Unrealistic Job Advert #6

This for a project construction engineer:

Ideally Degree educated, with over 10 years experience on similar onshore construction projects, prefer previous Gulf experience, should have a background in Mechancical (sic), Electrical, Piping, Structures, QA QC and HSE disciplines.

Erm, that’s four core engineering disciplines and two secondary ones.  You want to give my old mate Des a call?


1 thought on “Unrealistic Job Advert #6

  1. Let me toast you with this ad.
    Yeah, it’s not fresh – but the new ones that I see are very similar.
    Just yesterday there was an ad asking for a fluent Mandarin speaker, US citizen, with management experience in international projects, who’s also 10+ years practical involvement with core and shell architectural cultural institutions design, interior design, marketing and ability to generate new business. Oh, and that genius should be a licensed architect, LEED AP and an active member of 3 professional organizations.

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