The Paradise Papers

Something about the reporting on the Paradise Papers struck me, and that is all the major news organisations have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about publishing private details of individuals who have broken no laws obtained from documents that have been unlawfully leaked.

They then proceed to talk to us about ethics.

Presumably these journalists and newsmen would be content if hackers published details of their bank transactions, hotel bills, and internet surfing records? Hopefully at some point we’ll get to test that theory.


4 thoughts on “The Paradise Papers

  1. As the Guardian is well-known for being supported by an off-shore trust fund, I should think they are beyond shame in that department. It’s a bit like claiming that the raddled old whore on the street corner once had an affair with your mate.

  2. Thanks Will o’ Ockham for the link to Boy Jones – more bell-end than bellwether though.

  3. As William says above, this is the lamest expose I have ever seen. Nobody has been revealed to have done anything illegal, nor anything I would personally consider wrong.

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