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I’m going to be in Lisbon from Thursday afternoon until Sunday lunchtime, wandering around with my camera and eating what I have been told is superb local food. I’ve never been to Portugal before, so if anyone has any specific recommendations for things I should see and do, please let me know in the comments.


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  1. Coincidence.

    I just cancelled a four day holiday to Lisbon late next week, today.

  2. Defo Lisbon aint big enough for the both of us.

    I am heading up to Dubai this weekend and was going to continue on and meet with a Portuguese marine contractor that we know in Lisbon, then stay on for a few days. Just being told that we are shortlisted for a major contract in Darwin, so up to Dubai for the weekend and back early for Darwin and my colleauge will go to Lisbon instead.

    The Avenida looks good, I have stayed in its name sake in Maputo (Lourenço Marques). I was going to do the Portuguese colony trail armed with my iPhone 7, I swear this camera is more powerful than my Canon 5D, no kidding.

  3. My experience is holidaying several times in Porto and inland along the Douro.

    The food is brilliant (especially the fish, though all of it); the wine lovely too. The people friendly.

    However, the driving (particularly on single carriageways out of town) is seriously dangerous: overtaking on blind bends, also on hills with insufficient spare oomph, etc. So take care on that if driving.

    Best regards

  4. Try and take in all 4of the rack railways or lifts in Lisbon. The view from Elevador do Santa Justa is stunning, particularly at night. The Castelo Sao Jorge is worth a trip.

    It’s a city just worth wandering around. Each district is very different in mood and feel.

    You should certainly take the tram out to Belem to see the extraordinary Manueline Gothic architecture. And I would also recommend a trip to the English Cemetery, see if you can find the Commonwealth war graves, and also the Prazeres cemetery. The latter has some amazing Catholic family tombs.

  5. See if you can meet up with the other Tim!

    By the way, I was close to suggesting a random coffee the last time I was in Paris, but the gf started whinging about ‘our romantic weekend’ or something.

  6. I believe it isn’t a good idea to eat a Portuguese Man O’ War. Or if you must, at least avoid going paddling and getting one for yourself.

    Good luck

  7. Castelo Sao Jorge, yes, potter around down on the riverside under the April 25 bridge, along to Torre de Belem. Mosterio dos Jeronimos is there too. Have a look around Cais do Sodre, the fish markets there are fabulous.

    Really try to take a full day out of the city though. 30 minute train trip to Sintra, a day wandering there. Or perhaps even only half a day, then the bus to Cascais, walk a bit into Lisbon from Cascais along the river through Estoril. The train line runs along that coast, station every 1500 m or so, get bored or tired, take the train back in.

    Food – eat pastel de natas. Custard pie really. Fish. Note, the fish in cheap restaurants will be as good as that in expensive. You’ll even get about the same amount. But in P. the bigger the fish the more expensive per kg. So, Dourada or Robalho (always good choices) in a cheap place you get two small ones, expensive one large.

    BBQ chicken, Nando’s stuff. This is the standard takeaway for the country. Try it at some point. Pretty good everywhere.

    In Lisbon, Instituto do Vinho Do Porto. Bar serving port. But the volume they get through is such that you can have really good (and I do mean top, top, notch) vintages by the glass. Might be able to get a ’63 or a /54 and if there’s a ’47 then have it.

    One arvo/evening think about a dry white port as your aperitif. As dry and as cold as they’ve got it.

    When you sit down in most restaurants you’ll be charged for a cover. Might just be bread and butter in a cheap place, might be ham, cheese, olives etc. If you don’t want it tell them to take it away. If you try a bit you’re going to be charged for the whole plate. You’re often to usually better off not having the “couvert” and ordering a starter of what you want instead.

    Late nights, nightclub area starts to get going maybe 1 am. Definitely party central.

    If you go to Cascais drop in to O’Luains and tell them you know me. Won’t get you anything but they won’t hit you either.

    Food and wandering about is the real thing though and I would again recommend trying to fit in Sintra.

  8. I’m trying to do all of what you are suggesting (taking in the sights, local food and drink, etc.), but instead of sunny, cheap Portugal, I’m in bloody Oslo at the moment.

    It’s all hugely expensive and very cold. Am currently sheltering (drinking) in an Irish pub on Olav Vs Gate.

    I’m starving. Why is it so hard to buy actual food in Norway? Is this why I’ve not seen a fat Norwegian yet?

  9. M. Eiffel’s funicular thingie, albino peacocks up the hill, the bridge with a hump, the other Cristo. I like the zoo, especially the chair lift over the lions. Will there be piccies?

  10. Stick to the historic core. Don’t miss the Torre de Belem or the Jeronimos Monastery. Savour the Tagus estuary if the light is good.

    Ponder the modern street paving in the pedestrian zones. The original granite sets were ripped out and sold: they now grace the centre of Norwich.

  11. I visited Amsterdam last year on the back of a business trip to Munich and done some site seeing and reading on the Dutch Empire, learnt about how the canals became a tax free zone and that the fabled Dutch Tulip Bulb Bubble was a myth.

    Had planned to do the same type of exercise in Lisbon on the mighty and enduring Portuguese Empire. A least one of the local guided walking tours is a must and then ses if you go off on any tangent from there. By the way my local guys said the Avenida is a great location but not as good amenity as yesteryear.e

    The new iPhone7 is a game changer for photography. I am taking many shots on it, see the wide angle function and how it performs in low artificial light settings, although admittedly the caviar is definitely underexposed. The video is broadcast quality as well currently investigating tripod options.

  12. One thing to bear in mind is that central Lisbon is small but very three – dimensional. So you can wander round the Baixa and marvel at its 18thc. regularity but it’s a steep climb to the restaurants in the Bairro Alto, so take one of the Elevadores to get there. The engineer in you will love it.

  13. Thanks for the advice and suggestions, everyone! Much appreciated.

    Will there be piccies?

    There will. 🙂

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