So the university staff have found my blog; I wondered how long it would take. They’ve not made any remarks, other than an offhand comment from one of the professors at a party last night that he’d read what I’d written. The next question is how long it’ll take my fellow students to find it.

Yesterday one of my professors, who is Indian-born and trained as a lawyer in his home country before moving to Switzerland, remarked he doesn’t like socialism, is in favour of anarcho-capitalism, and is a libertarian. I was rather cheered by this. Would I have got a professor echoing similar sentiments if I’d gone to a US college, or Manchester Business School? Or would I have had to listen to anti-Trump diatribes and monologues on the virtues of Barack Obama?

I’ve only been here two weeks, but thus far I’ve seen no sign that ideological conformity is demanded from my school; on the contrary, robust debate and contradictory opinions seem to be encouraged. That alone is probably worth the monthly parking fees in Geneva.


6 thoughts on “Rumbled

  1. They’re just lulling you into a false sense of security, Tim.

    Joking apart, you will have signed a contract to join the course. Read it again, or more likely for the first time.

  2. you will have signed a contract to join the course.

    I did.

    Read it again,

    I just did; I should be okay.

    or more likely for the first time.

    Tsk, what sort of dimwit do you take me for?

  3. Hopefully this will lead to some interesting conversations in lectures ‘and what do you think Tim?’ or in the corridors with the other students, ‘so Tim, do you really think that Trump isn’t a cartoon villain?’

  4. I should have fallen on my sword here for you, Mr Tim, and started a blog under the name Tim Newman and filled it with pro Demorat joy as well as how I weep every day for H. Clinton. Then your professors wouldn’t have known which was the real T. Newman blog and with them distracted in confusion, you could have fashioned an escape tunnel.

    No, don’t thank me.

  5. At least you have the chance to enjoy the delightful country of Switzerland, whose natural beauty, and wonderful inhabitants you have often praised on this blog, in posts sufficiently far back in time that the failure to uncover them during a cursory search in no way disproves their existence.

  6. Brace yourself for the protests, boycotts, and book burnings, when the purple-haired discover that free speech is allowable at the University of Geneva. A stop will have to be put to it now. Dissent and discussion must be replaced with correctthink (rightthink is banned of course).

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