I’m going to be in Porto until Wednesday then Lisbon until Friday, and next Saturday is looking busy. I’ll try to put something out while I’m in Portugal, but I might not be blogging until next week.


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  1. In Lisbon, take the time to take the train out to Sintra for a day. Start at breakfast ish, back in time for the evening swill sorta thing.

    Stunning place. Take your camera.

  2. Have fun. I second Tim’s suggestion to go to Sintra, and can also recommend the Belem. Porto is fun, and you can get a lot of free port by doing the cellar tours.

  3. Enjoy Lisbon, my favourite city in all the world (disclosure: I was born there).

    Try the Case Do Alentejo on Rua Das Portas Do Santo Antao for lunch or dinner. It’s a hidden gem and worth it to see the C17 Moorish architecture and the Portuguese tiles, alone. There is a grand banquet hall, but I’d recommend eating in the little tiled room to the side. Cuisine is traditional from the rural Alenetjo region. Tip; if you want vegetables, order soup for a starter.

    There are some good rooftop bars too. Try the bar atop the hotel Verdide Palacio De Santa Catarina to view the Tagus Estuary and 25th April Bridge.

    I probably don’t need to tell you to avoid the famous Cafe A Brasileira on Rua Garret; a Mecca for tourists and pickpockets. The nearby Largo do Carmo is a better place for a reasonable priced beverage; from here you can walk to the top of the Elevador De Santa Justa and get a great view of the city rooftops.

    Bairro De Avilez on Rua Trinidade is good for a meal or just petiscos (tapas) and has a great selection of presunto (portugues equivalent of jamon).

    If you are coffee aficionado, pm me and I’ll mail you all the names for the different ways coffee its served; tourists nearly always get this wrong and end up with a galao, which is little more than mildly caffeinated milk.

    Mr. Worstall is right; Sintra is worth a visit, but is a complete day trip. I”d recommend Romaria de Baco on Rua Gil Vicente for a simple lunch (Not Tulhas below it).

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