Pinko and the Wain

This amused:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jeremy Corbyn have a fair bit in common. Both offer dingbat socialist solutions to genuine problems and have an army of fanatical supporters, most of whom are deranged. Other than the fact Corbyn is an old, white male (albeit one sufficiently cowed), my guess is their respective supporters are pretty much interchangeable. The trouble is, whereas Corbyn’s brand can’t possibly suffer any more damage than has already been sustained, AOC’s can. Her political career lies ahead of her, whereas what passes for Corbyn’s is almost over. If she were as media-savvy as people claim, she’d know Corbyn is a loser who stumbled into the post by accident and in three years of opposition has barely laid a glove on the most pathetic, dysfunctional Tory government in living memory. Inevitably:

Her response is unlikely to satisfy American Jews, particularly considering her much-publicised friendship with two openly antisemitic, newly-elected congresswomen. At some point, if she wants a full career in politics, AOC is going to have to broaden her appeal beyond the fanatics. Being young she has time, but she’d do well learn to spot liabilities like Corbyn and give them a wide berth.

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11 thoughts on “Pinko and the Wain

  1. One actually has to wonder if this is a work of fiction?

    Not the sort of “interesting times” I’d care to participate in. The loons presently occupying the top of the Labour Party are not imho the sort of people I want to see given the reins of power.

    There would I reckon be a civil war or a military coup.

  2. Many many years ago when Jezza was also claimed to be on the red list of endangered politicians, I wrote at the late great Counting Cats that Jeremy is a rock star and would survive. Needless to say I had my head chewed off and my butt roundly kicked, but many many years later it turns out I was right. The fans love rock stars no matter what they say or do. The pope, Barry, Trudles, Leonardo, and even to a lesser extent Orange Man. Macron had a good shot at achieving cult status but from stupidity he concentrated on practicalities instead of image-building. Corbie kind of looks vaguely like what John Lennon might have looked like if he hadn’t got himself shot. He’s got the image, and that’s all that counts. I mean, be serious. Could you imagine May’s face on a tee shirt?

  3. ” At some point, if she wants a full career in politics, AOC is going to have to broaden her appeal beyond the fanatics.”

    She can’t though, thats the whole point of Hard Left politics. The moment she tries to appeal to the soccer moms and the feminised male centre Left, she’ll get slaughtered by the True Believers as a traitor to the cause. Going Hard Left is a trap – you can only go further Left, you can never move back towards the centre, because they’ll always be another firebrand to replace you if you do.

  4. The left is twisting itself in knots right now, trying to figure out whether Jews are an oppressed minority (honorary People Of Color) who can help lead the POC coalition against whitey or are oppressive white racists themselves, who need to be put in their place.

    Would guess that they end up being seen as mostly the former, but it could end up the other way, too. Internal lefty politics can be unpredictable.

  5. Top Dems Plot To END Ocasio-Cortez – Here is How They Will Do it:

    Talking of Corbyn – A Rant

    BBC Silent Witness Series 22 – 7&8. Deathmaker

    Typical biased BBC: IRA portrayed as the victims – Loyalists did all the killing and bombing

    Plod interviews in bomb-proof room {again} – why?

    Think of the children – Loyalists are bad, Orla, Gronya & IRA are good – despite killing each other

    We’re forced by law to pay for this Corbynite anti-British propaganda


  6. You’ve really upped your pun game of late, Tim.

    Glad to see you put that fancy Swiss education to work!

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