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It should come as no surprise that the BBC’s reporting on this is absolutely abysmal:

Theresa May is under pressure to get an agreement from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) on the status of the Irish border when the UK leaves the EU.

The prime minister pulled out of a deal with Brussels that would have kick-started trade talks after meeting fierce resistance from the DUP.

The party said it would not accept a deal which saw Northern Ireland treated differently from the rest of the UK.

The BBC, along with most of the Remain establishment, is presenting this as if it’s only the DUP which is standing in the way of an agreement between the EU and UK in advance of trade talks. In reality, I suspect a great many Tory MPs, more than a few old-school Labour MPs, and a large percentage of the British population would also object vehemently to Theresa May deciding for herself that Northern Ireland should remain under the jurisdiction of the EU at the behest of the Irish government and their masters in Brussels. Anyone who thinks this is a minor detail being blocked by a gaggle of DUP hardliners really doesn’t understand the issue at all. Or they do, but are spinning it differently for political gain.

I don’t think it’s difficult to see what’s going on here. The EU wants to see Brexit reversed so have chosen the NI border issue as one of several extremely politically unpalatable topics to be resolved before “trade talks” can supposedly start. I don’t for one minute believe actual trade talks will start: what will happen is the EU will secure concession after concession from the hapless May before torturing us with years of bad-faith negotiations aimed at punishing the British for daring to leave, ending in no deal whatsoever. The forerunner to this is demanding Britain puts in place a hard border in NI while at the same time telling us this is unacceptable. You’d have to be willfully blind not to see the game being played: if these discussions really did concern a border with Ireland, there are several options which could be discussed in a mature and sensible manner. Instead we’re getting ridiculously short ultimatums, threats, interference from chancers like Sadiq Khan, and posturing in front of a gullible and complicit media.

I don’t believe the media when they say the two sides were close to a deal yesterday. I don’t think we’re any closer than they were the morning after the referendum, for the simple reason there is no deal to be had. The media peddled this line because they want to pin the blame on the DUP, and force May to choose between them and the EU. She’s damned either way, which is exactly what the Remain establishment want.

Apparently a deal must be reached by the end of the week. If May caves in, she’ll be out of office before Christmas. People are worried about Corbyn but I think I’d rather see that idiot in charge for a brief term (and it would be brief) rather than May crumble in front of every EU demand for the next few years. I don’t think it would ever come to that, though. If May is forced from office over an issue such as this, a solid Leave Tory would likely win the subsequent election (David Davis, putting himself forward as the “Brexit PM), and interfering harpies like Amber Rudd shoved aside.

There is one good thing which will come out of all of this. Regardless of what happens next – even if Brexit gets reversed and the British population is persuaded to stay in the EU – there can be absolutely no excuse for saying they didn’t fully understand the nature of what they were dealing with. Since the referendum in 1975 the British have always complained they were mislead as to what sort of agreement they were getting into. That line of argument ends pretty much now.

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14 thoughts on “More on that Irish Border

  1. It’s interesting to speculate what the EU’s next outrageous illegal demand will be, in the (probable) event of May caving in on this one,

    My money’s on Gibraltar.

    I’m sure we will find out soon.

  2. Apart from the fact that May has intentionally thrown the game, in a normal Tory fashion she seems to also be arrogantly trampling on Irish sovereignty, culture and its economic priorities. No doubt this will be infuriating its residents in both the North and the South.

    Ironically the performance of the Tories with respect to this Irish unification political football might actually be the tipping point that they all find to be no longer acceptable to the Irish people and she may well find that they will no longer tolerate her or them.

  3. demanding Britain puts in place a hard border in NI while at the same time telling us this is unacceptable

    If the media wasn’t so overwhelmingly Remain, this would be trumpeted as clear evidence that the EU is not and has no intention of ever negotiating in good faith.

    Oh yeah, and that it’s a bunch of cunts.

