May in a Nutshell

From the BBC:

Security at future Conservative events is to be reviewed after a comedian was able to get within yards of the prime minister and hand her a mock P45 redundancy notice.

Prankster Simon Brodkin – also known as his TV persona Lee Nelson – was arrested by Greater Manchester Police after briefly interrupting the PM and giving her a sheaf of paper he claimed was from Boris Johnson.

He was later released, with the police saying he had “legitimate accreditation” to attend the event.

Here’s a pic:

You know what grates most about this? Theresa May is one of those authoritarian busybodies who constantly demands extra powers to snoop on our electronic communications and wants to micromanage every aspect of our lives in the name of security…yet she heads an organisation that can’t even manage the simple task of vetting attendees at her own speech and chucking out a troublemaker.

Why is it that those who profess to know what’s best for us, and want to tell us what to do every five minutes, are so utterly incompetent themselves? The sooner the Conservatives ditch May, the better. What a useless woman.

(The stunt itself was about as lame as it gets. This is British comedy in 2017.)


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  1. “yet she heads an organisation that can’t even manage the simple task of vetting attendees at her own speech and chucking out a troublemaker.”

    Tim, I almost get the feeling you are surprised by this? May’s deep need for micro control over everything should be a very loud signal that she has absolutely no idea about the world, and is quite frankly, thick.

  2. Agreed. She is a statist. A control freak. Please can we have a conservative and non-statist control freak running the country ASAP.

  3. Tim, I almost get the feeling you are surprised by this?

    Oh, I’m not. I’m just astounded she was so incompetent that it would play out live on national television. Why the media isn’t asking these same questions I don’t know.

  4. “Why the media isn’t asking these same questions I don’t know.”

    Because they are staffed by mostly the same kind of people…..they really have become a class apart.

  5. The sooner the Conservatives ditch May, the better. What a useless woman.

    Surely no-one here would disagree, but who could replace her? The ‘big beasts’ who allowed May into No 10 are beneath contempt and would scarcely be any better. Admirable as Rees-Mogg is, there’s something very ‘flavour of the month’ about his current popularity. David Davis has effectively been AWOL in a giant sulk since losing to Cameron in 2005, Gove flattered to deceive, and many of the allegedly promising newcomers have failed to live up to billing: Priti Patel, for example, talked the talk before being appointed to International Development but seems to have gone native.

    With a Corbyn government no longer looking the laughable impossibility it would be in a sane world, there’s part of me that almost thinks the least worst option would be for the military to take over, but the leadership seems to have succumbed to adult-onset Social Justice quite some time ago. I despair.

  6. Wow that was a very bad speech for her and yes the crank was crap as well. I wonder if it was someone like that midget jumped up female copper from the other day that decided not to press charges, that would be good for her CV.

    From what I can see May has not one single ally from any corner of any anything, it’s quite unlike the Tories to have not ditched her by now, a party that reckons its success is due to its adaptability and strong leadership style. She was crap before, then squandered a very large majority, has fucked up everything since and is the wrong person to reduce Corbyns majority next time around. Must be something wrong with the boardroom would be my guess unless of course they have been told its Corbyn turn next as she is the best option for Corbyn.

  7. It was just a fairly bog standard speech delivered by a fairly bog standard politician to a fairly bog standard party conference.


    Politicians (and their speechwriters) have ended up following a fairly formulaic pattern; for any given intended message, select some key words or phrases, sprinkle them liberally throughout, and then select from a menu of key gestures and moments of body language, match them up to the words, and away you go.

    You could have drinking games to them – leans into podium = 1 shot, open palmed single arm sweep = 2 shots, etc.

    These sort of techniques were remarked upon back when Thatcher was PM; Blair was probably the first to deploy the whole suite, but he had the initial advantage of novelty for a bit, plus he was actually a pretty straightforward kind of guy quite good at it.

    Interestingly, Sky News seem to be running a regular “How did JRM deflect our questions today?” slot. This morning’s was “ohh, I do like your trainers by the way”, for what it’s worth.

  8. I suppose one other thing about the whole debacle; a reasonably experienced, or comfortable, or even prepared, speaker could probably quite easily handle one or even two of the things that happened; coughing? “I should have spent more time backstage sucking on a fisherman’s friend”; set falling apart? “unionised labour for you”; something, somehow, anything.

    Take a look at how the security guys handle the “prankster”; there was a pundit on Sky that pointed this one out. There’s a whole sequence of mistakes; first, the guy gets too close to the stage, they usher him away, but then let him get close to Boris and Hammond, and allow him to speak to them for a few seconds. They then usher him out directly in front of the press.

    It would appear that nobody is making, or checking, adequate plans. Or checking that anyone else is doing so.

    Finally, there’s a clip when he’s outside the building, and there’s an exchange between the cheeky chappie himself and, I think, the guy behind him;

    “Who told you to do this?”
    “Boris, this morning”
    “Really! I don’t believe he’d do such thing!”

    The party appears to be in such a bad shape, that they can take the suggestion that Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, at the party conference, would tell a stooge to present the party leader, the Prime Minister, with a P45, in the middle of her closing speech to conference, and apparently take it seriously.

    Looks like May is probably safe. Mainly because the party is completely shot to shit at the moment.

  9. If the conference had been held in London with Cressida Dick in charge, this guy would have had his brains splattered all over the Cabinet.

    Someone mentioned correctly on World Tonight last night, that the cough is a panic reflex. I have had it when a piece of food goes down the wrong way.

  10. “that the cough is a panic reflex.”

    Ah. That’s why the merry prankster could deliver the P45 – the stewards had been briefed that May might have a panic attack, and they mistook it for the paper bag that she would be breathing into, and that Boris had been tasked with delivering emergency medical aid.

    Cabinet meetings must be a right laugh.

    (Not taking the piss BTW. Well I am, but not of the comment above.)

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