The Shamelessness of South Yorkshire Police

From the BBC:

Ministers do not know the impact funding cuts have had on police forces, the UK’s public spending watchdog says.

According to the National Audit Office, the Home Office does not know whether the police system in England and Wales is “financially sustainable”.

It calls the approach to police funding “ineffective” and “detached” from the changing demands faced by officers.

Changing demands, eh? Such as dealing with reports of non-crimes sent in by the public at the behest of the police themselves?

Now it may be the police are understaffed and underfunded, but one thing is for sure: the allocation of existing money and human resources in British police forces is an absolute disgrace.

But put that aside for a minute and consider what South Yorkshire police are saying here. Not content with prosecuting people under the dangerously vague and arbitrary definition of “hate crimes”, they now see fit to hound the population for expressing unapproved opinions which don’t even fall under that category. In other words, whatever you say is Plod’s business. Lest you think I’m reading it wrong, here’s how they clarified their position in a later Tweet:

This has gone viral and many people are outraged, but the tin ears of the British police and whoever in government they take their orders from are legendary; shame isn’t a word in their vocabulary. Proof of this comes in no better form than the fact that South Yorkshire police, by refusing to take complaints seriously through fear of being called racist (or perhaps out of ethnic solidarity with the perpetrators), were complicit in allowing Pakistani rape gangs to abuse dozens of underage girls in Rotherham for years. And here they are, smug as ever, trying to bully into silence ordinary citizens who they happily admit committed no crime.

The British police are rotten to the very core; scrap the whole lot of them and start again.


16 thoughts on “The Shamelessness of South Yorkshire Police

  1. I can’t find it right now, but look up the definition of a hate crime in the relevant act and it is something which any person probably does 5 times a day.

    A shockingly drafted piece of law.

  2. So, non-crime won’t be tolerated and they imply reporting will stop it. They really need to be pressed about what exactly do they plan to do with their list of non-criminals who haven’t committed a crime

  3. This disease of stunning stupidity has spread through all our govt bodies and public services and its hard to see where it will end up except in paralysis, how to fix? I havn’t a clue.

  4. This might explain why something like 90% of real crimes don’t result in charges or perpetrators being brought to justice. Now they have this increased burden and onslaught of anti-semites to deal with as well.

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  6. I think they also ought to solicit breaches of good taste, and dodgy aesthetic judgements. I mean, why have pampas grass in your front garden? It’s provocatively offensive as a plant, especially in a suburban context. And there’s a couple in our village who have painted their house a really nasty blue colour. And don’t get me started on older people wearing shorts! Logging off now to email the local nick…

  7. Sam Vara, on the other hand this is excellent news. we can now report people for walking on the cracks in the pavement, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area, being in possession of an offensive wife and driving under the influence of Reggae music. (h/t Constable Savage, Not The Nine O’clock News)

  8. Thank you so very much for this post. It puts life in the “colonies” into perspective. Our loonies wander the streets, sleep in cardboard boxes, and crap on doorsteps. Yours get uniforms so you can see them coming. What an outstanding idea!


  9. Unfortunately, this kind of PC idiocy is now endemic throughout our society. There is no way it can be stopped except through something cataclysmic like World War III which would concentrate minds on what is really important. (And no, I’m not advocating war: I’m just stating a fact. As Tony Hancock would have said ‘We’ve all gone raving mad!’)

  10. You’ve probably seen it but Delingpole had a link to an interview on Talk radio with the PCC of Sth Yorks – talk about a tin ear. The guy is self evidently an absolue cretin.

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