Back in Paris

I’m back from Lisbon, and it was superb. Miles better, in my opinion, than the vastly overrated Barcelona. I’ll write a full report sometime this week, along with some photos. Hopefully I’ll put a blog post or two up today as well, but we’ll see: things are looking busy.


5 thoughts on “Back in Paris

  1. Funny that I went to Barcelona a very long time ago and unusually I don’t have any memories of the place. As you know I cancelled a trip to Lisbon this weekend and will get there some time so look forward to you review.

  2. The only part of Portugal I’ve visited is Madeira. Lovely spot, even if by repute it is for the “newly wed and nearly dead”. My daughter did a schoolgirl swap to Coimbra: she found it lovely, and her host family delightful. We are, you may say, pro-Portuguese.

  3. I’ve heard Lisbon called the poor man’s Paris and Estoril the poor man’s Monaco. I would say Lisbon is by the far the superior city, not least because of it’s lack of Parisiennes. But then I’m biased as I was born there.

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