More on the British Police

The British police have hit rock bottom and started to drill. This time it’s the clowns in Wiltshire:

Take a look at that last one:

They can’t even spell properly.

Yesterday on Twitter I came across this from the Metropolitan Police, which I thought was fake until somebody provided a link:

Look at No. 6. Apparently if you don’t give due consideration to deranged conspiracy theories about the Jews running the West, you’re engaging in a “component” of Islamaphobia, which is a hate crime.

Of course, stifling free speech on the internet and thought-policing is about all they’re good for when they look like this:

I’ve seen women dressed as coppers on hen nights look more presentable than that lot. Forearm tattoos on a WPC, FFS!

Tell me again, whose side are these people on? It’s not ours, is it?


19 thoughts on “More on the British Police

  1. Not our side Tim, no.

    In Italy we have the Carabinieri. Everyone likes to make jokes about them.

    But they dress smartly, have little outposts in the villages, administer firearms licences and generally indulge in proper policing. All my contacts with them have been positive.

    Formally they are a part of Italy’s armed forces, but apart from that they are a very respectable and generally effective police force. I would certainly rate them well above the clowns that seem to prevail in the poor old UK.

    Why have we done this to ourselves? It’s totally baffling.

  2. Bloke in Italy,

    The police in Italy sound a lot like the Gendarmes in France, and none of the other branches looks like the clowns in that photo.

  3. I had a barrier demolished by some asswipe in a car. Got a video, as clear as day. I sent it to the police.

    Result: for the police, its no big deal, the guy is insured (but I have to claim on my insurance to get his details which means I’ll lose my no claims), and the pc went on and on about how they do not have enough resources.

    Useless doesn’t even start to cover it.

  4. Tim,

    There was (and still is) a fair degree of shared cultural and social ties between Italy and France (not for nothing we call them our “cousins”), that’s why Gendarmerie and Carabinieri share similar duties and have similar public image

  5. Their side hasn’t changed and remains with the state. They are far more demoralized than they ever wear and appear to be near the precipice.

  6. No one believes that Islam is monolithic – everyone realizes that there are differences between Sunni and Shia therefore there are no Islamophobes!

  7. Anon,

    Most members of both of those sects would claim that theirs is the only true Islam and the other is not Islam. It follows that those people view Islam as monolithic, and therefore that most Muslims are Islamophobes.

  8. A cynic might wonder why we have never needed laws against sikhaphobia, hinduphobia, buddhaphobia etc. Could it be that followers of those religions don’t provoke hatred? And whose fault is that?

  9. Some fleet footed 17 yr old bag snatcher must be looking at the 2 WPCs and thinking its his lucky day if they ever try to nick him.

  10. The forearm tattoos on the plodette look quite discreet – catch one of the fly-on-the-wall police docos on the Sky box and you’ll see cops with full tattoo sleeves!

  11. I’d be only too happy to explain to the powers that be that I don’t have an irrational fear of Islam just a well thought out distaste formed over many years after much reflection.

  12. Jesus Christ having not seen sight nor sound of a copper in my town for at least two years i can now see why, they are too embarrassed to walk the beat,there is no way on the planet that fearsome foursome would command respect in my old stomping ground of Union Street Plymouth on a Saturday night it would be like sticking hamsters into a cage of rats,i have in my time had a few biffterings with the old style police and mostly came out if not physically harmed i would be financially worse off and i accepted my punishment with grace and humour with that queer quartet the only humor would be me laughing my bloody head off watching them try and control 20000 pissed Plymothians and an equal number of matelots.How the fuck have we come to this?

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  14. I can now see why the UK has banned ‘zombie’ knives, given that lot seem to be wearing police uniforms, but are clearly brain dead, post modernist, zombies, they must have assumed the knives were specifically designed for dealing with them.

  15. “Our boys and gals in blue will find you . . . ”


    “Boys and gals”?

    I can’t imagine that passes SJW muster.

  16. Clearly a major role of the British police seems to be the enforcement of a left wing political and social agenda. As such, the rest of us should be thinking in terms of non-cooperation with the them.

    After all, the left used to do it. I remember, back in the 1980s, when the police were perceived as racist, a primary school teacher boasted that they had “no access” to her school.

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