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  5. The EU wants to see Brexit reversed

    I think they’ve actually accepted a plan ‘B’, which is that while they’d obviously prefer the citizens of the UK to back down, admit they were stupid, and beg forgiveness for having voted the wrong way, and be so grateful to be let back in that they immediately accept the Euro and join Schengen, they’d be just about okay with the UK pursuing a ‘Brexit in Name Only’ where it stays in the Single Market and Customs Union, thus surrendering trade policy to the EU (and remaining within the protectionist walls that prevent us from importing, say, cheap Australian wine or yummy Argentinian beef tariff-free), and pays through the nose for the privilege.

    They would present this as the UK ‘coming to its senses’, and realising that it cannot survive outside the EU.

    That’s the point of the Irish issue: they reckon that if they can’t get the government to cancel Leaving entirely by threatening to split the UK, they can maybe get the whole UK to agree to stay in the customs union.

    I’m with Daniel Hannan: we should stay in the single market if at all possible, but we must leave the customs union.

  6. “I’m with Daniel Hannan: we should stay in the single market if at all possible, but we must leave the customs union.”

    That’s basically the Swiss solution (if whoever it was wants to pedant that “they’re not in the single market, they’re just deemed to be in the single market and obey the single market rules for cross-border exports due to a bilateral”, go ahead, but the de facto result is the same so it’s a distinction with absolutely no difference).

  7. That’s basically the Swiss solution

    And they seem to be doing quite well for themselves, Harry Lime notwithstanding.

  8. “And they seem to be doing quite well for themselves, Harry Lime notwithstanding.”

    Generally pissed off with the EU now though, what with the bullying around the mass-immigration referendum and the new EU firearms directive that CH nominally has to adopt for some reason I can’t derive from actually reading Schengen…

  9. What Abacab and S said – to me it has been clear from the start that the best solution in the immediate term at least, is an EEA type Swiss solution. In this case politically we are out, and economically we are in a convenient position.

    Unfortunately the fish faced cow’s first utterance on acceding to the PM-ship was that that would not be a solution, and she has been struggling ever since, as was always predictable.

    Time for her to go I think. How this can be achieved without letting in Corbyn in not clear – I think a General Election would be virtually inevitable but if the tories put up a decent leader (personable, competent and a Leaver), (by no means easy to find – Gove perhaps?) it would be winnable.

    I think people have seen enough of Corbyn’s lot and the EU over the last 18 months that some honest competent politicking might scrape home.

  10. I do dispair of May, to paraphrase that great sage Tyrion Lannister;

    ‘We’ve had usless PM’s and we’ve had idiot PM’s, but I don’t know if we’ve ever been cursed with usless idiot for a PM”

  11. Bloke in Italy,

    Gove or David Davis. Most of the party are hopeless wets.

    I almost think a disastrous few years of Corbyn would be worth it just to wash the filth away in the Conservative Party and get a hardcore classic liberal in charge.

  12. Don’t underestimate or be so keen for Grandpa Death to get in. He and McNasty will import 5 million migrants and give young snot 16 year olds the vote so ZaNu can’t be got out again.,

    A little clarity would help. This NI caper was also mooted this morning as being an Eire-Cuck dirty trick. In that supposedly the proposal had already been rejected but the Irish noised it abroad as being under consideration by May to have the effects Tim Newman has laid out above. If so that is a BIG difference. A failed dirty trick is one thing. Fish Face actively considering an abomination is quite another.

    The issue is that she is stupid and Remainiac enough to consider such shite and is not up to a rematch with Corbog. He can be defeated but not by her I think.

    Write to and phone-pester the Tories daily. Write to Graham Day Head of the 1922 Committee. Every letter he gets calling for her out will be a help. Better than paying the price of letting Corbog in –which is likely absolute ruin all round.

  13. “wash the filth away in the Conservative Party and get a hardcore classic liberal in charge”

    Even if they could take a leaf out of the English cricket teams book. Despite the fact that Australia had them down on their knees from the start, they showed enough spine to get back up on their feet in order that they could at least be decapitated with dignity.

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