The Messiah Speaks!

He just couldn’t help himself, could he:

Barack Obama has re-entered the political fray just ten days after he handed power over to Mr Trump, stating that he supports mass protests against the “extreme vetting” orders.

“The President fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion,” Mr Obama’s spokesman said in a statement that was the former president’s first since leaving office.

It is rare for former presidents to criticise their successors – and certainly not just a week and a half after they are sworn in.

It’s hard to believe anyone expected him to do anything else: he seemed to treat the Office of President with disdain when he occupied it, so it’s hardly surprising he’s not following convention now he’s out of it. Of course, a lot of people will be happy about this, mostly his supporters. They believe his words carry moral weight and he should use his popularity as a force for good. But probably the one person who is happier than anyone is Donald Trump.

One of the criticisms leveled at Obama even by those on the liberal side of American politics is that he made everything about him, and under him the Democratic Party itself became considerably diminished in his shadow. This is one of the reasons why when Hillary ran she did so more as an individual than as a Democrat, and lost badly. For the Democrats to move on and rebuild themselves into a credible party of opposition they need to distance themselves from the Obama era and his many of his policies, and carry along as many of his supporters as they can in the process. For as long as Obama is spouting off from the sidelines this will be very difficult to achieve, mainly because his supporters will listen to him rather than the Democrat Party. The other reason is that the electorate have roundly rejected Obama’s laughably-named “legacy” and the more he condemns Trump for undoing his brilliant achievements the more they will be inclined to think they made the right choice.

It is bewildering that people think countering President Trump is best achieved by endless protests, dressing up as vaginas, calling everyone a Nazi or a racist, and peddling fake news as they will surely have the precise opposite effect. You can now add Obama’s unsolicited commentary to that list.


13 thoughts on “The Messiah Speaks!

  1. “It is bewildering that people think countering President Trump is best achieved by endless protests, dressing up as vaginas, calling everyone a Nazi or a racist, and peddling endless fake news…”

    Almost makes you think that that is all they’ve got to work with. Poor things.

  2. Have to admit to really be enjoying all the entertainment just now. Every day something new.

  3. >The other reason is that the electorate have roundly rejected Obama’s laughably-named “legacy”

    I’m curious how it can be considered it being roundly rejected by the electorate, given that the Democratic Party share of the popular vote was 2-3 million votes higher than that of the Republicans. It would suggest that opinions on it were rather split more than anything if you’re using the election as the yardstick. Sure the way that population is split across the States meant the it was a landslide victory for the republicans in the way it matters when choosing the president but hardly a slam dunk on his legacy.

    Even looking at Obama’s approval ratings doesn;t suggest that the public were upset with his policies over all, high 50%/low 60% rating on leaving. Not bad.

    i agree though, his presence will be a distraction to the Party going forward. I can imagine a post Tony Blair/Labour Party equivalent future for the party if he can’t resist from commenting which his predecessors seem to have managed

  4. Once Obama’s era ended, he was always going to be the ‘go to guy’ for cheap quotes and ill-considered sideswipes. I expect he still has a fund of stupidity to draw on. The people who fawned over him in office still have his number and as we know, journalists love just picking up the phone to a favoured source and then typing up their own opinions padded out with a bit of quote/unquote for supposed ‘credibility.’

    Hacks promoting Obama and his views just helps hasten the end of the media as we know it.

  5. Phil,

    It wasn’t just the Presidential election: the Democrats, which was basically Obama, got wiped out across the senate, congress, and the governal races. Were it the case that they just lost the Presidency I’d agree with you, but they got clobbered everywhere.

  6. On my frequent American trips I used the refrain ‘1776 wasn’t such a good idea’ when people bemoaned buck ofamas imperial edicts, it often didn’t go down well…so I kept saying it. Why replace a German king with an African emperor?

  7. I was 2 years old when JFK was assassinated, so I’ve lived my entire life in a nation under the spell of the Kennedy family. In recent years I’ve begun to feel, optimistically, that perhaps the shadow of that family–which I’ve never been allowed to forget due to the ongoing media fascination with them–might finally be gone from my life.

    And then along comes Obama, who’s younger than me, and I realize he and possibly his family are going to take the overbearing place of the Kennedys in the nation’s consciousness for the rest of my days. Sheesh.

  8. As Steve Sailer enquired, why are all these non-Aryan johnnies so keen to live under the dictatorship of Literally Hitler?

  9. Thud sayeth: the refrain “‘1776 wasn’t such a good idea’”

    In similar vein, my eldest son likes to tease Americans with the refrain: “so how’s that no taxation without representation thing working out for you?”

  10. I thought that this was going to be about Putin when I read the headline, how disappointing.

  11. “It is bewildering that people think countering President Trump is best achieved by…”

    Just think of them as an Army of Angelas. It’s all the people like your arty friend gathered in one place, demonstrating their complete disconnect from reality.

  12. AndrewZ,

    Oh, it was highly likely Angela was out protesting in New York. Her deranged pals certainly were and she follows them like a sheep.

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