was racking my brains for a few weeks now trying to figure out who turned my on to Joe Rogan, starting at Barry Whites. It turns out it was Timmy Newman. Something that boiled my blood when listening to that podcast with Barry was that Rogan brought up a time that the Times had reported on some ring/cage fight and described one of the fighters as being drenched in blood or with pouring down his face which was a complete fabrication – Rogan pointed this out and the response from Barry was “yes but the NYT issued a retraction I’m sure” which he just accepted. Inventing stuff to make a story sound more exciting is shoddy journalism, whether or not retractions are issued after the fact is neither here nor there.

  5. This picture pretty much sums up Joe Rogan for me:


    Yeah, but I can’t help liking the guy. He knows he’s not that smart and IMO doesn’t pretend to be, which I think helps him in his podcasting tbh. He’s certainly open-mined, which is a big help.

  6. I know him mainly through his MMA commentary, I listen to his podcasts sometimes, when he has interesting people on, and enjoy the conversation mostly, but as you say his inability to connect dots is staggering.
    I really enjoyed Neil Degrasse Tyson struggling to debunk the moon landing conspiracy for him.

  7. Rogan pretends he doesn’t understand things he obviously does.. Basically his show is the edge line of acceptable opinion in Hollywood.
    I’d never heard of him until another podcast mentioned JRE. I don’t listen to the MMA stuff as I find them some of the most boring things I’ve ever heard.
    Likewise some of his comedian chums are tiresome. Some like Joey Diaz appear to be rather unpleasant people.
    I wonder if he allows his daughters near them?
    Don’t forget he was a an actor. He is playing the simpleton who doesn’t threaten his guests with intellectually challenging responses.
    I enjoy the highly speculative stoned Graham Hancock shows but then I know not to take it too seriously..

  8. He’s also fond of asking why the US government doesn’t declare war on decrepit housing projects and miseducation in the ghettos

    Has a government ever declared war on itself?

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