The Desert Sun Podcast #010

Once again I’m joined by Mike in Switzerland to discuss life overseas, the difference between an expat and an immigrant, schooling, and other things.

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12 thoughts on “The Desert Sun Podcast #010

  1. Halfway through, during the discussion about the English language, Mike states:

    “…I had to train myself out of using slang, using colloquialisms…”

    Twenty minutes later, Mike says:

    “…tits akimbo…”


  2. Fay to succeed today you have to go balls to the wall, level with the gravel and pedal to the metal. (I’m not a native English speaker and I’d like one to explain to me what I’ve just said, please?)

  3. Mike, level with the gravel is a purely South African colloquialism. You might just as well have typed “Choon with the moon, china”

  4. @Fay – I may indeed have done it deliberately, in full knowledge 🙂 It definitely set the mental flag off as I was preparing to say it! 😀

  5. @Mike, it made me giggle on two levels, the first because I’d never heard “tits akimbo” before (I love it!) and second what I said in my comment.

  6. Oh noes, my cover is busted! 😀

    Well, it was going to be busted anyway since there’s a Return Fixture, where Our Gracious Host here perforates paper at 25 of your metric metres range!

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